The Stages of Grief At The Frontier


H/t Insty for this Imperial Roman lens by which to view decline.


They didn’t even have Vine.

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  1. cucky Zio-stuff. In ‘Murka the barbarians – JudeoGlobalist banksters and billionaires,and their anti-White Armies of Extermination (Blacks, Mestizos, Asians, Muslims) – are already in power and running the show. As a few of the more perceptive Whites may have noticed during the San Jose pogrom

    • Regarding global empire it looks like you’re still giving free passes to Swiss pagan bankers, “ex” KGB Soviet now Christian in name only Russians, Chinese “commie” oligarchs and Saudi wahhabists.

      • of the 45 richest U.S. billionaires who own the political class, 27 are (((eskimos))); that is, 60%. (((Eskimos))) are c. 2% of the population. Thus, a 3,000% ethnic over-representation. The Russians/Chinese are the ones resisting (((eskimo)))-forced globalization; and the (((eskimo))) colony in Palestine has been hand in glove with the Sunni terror states for years

  2. What will the modern man be fighting to defend?

    At best, he fights for the maintenance of his own tax burden.

  3. We dismember babies after pulling them from the womb to sell the parts. The “empire” says this is good and just and that “planned parenthood” aka planned genocide is a worthy organization. Caligula would blush at what these fckers have done.

    We have been fully infiltrated by Marxist Socialist Communist scum.

    • Grey Ghost

      “infiltrated” is somewhat light in my book. More like invaded, overrun and hijacked and it’s been going on for DECADES! And I’m not even counting the re-education institutions of “higher learning”.

      Grey Ghost

  4. “In the decade after 468, despite the political and cultural inertia that made a world without Rome difficult to conceive, different people in different places gradually got to grips with the fact that the western Empire no longer existed. ” pg 406-407.
    The Fall of the Roman Empire. A new history of Rome and the Barbarians.
    Peter Heather, author

  5. We have been fully infiltrated by (((Marxist Socialist Communist scum))) and their white collaborators.

  6. Well, we may be going a bit overboard here.

    Grygiel decried self-delusion, then talks about prayer. Interesting.

    But morale certainly is important. People really ought to shut their pie holes if all they can do is whine about doom and gloom.

    Anyway a lot of the Romans escaped the empire and joined the barbarians because they were tired of Imperial taxes and tyranny.


    Back in High School English Lit, I read a hymn with the lyrics: “Christian never tremble,never be downcast. Arm yourself for battle, watch and pray and fast.” After the Japanese “sneak attack” on Peal Harbor, a popular tune was: “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”
    The Almighty has always been invoked in times of distress. And, not to steal anyone’s thunder, we now have Psalm 144:1. Prayer, fasting, meditation does have its place. I believe it should be done while one is loading magazines, buying firearms, ammo, and supplies, exercising, and doing other preps.
    Hillary was given the Kalifornia primary by AP today. She will be crowned at the Convention of Baby Killers in Philly later on. She will be our next POTUS. Ilea iacta est, my friends. Kick it into high gear. Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini. Qui fecit coelum et terram.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The Almighty has always been invoked in times of distress.”

      For as often as He’s invoked, God rarely helps out. German belt buckles stated “Gott mit Uns.” Crusaders fought under the battle cry “Deus Lo Volt”. The South had “Deo Vindice”. God’s reply was a hearty “Go ye forth and fucketh thyselves” to all of them.

      • I’ve always been partial to The Church of God the Utterly Indifferent (in Vonnegut’s Sirens of Titan) wherein the worst possible blasphemy is the presumption that God actually gives a shit. Or – from a not entirely different perspective – as Roger Waters put it: “What God wants, God gets”.

  8. The points I gather from the starting link and the book links is that the end doesnt come quickly; it takes awhile; there may be an irreversible change that develops; most may not recognize the change even while going through it; the change and transition may effect some harder and quicker than others; you may think your efforts are producing results but the transition sidesteps you; the final end result can be ugly for awhile.

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