MVT: CTT/Mobility Student AAR By Kate


Training as a team, both men and women.

Good deal.

MVT 2016 Training Schedule

10 responses to “MVT: CTT/Mobility Student AAR By Kate

  1. The photo distresses me somewhat. If opportunity affords you hide the damn vehicle. Otherwise its nothing but a ‘blow this up first’ target with collateral damage to those around it.

    • Grenadier1

      I am guessing its a react to contact from the vehicle so you cant just hide it. Its already known.
      Let me also dispel you of the notion that vehicles just blow up all Hollywood style when you shoot them.
      Just did a class on Vehicle gun fighting.
      You would be surprised at what bullets will NOT go through, and what they do.
      It depends on the angle of the shot obviously you could put one in a gas tank that MAY cause a fire but its not going to cause even a low order detonation.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Yeah women will be needed now and after for repopulation, not in the line of fire.

  4. I’m going for say something very un-PC and unapologetically sexist: if your women can out lift, out run or out shoot you, then you’re not doing enough training.

  5. I know it’s just a training picture, but I can’t help noticing that anyone kneeling like that, dressed in white while in a sea of brown, well, casualty. The concept MVT of having your unit or group train together in order to work together and HAVE THAT EXPERIENCE WHEN IT’S GO TIME, is invaluable, and more key to success than most people know. It’s why successful teams, organizations, groups, etc., practice, practice, practice, and together.

  6. WOW! Ar-15 “shorty’s” and A gas guzzler truck . Bet they have theme music and beer too.

  7. Fuckola. Boys you sound like a hen party right after someone’s husband farted in church.
    Let’s look through a different lens for just a minute:

    White shirts to aid instructor with visibility. Especially important with novice group and running dynamics in a wide open space. These folks aren’t playing axis and allies at the kitchen table.

    Vehicle came under fire. Unass and spread out in a line to avoid concentration of enemy fire See also crossing the enemy’s T. Lavoy did this too.

    You think women or kids shouldn’t know how to wear a vest or run a carbine? Or where to go who to follow during an unass the truck drill? Also helps to show them what you’re doing at your “training” so the reality sinks in and it just doesn’t sound like you thumping you manly chest to impress them. everyone understands what sweat means.

  8. LFMayor, I have no illusions, and understand the learning/training environment. Trouble here is, if you got people and you get caught in the open like that, especially with youngins’, it prolly ain’t going well. And the chest thumping, Dude! Don’t do it, never did it. And I sweat like a cannonball on the 4th of July. Only thing I’ve ever trained to do if taken under fire in a vehicle, is un-ass the AO as fast as possible. To my way of thinking, they WANT you to un-ass and spread out, so that you’re stopped and stationary, and their Mike force can flank or come up behind you. Open areas are kill zones. I always go around them, or avoid them all together.

  9. HHH Old Vet.

    More action, less talk.