Snapshot: FUSA, Late Spring, 2016

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“…All those lectures we used to hear from the ruling class about free speech and protest being the highest form of patriotism suddenly ring a little hollow. So-called conservatives care more about democracy in Iraq than in America. The liberals care more about the foreign invaders than the safety of Americans.

This great divide that has opened up between the ruling classes and the people is largely the result of globalism. The source of the great fortunes is no longer tied to countries or cultures. Global money bankrolls government and the petty royalty that lives off government. The result is the people in charge have divorced themselves from the people over whom they rule. The Cloud People define themselves by their opposition to and essential difference from the Dirt People….”


This will not end well.

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    In some ways, when we head back to 1845-1890,(maybe earlier), it may be a relief in some ways. People will certainly live shorter lives, but maybe those lives will be more meaningful and full of depth. Imagine the relief of hearing silence: not sirens or a blaring tv or some drugged up black dude singing about “hoes”.
    Think about the ability to talk and move and communicate without wondering what government agency will hold your free thoughts against you. The power to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc. how you wish. Become who or what you want. Danger, but also blessed freedom!
    Our Betters deserve no empathy when the time comes. They have deliberately set a course of treason and treachery.

    • Mark Matis

      And Our Betters enablers – and their spouses – deserve the same. Note that Nicolae was not the only Ceausescu who paid the price.

    • Anonymous

      …All those lectures we used to hear from the ruling class about free speech and protest being the highest form of patriotism suddenly ring a little hollow.

      Imagine if government teaches the “best” people they aren’t supposed to try to win, they’re supposed to be good losers. They’re supposed to be witnesses for the injustice of the government’s position, become political prisoners no matter the personal cost, and embarrass the government into reforming itself. They’re supposed to hold still and volunteer for processing. Say this in a German accent and it sounds like “voluntarily get on the boxcars”, or “storm the beaches while the arms makers get rich off your tax payments”.

      As long as the people obey, the government can chew up LaVoys all day long. I’m not seeing any Americans trying to get away with honest health insurance, honest retirement planning, etc. Ghandi and MLK won because they militarily opposed in a manner they could get away with it. The pacifism in the speeches was a sham. Ghandi’s speeches featured riots, and MLK had the Deacons for Defense and Justice.

      when we head back to 1845-1890, (maybe earlier)

      When freedom reappears during the financial collapse, the meek will inherit the Earth, because the bold explorers will be off to space. Peak oil is a sham. There is no reason to prevent technological growth from quickly catching back up to its faster-than-exponential trend line.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      I don’t recall ever seeing much about peasants in the Dark Ages being happy that the Roman Empire had collapsed. For most of the population of Europe, things simply went from bad to horrible, and it took them hundreds of years to recover back to bad.

      • The Dark Ages were not so bad in most areas. In the British Isles it was pretty disastrous, but most other parts of the Roman Empire it was a slow decline, mostly marked by less trade with distant lands. “Dark Ages” is basically propaganda spread by statists who can’t believe anything good exists without a powerful State.

  2. more cucky stuff about the “American People”. That’s long gone. On one side, there’s the Judeo-globalist Beltway crowd + NY/Hollywood Jew MSM axis and their debt-financed entitlement stormtroops – Blacks, mestizos, Muslims, and self-liquidating urban White cosmics – and on the other Z-Man’s “dirt people”: suburban and rural Whites, already a harassed minority, most of whom (Trumpaholics) still think they can vote their way out an open-borders deathtrap that has already snapped shut. The San Jose pogrom will wake a few more up, though, and I think Mrs. Clinton – by violently accelerating the Wheel of History – will do for the rest. She seems to be pulling ahead of Trump (a False Messiah) now, and hopefully will solidify her lead once she gets the formal Demoncrat nomination and the Berniebots come around

  3. The mindset you describe is an excellent reason to never allow the govt to educate your children. Since the soviet shills infiltrated the educational system back in the 40’s/50’s and became productive in the early 60’s they have endeavored to produce nothing but good little communist shitheads ever since. Judging by what we see following Bernie around the country they have succeeded boldly and we have allowed it. The fearfulness of Americans on being victimized by peer and social pressure has become the most effective means of forcing compliance in history. To allow their own children to be taken in this manner is why we deserve the decline we have helped create and feed.
    Schools, Educators and their infrastructure along with the product they created have all turned.. and next year you will all go to your BOE, School board meetings, etc and vote for massive raises for the poor overworked treasonous teachers and put the same scumbags in office again.

    Yupper.. we deserve this.

    • “Since the soviet shills infiltrated the educational system back in the 40’s/50’s…”

      1840’s and 1850’s, you mean. Government schooling has ALWAYS been about keeping the ruling class in position, exploiting the peons. Read Gatto if you need to get up to speed on this.

  4. The cloud people? They’re psychopaths, nothing less, or more for that matter and they live, breathe and bleed just like the rest of us. Resist!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “They’re psychopaths, nothing less”

      Sociopaths. Psychopaths are generally non-functional, and our elites function very, very well.

  5. Dan Morgan

    This is the last time we will try to work within the system.
    The majority of Americans feel dismissed, ignored or mocked, by their government and popular culture. We are now the counter culture, and the problem with that is, the folks currently in power will not lay down like we did in the 60’s and 70’s, they will fight. Well, they won’t fight personally, because they are physical cowards, but they will use surrogate’s like the security apparatus, or low IQ, useful idiot’s to riot and rabble rouse.
    “Illegals and Clinton comin’, we’re finally on our own.”

    • Jim Klein

      “Well, they won’t fight personally, because they are physical cowards,”

      Right. It’s why the focus should be less on tyrants than those who wish to live in liberty. Of the tyrants, the only ones that matter–even a tiny bit–are those who do choose to fight.

      “Illegals and Clinton comin’, we’re finally on our own.”

      Good one; maybe every cloud does have a silver lining. Bad things happen to good people who refuse to accept this.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “The majority of Americans feel dismissed, ignored or mocked,…….”
      I really think you’re giving the masses too much credit. I’ve talked for yrs to professionals; doctors, dentists, teachers, right down to my low life blue collar buddies, and none of them get it. They choose denial, and ignorance. Most have not a clue they’re being played by the political elites and banksters, or those in the shadows, they’ve never heard of the Rothschilds, Bilderbergers, or the NWO, that’s all conspiracy shit to them.
      Even when the banks and gov’t collapse, they won’t have a clue who or what caused it. So how do you get people organized to resist a common enemy when they won’t even acknowledge it exists?
      There is a small nucleus of well read patriots who know what’s going on, who will stand and fight the real enemy. But the masses will attack anyone they’re told is evil, and that comes down to ISIS and domestic terrorists.
      Things are really looking up, no?

  6. William Wilson

    What does “FUSA” mean?

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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