Deutschland Ist Verloren

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From Vlad Tepes.

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Alles ist kaputt.

12 responses to “Deutschland Ist Verloren

  1. and who hired this Muslim pig? Der Spiegel, which is owned by the usual (((Eskimo))) media combine. The ragheads are mere symptom. The Tikkun Oam is the disease

    • They are a cultural virus, a sort of cultural AIDS. Just like HIV, this virus commandeers the host’s own structures and turns them against him. This weakens the host, so all manner of opportunistic aggressors can attack him.

      The ragheads are indeed a mere symptom. A healthy host would easily brush their 7th century asses aside. But the host is not healthy. The host is infected with cultural AIDS.

  2. Steh auf und kämpfe!!!! Auf was wartest du???

    Stand up and fight! What are you waiting for?

    What would Henry Bowman do?


      Mr. Johnson: Other than this website, does Henry Bowman even know what is happening? I spent one of those rare evenings yesterday(06/06) watching the news with my wife. NONE OF THIS WAS PRESENTED! But, I did see stories about a crop duster crash and lead levels in the Portlandia water fountains.
      This goes back to the decisions by Haxo’s people after 9/11, not to show the falling bodies from the WTC or interviews of the injured in the hospitals. And let’s not forget the present-day stories about DHS and the vanloads of illegals being released in the Heartland. A free press is equally free to print the facts or ignore them. Bleib ubrig.

    • There must be one beating heart left amongst this formerly magnificent race of warriors that could assure this son of satan not see the following morning’s sunrise.

  3. Fasterpill

    Read this? From an eye witness back in 2007. Required reading.

  4. Deutschland ist nicht verloren. Deutschland ist der Volk, und der Volk ist Deutschland! Sieg,Heil! Sieg,Heil! Sieg Heil! Shit, if it brings back the Nazis, so what? I could live with that, rather than the moslem assholes. At least the Nazis knew WHO they stood for. They should skip that jewish thing this time though. They make better allies than victims. Think what an Israeli/German mutual defense pact would be like. Right now, Haxo’s head is ready to explode. Grasping at straws here. I’d rather see what I was talking about than watch Germany disappear under a wave of islamic shit.

  5. Nein, Deutschland is nicht verloren. They just need to get their hands on some guns.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      No, those people have no will, just like here. There are some hard core soldiers out there, güte Waffen SS material, but the majority are neutered little sissies, just like Mr Pajam….er, Mr. President himself.
      I have some Deutsche friends in Canada, our fathers were Fallschirmjäger together, (and winning the EK1 together also) and I can’t have a political discussion with them, they’ve been mentally neutered to just roll over.
      Post War Eskimo politics.

    • Americans have guns and I’m pretty sure most of America is verloren. WRSA readership aside, how many Americans are willing to live in a country that is somewhere on the “100%AnCap to pre-Marbury USC” spectrum? I mean no effort on their part, just a thought experiment. It’s a tough sell. Never mind if they have to sweat, bleed, and maybe die to get it.
      If you’re just talking about taking up arms to rid the country of Moose limbs, well “what will the neighbors think?”. Actually, I take that back. If they thought they had immunity, I’m sure plenty of people would love to run amok, slaughtering the Saracen. Police Reserve Battalion 101?

  6. robroysimmons

    The musloid POS is doing our work for us, he is delegitimizing the establishment. Yes I assume the establishment will try and use him but I really doubt if we did our work that the establishment has any legitimacy left in a few years time.

  7. Check out this neanderthal – – Germany is still a vassal of Uncle Schmuel . The krauts have to throw off the yankee yoke before slewing on the musloids. We aren’t much better here re Weasel’s comment above about jihadi infiltration.