Morale Gear From 144:1


Nothing shows your team how special you really are like this “Special Snowflake” patch will.

Resisters will love these items as well:


Resistor OD Patch


Resistor Vinyl Sticker

And how about this classic:


Appeal to Heaven Vinyl Sticker

144:1 backstory

Order here

Use order code “WRSA” and get 25% off your total price.

Thanks to the reader who put this gear together. WRSA has received a sample patch and two labels; all proceeds go to the guy who did the work.

7 responses to “Morale Gear From 144:1

  1. SameNoKami

    Ordered the ‘Resister’ patch. Nice. Shipped pretty quick. Honest guy.

  2. Virgil Kane

    I have a resister patch that somebody gave me. It’s good for the grayman daypack while strolling with the kids through the state park; some will see it and recognize it. I don’t see the point on the chest rig over the mags. When that comes out, there’s no more gray man. That just needs a big “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE” patch.

  3. That pic shows how it looks against multicam. How people display it is up to them.

    Frankly the decal on my car window with my uhf/vhf antenna on the roof is epic, too.

  4. I put the resistor & appeal to heaven on my truck window. Good quality & the guy sent them fast!!!!

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC..

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    The “Special Snowflake” would make a good sticker – especially to surreptitiously add to cars with all sorts of collectivist stickers on them.

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