Morale Gear From 144:1


Nothing shows your team how special you really are like this “Special Snowflake” patch will.

Resisters will love these items as well:


Resistor OD Patch


Resistor Vinyl Sticker

And how about this classic:


Appeal to Heaven Vinyl Sticker

144:1 backstory

Order here

Use order code “WRSA” and get 25% off your total price.

Thanks to the reader who put this gear together. WRSA has received a sample patch and two labels; all proceeds go to the guy who did the work.

7 responses to “Morale Gear From 144:1

  1. SameNoKami

    Ordered the ‘Resister’ patch. Nice. Shipped pretty quick. Honest guy.

  2. Virgil Kane

    I have a resister patch that somebody gave me. It’s good for the grayman daypack while strolling with the kids through the state park; some will see it and recognize it. I don’t see the point on the chest rig over the mags. When that comes out, there’s no more gray man. That just needs a big “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE” patch.

    • That pic shows how it looks against multicam. How people display it is up to them.

      Frankly the decal on my car window with my uhf/vhf antenna on the roof is epic, too.

  3. I put the resistor & appeal to heaven on my truck window. Good quality & the guy sent them fast!!!!

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Jimmy the Saint

    The “Special Snowflake” would make a good sticker – especially to surreptitiously add to cars with all sorts of collectivist stickers on them.