I’m A Sunni, They’re Both Sunnis – Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Sunni Too?

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Via Twitter, a Ramadan greeting from the Consul General of the United States Of America in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Do click on the link above for the seven-second soundbite.

Nothing to see here, folks.

14 responses to “I’m A Sunni, They’re Both Sunnis – Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Sunni Too?

  1. Steve Kristmann

    Disgusting!! Another ‘obamadulla bend and bow’ to the putrid cult of death and slavery that the evil bastard ‘mo’ created to enrich himself and feed his perverted sexual fulfillment.

    It’s sad that people get all up in arms about a fake (yet deplorable) event depicted in a movie, yet will not get similarly up in arms when pisslam and it’s followers do far worse to REAL women and everyone else in their sphere of influence:
    Fox Apologizes For ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Chokehold Ad

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  2. pure. distilled. evil. From (part of) the gang that did 9/11

  3. Remembering on D-Day June 6th:

    “From 1500 to 1942 England fought seventy-eight wars, France seventy-one, Spain sixty-four, Russia sixty-one, Austria fifty-two, Germany twenty-two, China eleven, the United States (for only 167 years and not counting Indian wars) ten, and Japan nine. Do you honestly see anything on the international horizon which promises that this frequency of strife will be reduced? As long as men can be sent into battle; as long as money can be made from bloodshed; as long as masses have evil, lust-filled, covetous hearts, those who exclude God from their procedures and programs can pledge themselves a thousand times to avoid war; yet a thousand times they will break their word and conflict will come” (Walter A. Maier).

    Indeed, according to a Union College professor some years ago, for the last 3,300 years the world has known only 227 years of general peace, even though it has been estimated in recent years that, at any given time, there are some 80 minor, regional conflicts raging around the globe.

    Thus in the 1940’s Britain’s Air Chief Marshall, Sir Arthur Harris, correctly confessed, “War will go on until there is a change in the human heart.” Yet the only way in which hearts could be changed will be through the gospel words of Jesus who pledges, “I make all things new” (Revelation 21:5). “I will put a new spirit within them, and take the stony heart out of their flesh” (Ezekiel 11:19).

    Hence “if in the past, world leaders had been moved by God’s Son rather than by selfish interests; if before hurrying to slaughter, they had hastened to prayer; if only one small per cent of the hundreds of billions devoted to kill men had been used to keep their souls alive in Jesus, many struggles could have been avoided, and millions, murdered in mass destruction, would still know the joy of life” (Walter A. Maier).

    So while today, seventy-two years after D-Day, our military men still are struggling on foreign fronts, not in the sands of Normandy, to be sure, but in the other sands of the Middle East and of Afghanistan, may repentance and gospel faith in Jesus Christ be exerted on the home front to move the hand of God for their protection and safe return home!

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press


  5. Note to Pat and Haxo,

    Those aren’t yamulkas they’re wearing. Also need pictures of embassy staff in Switzerland wearing goat horns. But when in Rome…

    • Virgil Kane

      Yes. I’m thinking sometimes it’s best to “keep your head.” I don’t know what they said, but it didn’t sound like they denounced Christ and took up the spirit of Islam.

      We have bigger problems stateside than our ambassador and his kids playing dress up in Riyadh. FFS, there’s a Muslim in the White House.

  6. ambiguousfrog


  7. Child abuse, pure and simple.

    There is no act too base for cowards, sycophants, bootlickers, carreerists,
    politicians, cookie pushers, and dipshitlomats, pardon the redundancy!

    These g-d damned bastard traitors make me want to do… things.

    islam dilenda est! Sic semper tyrannis et alia!

  8. These are the type of enlightened idiots that bow and such when they enter a sushi restaurant in the US, even when run by Koreans. Probably wore a gown and red pumps to his high school prom too.

  9. Bill Harzia

    I’m A Dhimmi, They’re Both Dhimmis – Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Dhimmi Too?


  10. Stealth Spaniel

    Anyone else notice, in that picture, the creepy dolls? Yeah a stuffed camel jockey who is on high, and lower, the obliquatory sperm depository……..er, female complete with Hijab and fully covered. Did the Exhaulted Ambassador enjoy bit parts in Yale Theater too much? Is he a frustrated set designer? I also noticed the extended forefinger-ala Professor Nitwit at St. Louis State. Personally, I’d rather have a drunk Ambassador George Carlin, complete with a stable sense of humor.

  11. Yeah, effete bastard sucks up to hajis. sure. This doesn’t bother me so much as he is an ambassador, I guess. What bugs me is someone posted this insanity the other day, and I don’t see it anywhere. I’m not an “illuminati” guy, but this shit is demented, and needs to be posted everywhere.