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I am a severe skeptic of the current COINdinista dominance of defense intellectual circles.

I found a terrific study that simply and courageously shreds the COIN mythos.

From the Political Impossibility of Modern COIN:

This brings us to our fourth broad theme. If counterinsurgency strongly intimates an underlying end-of-history premise, its rendering in scholarly inquiry offers an entirely fictitious understanding of historical completion. Here COIN theory’s capacity to mythologize the past, distort historical understanding, ignore contingency, and obscure complexity has been overwhelming. This is succinctly illustrated by the myth of British counterinsurgency recounted in chapter 4. Through constant repetition, analysts credited the British armed forces with a reputation for counterinsurgency expertise based on their experience with colonial warfare, particularly in winning over the population through techniques of minimum force and hearts and minds. Rarely was this reputation scrutinized. Commentators simply assumed the principle they had to prove.

See: https://www.ciaonet.org/attachments/27869/uploads?1438792990

It is well worth the read but for the readers who don’t have the time, just read the conclusion to the study.

This is a great corrective in the same character as Douglas Porch’s magisterial indictment in his counterinsurgency book.


The 21st century Western variation on colonial warfare (that’s all COIN is now) is simply parking a police state Deathstar over a nation-state, stirring the pot and wondering why the insurgency grows stronger over time as maimed and killed women & children steel the spine of the resistance and bum rush countless men into the ranks of what was a small but incipient insurgency.

Never doubt the Fed-god will make the same missteps, commit intellectual malpractice, encourage strategic deficit disorder and foster the incubation of myriad unintended consequences when the chickens come home to roost.

Leverage the over-reaction and brutality to your advantage.

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  1. Member of the League of Shadows.

    I keep referencing people to Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, specifically the part where the three main characters are discussing how to revolt against their earthly masters. The thinker of the group tells the other two that revolutions are “cooked”, not “started”, and they set off to do everything they can to provoke more acts of oppression (God, in the classical sense of that phrase, not the modern one), which then in turn creates more self-radicalized insurgents.

    Long-term, in this country, we want more, higher-profile, and deadlier responses by the government. Can you imagine what Waco would do to the credibility of the feds now that friendlies could have drones up a few miles out with some long-lens cameras? With world-wide live-streamed video from webcams inside?

    Granted, the feds know this, which is why they acted the way they did at that clusterfuck in Malheur…

    • Mark Matis

      What makes you think the FedPig swill would not actively destroy such drones? And that the pig-sucking techno companies wouldn’t make sure any video they captured before being destroyed would survive on the web?

      The feds already have technology to drop drones when they want.


        Pig-sucking companies indeed! One only has to watch the Outdoor Channel on Wednesdays or some of the older Modern Marvels series on the History Channel to see how these companies are pioneering technology to use against their fellow citizens here in Amerika. From wireless laser sights(Crimson Trace) to directed energy devices, the Police-Military-Industrial complex is locked and loaded against the citizens they are supposed to serve.I cannot wait until the conventions get started.

      • Member of the League of Shadows.

        I wouldn’t at any time bet that the fed.gov would fail to knock down drones that they felt were “impeding an investigation” by making them risk honesty. But, I also know that if they’re knocking down drones that are miles away from anything that’s happening, they’ve just outed themselves. Insurgents win in either case, because that’s what PR spin is for.

        As to keeping the information online, that’s relatively easy. There are multiple websites that specialize in leaking information (good or bad), and that’s part of how we have the girl’s cell phone video from inside Lavoy’s truck that proves someone (HRT) shot at him as soon as he opened the door, before he even got out of the truck.

    • enough tangable evidence to Support the fact that Lavoys murder, vid, was clearly edited. An associate who broke bread with Sheriff Palmer this past week in John Day, confirms the witch hunt continues.

      “The press, called several eateries, and was able to put enough pressure on each establishment to have the eateries cancel Palmer and friends reservations.

      ” Does anyone question how the ” press” knew of this meeting?

      Does anybody believe local media has that kind of pull?

      The solution IS beyond the ballot box.

      Dirk Williams

  2. ‘…Never doubt the Fed-god will make the same missteps, commit intellectual malpractice, encourage strategic deficit disorder and foster the incubation of myriad unintended consequences when the chickens come home to roost…”

    Bill, no doubt needed, the fed-god already have.

  3. tangotango-03

    A sober, lucid and cogent article and comment by League

  4. The British COIN ops of the post war period were born out a simple practicality — Great Britain was broke by WWII and had demobilized to a great extent thereafter. There was not the cash or the will for large scale mobilization to protect non-strategic assets.

  5. Ref the UK post WWII COIN experience- if you could not win in Malaysia – a peninsula, you control the sea lanes, and your fighting a racially distinct minority with weak ties to the majority of he country plus you were going to give it up anyway so there is a political path foward- you probabley could not win anywhere

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Forget Malaysia, they couldn’t even win right next door in Ireland. The best they could do was hold on for a couple of decades, until they got tired of their business districts back home exploding.

  6. The British Model has been an enormous lie all along but from the perspective of statist interventionists, their mindset has bias filters that green light that sort of behavior as acceptable and moral.

    Look at the UK treatment of the Mau Maus in Kenya for a sadistic example of the police state death star methodology.

    Bill Buppert

  7. I was thinking the same thing there jimmy the saint plus they couldnt keep those silly red caps on cause they kept getting shot off every time one of them strayed away from the group !Ohhh glorry day when we finally get our day to shine . yes it will suck and yes I will shed tears but those tears of sorrow will turn to anger and then there will be hell to pay

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. The problem with using this as part of a “chickens coming home to roost” analysis is that the base motivations of the key players will change. In foreign countries, victory is less important than how it plays domestically, so certain options are off the table.

    The instant the elites think such a “roosting” might actually hurt their job security it will be like a switch had been thrown. Instead of “COIN” this and “International Community” that, it will be Haffez Assad in Hama, or William the Conqueror’s “Harrowing of the North.”

  10. Obama’s ultimate plan is the physical destruction of the US, to wipe it off the map and erase it’s memory from the minds of men, all to ensure his place as the Great Caliph enshrined in the hearts of 1.6 billion Muslims through the eons. To accomplish this he need not worry about a protracted guerrilla war, all he needs do is induce a nuke strike on the US, Europe, China, Russia and Israel the counter strike will destroy the US and Islam will inherit the planet