WeaponsMan: The Ride In The Boats Seemed The Worst Thing


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72 years.


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  1. Eisenhower’s rhetoric rings hollow now. Churchill’s 1914-45 WorldWar mortally wounded the White race and its civilization, and brought the Beast from the East to it’s current apogee of power

  2. Yeah, D-Day, 6 JUN 44. And we’re STILL in fucking Europe, and Africa and Asia and more than 100 countries total.

    Yeah. D-Day. So what ?

  3. Centurion_Cornelius


    on those beaches. says it all.

  4. My barber was a normandy vet. He told me about it once a month. Hasnt handled a weapon since his enlistment was up in 46 (i think).

    Got nothing but respect for the met who stepped off those boats that day.

  5. outlawpatriot

    Very powerful. Very cool. 🙂

  6. An exercise in futility.

  7. I actually agree with Haxo on this one.

  8. Yeah, Diana West’s book “American Betrayal” comes to mind.

    If we had ignored the Communists and invaded from the Med we could have stopped the Soviet Beast cold. They would have never gained a foothold in Europe.

    Fuck Harry Hopkins and FDR.

  9. That being said, here’s a sobering look at the what really happened to the first wave at Omaha…factual, sourced and well written:


  10. Anonymous

    Gee Dwight, I think I’ll stay home and mind my own business. If you see their fleet heading for our beaches then you drop that superbomb on their fleet, alright?

  11. The Soopreme Allied Commander is now NATO commander, a mandated USA position. I noticed on the upcoming Bilderburg attendee list of USSA Traitors, the former NATO commander listed as INT for International instead of USA. Kissinger and Petraeus along with swishing Lindsay Grahmnesty are also attending.
    We have met the Enemy and he-she is US-SA. Cicero is Alive! “The Enemy Within”.

  12. The War To Save Stalin. The War To Give East Europe To The Communists.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, a European war begun to guarantee Polish independence and territorial integrity ended up as a laughable failure.

  13. Uncle Larry

    I still hear people saying that if we didn’t defeat Hitler we’d all be speaking German now. Wouldn’t that be better than having to learn the Mexican dialect of Spanish in order to get a job?

  14. June 6 1944 0805. Company “A” 116 infantry Virginia National Guard, part of the 29th infantry Div. The ramps went down at 8:05 AM for 283 officers and men. When they did the HQ platoon was wiped out. No one got off that boat. For the rest out of 280 men less than 70 managed to cross the beach unwounded. By 0700 the next morning only SEVEN men reported as fit for duty. It was said of the CO. of the 29th that he had three divisions. “one in the ground. One in the hospital, and one in the field” His division was to suffer 420% turnover from MIA and KIA , and his division was by no means hardest hit. (hardest hit was the 16 infantry reg. of the 1st ID) NO the boat ride WAS NOT the worst. Look up the battle of Pellelu (spell) The boat was just a taxi. Then death really got started.

  15. It pains me to say this, and I don’t mean to disrespect the individual men who fought and died because those men were brave and honorable. Alas, 72 years hence I’d like to ask them this question:

    Did you ever guess you’d be bleeding and dying for transgender bathrooms?

  16. Owen: Did you ever guess you’d be bleeding and dying for transgender bathrooms?

    Yes, they were tough and gave it their all.

    Would they have given it knowing the Commies would take over half of Europe? That their 90% white country would be thrown away and made into Mexico Del Norte? Impot millions of Muslims?

    Would they have approved of the raping and killing of the German women and children at the hands of the USSR?

  17. Notice Ike wrote – ‘the United Nations have inflicted…’ – in 1944 no less.

  18. SemperFi, 0321

    Read “D-Day” by Stephen Ambrose and you’ll realize what a total clusterfuck it was, on both sides. The Allies ALMOST called it quits the evening of June 6, things were so disorganized, and the Germans hadn’t a clue what was going on, just small units fighting for survival while HQ thought it was a false attack.
    Had a great conversation with another of our posters last year over a steak dinner, and he agreed, the US fought the wrong people. So many folks just don’t realize it was about Blüt und Erde for the Germans, not world domination. That was something FDR started, and we’re still working on.

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