Peter Brimelow On The Immigration Election


“It Will Only Take One Election” — The Trump Tsunami vs. Clinton’s Coming Merkel-Style Immigration Surge

“The Whole World Is Watching” — Why The Evil Party Is So Desperate To Defeat Trump

Take the time to read each article.

Then, using the resources at Refugee Resettlement Watch, dig into the details of the illegal immigration situation in your area.

You are being electorally overwhelmed.

HRC will accelerate that process.

You will then be physically overwhelmed.

Electing A New People, indeed.

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19 responses to “Peter Brimelow On The Immigration Election

  1. Look at the Berniebot in background on his foreign slavelabor made smart phone sold to him by an evil mega corp by way of capitalism.

  2. Told ya so….red team gets stronger each day and blue team gets weaker.

    By all means, keep the book club powering on with speed reading.

  3. That picture is proof that we need to embrace “retroactive abortion”….

  4. Uncle Larry

    And they move to the front of the line because of affirmative action.

  5. “You will then be physically overwhelmed.” – This is my biggest worry. As the usa turns into a 3rd world nation, i can easily envision anyone that’s not an elite and able to live seperated from the masses; being singled out on assets, personal property or just being white. Hell, that’s what the muzzies are doing now in Europe; nothing says the extreme thinking of some of the left that white america is bad and gets what it deserves cannot go mainstream and nationwide.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Modern Western governments just seem to be a debate society over which group gets culled first, and one big (albeit shrinking rapidly) group isn’t allowed to participate.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. What seems to me to be the the clincher here, and its a doozy, is we dirt people been betrayed in the worst way, cunning and pathologically evil in it’s method. If it weren’t for the cucks and the shit they have capitulated to and surrendered over time under the guise of “conservatism”, (the only thing they conserved was a reserved place for themselves at the feed trough), the cultural marxists would still be wallowing in the shadowy days of Frank Marshal Davis and his molestation of a little black boy name of Barry, and that would be the cultural backwater they would have remained relegated to. The fuckers literally used the cultural wealth of our traditions and motive power of our liberty as a commodity in exchange for political power sharing with godless merchants of the human extinction movement. The cucks bargained away us dirt peoples very way of life.
    So just who is the real true political enemy of our freedoms and liberty and who let the sonofabitches in? Me, I say it is the cucks, they purged the political traditional right of its steadfast and purists, assumed the illegitimate mantle of gate keepers, and proceeded to run an underground railway for the red diaper babies into the federal executive, just opened the doors, like an open border with Mexico. They saw how much money they could make, how cushy and elitist this faustian bargain, a literal deal with the devil…

    Been watching this whole Alt-Right, verses Traditional Right, verses Neocon, verses Cuckservative, verses Cultural Marxist Light battle, I can’t but help but sense a fundamental cultural revolution of another kind is underway… that in itself is pretty sublime.
    I’m a more traditional right/jeffersonian agrarian kind of guy, if the lights went out tomorrow I’d be happier than a pig in shit. But I dig this whole insurgency of the Alt-Right, (never mind the dirt people revolt of The Great Fuck You happening this election scam cycle in the form of Donald Trump), some of them guys are real firebrands. They fear nothing, so in one way Donald Trump and The Alternate Right, have something very important in common. The cucks and cultural marxists, (sorry about repeating myself, it’s important to define which enemy is which no matter how slight the difference here), only have power through using fear as a tool, they have no leverage with the fearless, they become Some stuff they come up with goes right by me, but the stuff I do grok, it gets right down to the meat and potatoes. Sometimes I think they are being pure agitators and love getting under the cucks and right wing marxists skin, and sometimes that is the point. Insurgent right? It’s open source guerrilla warfare, these guys understand understand if winning the minds is science,winning the hearts is an art form. They are starting a counter cultural marxist cultural war. Good on them.

    So here’s the whole ugly messy thing in a nutshell: the rise of the Alternate-Right has benefitted greatly from the rise of the Donald and the Great Fuck of the dirt people. Or maybe it might be the other way around, or both, not sure, might be part natural order out of cultural marxist chaos, though I like to think it is providence more than anything, but the Alt-Right is a serious threat to all mentioned above, (except for the Traditional Right, nothing seriously threatens the AR, they just wait till it’s time to start shooting and then it’s on like Donkey Kong, because the Traditional Right is cognitive there never was any voting our way out of this by ballot box to begin with, voting was what got us into it it to begin with, and Traditional Right is nothing if it ain’t primal, like swords and rifles, the natural rights of men first and last. It was the cartridge box got us secession from tyranny originally, to think the ballot box will do the same go around is whistling past the graveyard). The Alternative Right, is an existential force that is undermining the whole sphere of cuckservatism at its foundations, at each end of it’s spectrum, and they are panicking, like a nest of ants been torn up. But even more interesting, the cucks have a few really shrewd and cunning bullshit artists in their ranks, been grifting us dirt people for a long time, and these betrayers have turned their sights from the Traditional Right, to the Alt-Right, they write like they have pulled out the stops and are frantic to de-legitimize the Alt-Rights message, but the Alt-Right is nimble, quick, it changes its narrative and tactics on the fly, and outflanks the cucks. And it is driving everyone bat shit crazy, they are upsetting everyones apple cart and rice bowl. What is beautiful is the Alt-Right don’t hurt no one, and have shined sunlight on the right wing of the cultural marxists tactics of using the same attack methods as the cultural marxist lefts have employed for decades to attack us dirt people. So I’m saying, they got nothing, the cucks, They Are Kaput, and they don’t know it in their hubris, which is delicious. They need to go these enablers of cultural marxism, and the cultural marxists are toast without this bloodsucking partnership between the two factions. The cucks only armor was nobody knew how deep the rabbit hole went, how truly dirty and what kind of God awful traitors they are. The entire dynamic is crumbling at the foundations of statism, “fundamentally” so. The traitors within you trusted are always the worst kind of traitors. The cucks made the narrative of bitter clingers possible. But just who after all, are the real bitter clingers in reality?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      I can’t remember the mobster who said it, but the surprising thing is never how many people can be bought, it’s how little it really takes to buy them.

    • Indeed. For decades the conservative answer every Leftward move has been “this is not the hill to die on,” with the implication that, oh, we’ll save our energy for the fight that really matters. Of course, that fight is also dismissed as not being the hill to die on.

      There’s pretty much no hills left now. Conservatism has failed in its most fundamental mission, which was to be an opposing force to the Left’s ambitions. Those weren’t hills, they were the commanding heights of the cultural battlespace. “Conservatives” surrendered practically all of them to the Left.

    • Dark Side of the Moon

      mtnforge, that’s got to be one of the best comments and explanation I’ve seen on the current situation by far.

  8. Of course don’t pay attention to the puppet masters behind the green curtain rigging it since at least the JFK schwack. A Republic Democracy on display before the planet at it’s finest hour.
    The US has a “PR” problem would be the understatement of the Century at a minimum.
    Panem et Circenses

  9. Hostile invaders
    Not “immigrants”.

    The invaders are a virulent disease organism, encouraged by the utterly depraved for the sole purpose of destroying white Western values, ideals, culture and civilization.

    They must be stopped, by any means necessary.

    Furthermore, I consider that islam must be destroyed.

  10. dude needs a haircut…

  11. State-worship is a religious death cult in the same vein as Islam. Both are join or die. Both kill everything they touch. Neither can deal with competition or tolerate coexistence. Both must be eradicated for a Western culture to survive. The crux of the matter.

  12. PissKoran was too old to reply to I guess.

    Don’t start jokes with the punchline