Codrea: Immigration Invasion Accelerating


Fundamental transformation.

The cat wasn’t lying:

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  1. What the French call, une fait accompli. An accomplished fact. There’s lots of people fuming and angered and enraged about the illegal border crossings, and the importation of idiot asshole moslems to this country, both groups to inundate us and murder the survivors. But it’s already an accomplished fact. They’re here, more are coming, and even a blind man can see the end game. Opera, non verba, damnit. Until something is done to reverse this shit storm, nothing will be done to reverse this shit storm. We must come together, as One. Now.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. I disagree with the article author, “Longer term, we’re the new world order”. I disagree, longer trem, we are socialists or communists; where govt officials with armed men in tow will go thru everything you own an take what they see fit for whatever reason they see fit. Maybe not tomorrow or even in 2017, but it will come and the time to stop it was decades ago.

  4. So what are all these “oath keepers” doing about this invasion? Seems theyre only interested in guns being taken away or foreign enemies…

    • So what are all these “oath keepers” doing about this invasion?

      Collaborating. What did you expect? The point of OK is to renew your oath to government.

  5. It would be fun to steal that sign and put it in my dorm room, if I was 19 again.

  6. The one and only reason this shit is continuing, is because the murkins are the weakest minded animals on earth. Their tiny pathetic brains have been washed in piss and hung out to dry-rot. They are a mix of lazy do-nothings, liars, thieves, and morally corrupt scumbags. I’ve seen once decent human beings turned into lumps of doped-up, drunken shit. How anyone can still be proud to be an american is beyond my capacity to comprehend. You all know what NEEDS to be done. But, there’s a certain gang of thugs who need to be dealt with first. The rest will be as easy as beating up a drunk at closing time.

    • “murkins are the weakest minded animals on earth”. Sorry, no; Rome followed many of the same patterns in its downfall and so has England and so is now Europe. Aemricans are supposed to be different and exceptional. Well, we will now see because the usa’s time is now to save itself, not 25 years from now. Unfortunately I am afraid we will find we follow the same patterns of all other great nations and slowly disintegrate.

      • Oh really?

        I just returned from wallys. I needed some spray paint to re-finish my iron patio set. A customer service representative had to “OK” my purchase. Seems the murkins can’t be trusted with or are afraid of spray paint… All to keep the churrin safe. murkins are conditioned to be pansies.

        Weak. Minded.

        • If your priorities include painting your patio set, and submitting to permission to do so, I call bullshit on your criticism of everyone else.

          Not that the criticism is unwarranted, to be sure… it’s just the sickening hypocrisy, donchaknow.

          • What? I was using the self-check out line. I laughed and told them I was going to spray it in a paper bag and huff it. And yes, having fresh patio furniture is a TOP priority for me right now. Now that that’s done, I’ll move on to having one of my vintage boats wheeled out so it looks good too. In the meantime, I’m ready to hit the road on another trip in my new RV. It must suck to be worryiing about trivial things that don’t mean anything- like whatever you are struggling with.

            BUZZ OFF.

          • I got carded…. For canned air….

            I have real bad allergies too. The concept of permission under threat of severe punishment for merely wanting relief from sinus pain is something all the lee greenwoods still havent comprehended.

          • now you’re going to Get Told, mister!
            Tufts was cadre, in case you missed that.
            We called them mess deck master at arms when I was serving and their mighty battle cry was “ONE dessert, two glasses!”

    • “You all know what NEEDS to be done.”

      Well show us the way, Oh Captain. Are you willing to go first?

      That’s the rub. Yeah most of us know what needs to be done, but nobody wants to commit ritual suicide in an act of futility either.

  7. Uncle Larry

    Weaponized immigration. Demography is your destiny.

  8. swan832013

    Rosy O’Donnell and the other are not going to be happy up there after Trump wins…..



    scroll down to wonderful video of hispanic chick reporter who has sudden encounter with caloric she-boon