Line Of Demarcation

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From over the transom:

Today we officially crossed the line into a banana republic, where the President endorses a candidate despite his administration’s ongoing criminal investigation into her.

Barack Obama endorses Hillary Clinton

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29 responses to “Line Of Demarcation

  1. Camacho2016

    To Donald Trump:

    Her 33,000 deleted e-mails are submerged in a jar of piss, displayed in the capital rotunda as an eternal memorial to the glorious new dear leader.

    C’mon Scrot!!

  2. Camacho2016

    By the way, using They Live as a Hillary meme is 100% apropos.

    CA, you gots some other Godhilla, Maleficent, and HIllary They Live artwork worthy of the moment?

  3. Camacho2016

    You know, it’s just the way of the world.

    The first crooked SOB President needed another one behind him that was at least as crooked as he is in order to sign a full pardon for him. Thus continues the endarkenment where each leader-regardless of party covered for the sins of their predecessor. When Hillary leaves office, will there actually be any mortal evil enough to pardon her?

    Silly me, there will be no successor to Hillary.

  4. I am shocked, shocked; I tell you !
    A few things I though growing up I thought would never happen to me, take it up the backside from a black guy, be fearful of being attacked in my own country, work until I drop dead or am killed off and be a woman’s bitch, ..I’d say the first three of those are a done deal. Amerika, what a country !

  5. Putin’s intel has about 20,000 of the “deleted” e-mails, which suggests all sorts of interesting possibilities once Hiligula is our Prez. As for the rest, we are – as CA has repeatedly indicated – deep into worse-is-better land. Trump, like Bush43, would throw a shroud over the right – while doing nothing substantial about the borders, the anti-White invasives, etc. – and worse, provide a strong hand on the tiller when Leviathan hits the debtberg; Mrs. Clinton – corrupt, incompetent, and murderous – will get the internal shooting war started, and right quick. In short, any vote, other than one for Hiligula, is a vote to maintain the current System. And, with 7,000 non-White, low IQ collectivists entering the country every day, we are running out of time

    • With respect, I cannot tell if you really wrote the words above or not. I have re-read your posting more than once and it seems like you would have to be at least two different people to actually believe what you proffered.

  6. Demonic possession is becoming quite “normal”. That whacked out bitch is certainly “possessed”. I’m thinking most murkin wimin have a demon or two in them, in clintons case a whole bunch. They get pleasure in fucking everything up and making folks miserable. It seems once they hit middle age they really go into high gear doing their evil. Must be because no man in his right mind wants that used snatch anymore. You know what they say “won’t catch anything good with spoiled bait”

    • I’d disagree. I’ve caught some nice cats after runnin’ the chicken liver down the ass crack on a hot, summer’s day.

    • reminds me of something Mrs. Clinton said to Vince Foster, at a party, this a few years before she killed him off: “let’s go someplace…I gotta get f**cked more than once a year”

  7. Mike Bishop


    …America needs its own Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    I always love when a politician endorses someone they beat out for the job: “Hey, remember back when I said this person was an unqualified hack and a horrible asshole? Yeah, just kidding.”

  9. Risible & farcical. Swirling the toilet bowl & gene pool one turd at a time.
    The amount of stupid & counter productive schadenfreude is unprecedented.
    Those are fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it. Since we all know it’s rigged the fix is way beyond the ballot box.

  10. Steve Kristmann

    Well…that was quick!
    Looks like the fox just endorsed the honey badger
    to look after the hen house while the fox steps out
    to do more coke with his scuzzlum homo jackal friends.

    No surprise there…just shows that the whole thing
    was nothing more than a putrid house of cards type
    of scam like the “let’s continue to vote shell game”….

    And the clueless sheeple will eat it up…

    We definitely don’t have enough ammo, beans and bandaids!
    There truly is no voting our way out of this!!

    Yours in Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. It’s a religion. The religion of the state. She is the new High Priestess of the cult and do not confuse the issue with reason. It’s the logical end of the materialism of the previous generation. We killed God to worship the dollar and now we’re killing the dollar to worship the Great Whore of the Potomac. Everybody is religious. Some are just coy about what they worship. Where’s your God?

    • Sometimes I fear the time ahead when God unleashes His anger. When I recall it’s necessary and just I’m able to sleep through the night without a worry.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Where’s your God?”

      Waking up in his sunken city of R’lyeh

  13. A little exit music, please, maestro… as we descend into hell. Gentlemen, arm yourselves – it’s fixin’ to go loud.

  14. Recently viewed the actual ad. The master orators and bloviating talking heads, fart in your general direction. Those fucking ears are huge.
    CAMACHO 2016

  15. Did Warren really say this? … whilst completely failing to acknowledge the irony of using “evil GUNS” to seize evil guns.

    Anyway, that’s always been the only choice you ever had … compliance or death.

    • “….oh, really? How you plan to do that? Did you not listen to a fuckin’ word I said? You will do nothing, because you can do nothing… John Wick will come for you… now get the fuck out of my sight” – Viggo, to his son – because it isn’t the boogieman coming to get him – it’s the one you send to kill the fucking boogieman….
      Yes, friends, “killing the boogieman time” fast approaches. One wonders how deep the bodies will be, before “they” have their “oh shit” moment.

  16. Shes the most qualified to be president i am still being told.

  17. well as I commented before when is the next American revolution because its coming and that’s why they want to disarm the nation will the military join the cause after all they are also citizens?

  18. Grenadier1

    Ever get the feeling we are the Indians this time?

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