Culper: What You Need To Know About Military Assistance During Civil Disturbances


Not that such things can happen in ‘Murika.


9 responses to “Culper: What You Need To Know About Military Assistance During Civil Disturbances

  1. Jim Klein

    “…federal military forces will confront members of the civil populace participating in group acts of violence antagonistic to authority.”

    The irony is almost palpable, damn near funny. Maybe they’ll destroy all the mirrors?

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. It will be a grey / foggy / media driven Black Swan / false flag event(s) that create the conditions for ML.
    Based on Hegelian dialectic tactics of creating, funding, sponsoring the Boogey man ISIS or the blame game of N. Korea, China, Russia, Iran etc.
    Heck maybe even Mickey Mouse did it just to rub it in even more.

  4. In other news, OHP can now scan your debit/credit cards and steal your money forcing you to prove you did nothing “wrong”.

  5. Hey folks, they do not have enough troop to task. They just DO NOT. They may manage local superiority/supremacy, but past that, fuggedahboutit!

    • Agree, Been saying so for-ever.

      Cops, likewise… perhaps 3 mil badges of all types, local, state and fed.
      Not nearly enough to implement much of what we fear.

      The bad news? “They” will resort to other means and those will be worse than martial law and much harder to combat/avoid/survive.

    • They have plenty lf cops who will do whatever their told to hold the thin blue line.

  6. Also consider that they will have their paws more than full just trying to contain the biblical-proportion chimp outs in the urban cores, not to mention the suburbs that have been fuxated by HUD. Best strategy is leave before Nov 2016, otherwise, you get a front seat at that marshmallow roast.

    Consider if you will… if the DNC-SA don’t get their way, what are the odds that they will embark on a campaign of “burn out the crakers, they have it coming anyhow” as espoused by clown presidential almost candidate David French?

    If Trump gets in, will his followers go forth and do the same? Doubtful. Will they be targets? Surely. Will unaffiliated folks be targeted? Absolutely.

    It is said that one may not be interested in war, but war is definitely interested in you.

  7. It will be a wonderful opportunity for the enterprising souls out there to reappropriate some really nice hard-to-get military gear for better use. Just remember that Blue Force Tracker is not your friend if you decide to make better use of the bulkier items and radios. Don’t be that guy. LOL!