Meet Your Next POTUS

Bracken sends.

Not to worry, though.

She’s the most experienced person ever to ascend that throne.

And as Stilton reminds us, the fix is in:

Whore Today, Gone Tomorrow 1



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17 responses to “Meet Your Next POTUS

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. For all those real doomers that say perpare because the end is right around the corner, I think you now have date to be prepared by, inauguration day 2017(1/1/2017). There is no way Obama and the US govt is going to let things go real wrong with Hillary about to walk in and put the final nails in.
    Personally, besides amassing more food, water and cash; i’m getting in fantastic physical shape so my liver can take what I need to drink with coping on what I expect to see.

  3. Um, yes, keep telling yourselves about that constitution thingy. And if POTUS needs a rapid reaction force to put down uppity governors or terrorists in a flyover state, then she can call the UN and China will provide peacekeeping troops. China is now the largest military contributor to the UN with no media coverage here of their deployment to Mali.

    Gotta learn who the players are inside of global government:

    • there won’t be any “uppity governers” or “Chinese enforcers” so long as the debtbuck buys consent. When it doesn’t, none of this will matter…because the Collapse will be global. That’s one of the good things about “globalization”

      • Short of a nuclear winter, SMOD or the arrival of The Four Horsemen I don’t see a complete global collapse.

  4. Grenadier1

    Planet of the apes is racist!
    Why didnt you post a trigger warning!

    AHHH! Safe space, safe space!!!

  5. I don’t want to meet her. And if I could feel worse after reading this, I would be dead. So what’s the good news?

  6. Uncle Larry

    We’re not going to be allowed to sit on the sidelines and watch. Everybody off the bench. You’re in the game now. Whether you want to be or not.

  7. You city boy’s be sure to cull the herd before they scatter into grazing country. Thanks in advance.

  8. Get a grip. It’s early. The best laid plans of Bill and Hillary meet up life. Putin keeps massacring ISIS and they will have to find a new battlefield, Europe. Also, the economy of Europe is crashing. Their biggest business was tourism and with the rape and mass murder and crime jihad rampant there, no one is going. Europe is our biggest customer and she ain’t buying, so our shaky economy most likely will tank. You just can’t count out an ISIS ramadan rampage which will shock the conscience and the economies of the world.

  9. what a sweet girl Hil was back when. I had no idea. Of course, she’s had tragic experiences since then – errant husband, lotta dead bodies along the way (here and abroad) – which have somewhat hardened her

  10. Five lines.

    Depressing as hell.

    The psycho bitch WILL push us into our first true Civil War.

  11. Mike Bishop

    Don’t forget VPOTUS, Lieawatha:

  12. Stealth Spaniel

    Before the nukes go off, I want to stuff them with ham and bacon to ward off foreign interlopers.
    Love that slightly southern accent Hill affected. (It kinda comes and goes-like her morality.) Must have made her feel closer to Bill, as she worked to get a rapist of a 12 yro child off. I mean, the girl bled all over so it was up to Hill to make sure that everyone knew that it was major inconvenience to her client.
    If the woman ever had a soul, it’s gone. Now? She is the walking dead.

  13. Planet of the Apes reference?

    Aww no he di’n! I KNOW I di’n see that! Heelll NO!

  14. HHH Old Vet.

    Meh, it’s ALL in the plan isn’t it.