Stop Shouting: Foco & You

Not all of us actually are Trayvon

Read it all.

The game has been on for some time.

Make damned sure you understand the definition and consequences of being a kulak.


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    Yes, the Negro juggernaut rolls on. Urban areas are concrete killing grounds. When they can’t physically intimidate the whites, they financially intimidate us through the “legislatures” who confiscate more of our wealth to keep these porch monkeys in their SNAP and EBT heavens.
    Keep in mind, however, that the big, pretty Ferris Wheel won’t keep turning forever. Already there are straws in the wind regarding the electronic failure of these Negro pacification devices. There is also the elephant in the room. This elephant is the growing number of Latinos who have no use for the Black population and do not consider themselves part of their “struggle”. I saw it as a Peace Officer in SoCal, especially when I worked in the Orange County Jail.
    The pending economic correction, if it ever happens, will be a great leveler and the you-know-what will be hitting the fan in all of the Blue Hives and probably most of the Red Hives. Your uniform will be your skin color. And yes, I do not have enough ammo.

    • Whatever my fate, if it affords me some last few moments of conscious thought, I’ll continue to marvel at the great disconnect of the cosmic whites; their inability to grasp Darwin and their abject stupidity in failing to grok that after all the “mes” are gone, “they’re’ it”.

    • they financially intimidate us through the “legislatures” who confiscate more of our wealth to keep these porch monkeys in their SNAP and EBT heavens.

      No, they don’t, because they are a minority. “Minority” means they don’t have the vote counts to control anything. Who does have the votes is the White Christian middle class majority, who is climbing onto the financial boxcar completely voluntarily. The mental illnesses of self-loathing and envy that drive all religions have become an epidemic.

    • If the whites (and yes, it is my skin color or the lack of it), had any sense (which sadly they don’t), now would be time to ferment discontent (divide and conquer) between the blacks and browns. Having lived and worked for a number of years in El Paso, TX for a fact there already exists a deep hate between the two ‘races’ of color.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Yes, the Negro juggernaut rolls on. Urban areas are concrete killing grounds.”

      They’ve lost most of their old holdings in LA. The undocumented workers’ alternative social clubs are wiping them out.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Born and bred in L.A. and yes, the Meheecans *hate* the “negras”. In the 60s and 70s their gangs would regularly take trips to South Central on hunting trips.

      And woe unto any negroes who would venture into East L.A. They would be very fortunate to come out alive.

      If full-on gang wars erupt the browns would happily erase the blacks without a second thought.

      Popcorn time for us for a bit, but then time to gear up.

      • Well they now have a mutual objective and that objective is whitey…. And they will soon voe enmass for a WHITE WOMAN who will promise to do their bidding.

        Ponder that one for a bit.

      • the White garbage pouring out of the cities – from Day One – will be every bit as dangerous to us as the ‘groids and spics


          This is probably true. The same ones who voted for all of the socialist freebies to keep the chimp-outs from happening will be running for their lives. Here is Rawles Land, the local clueless fools have just conducted some gigantic drill at the Kootenai County Fair Grounds simulating the “arrival of thousands of refugees” from a Cascadia Subduction Event.
          Yeah, right. I am going to volunteer to open my home or my wallet to some Cosmic White Liberal stoner from Seattle who has been displaced by an act of nature! But, the local Bible-thumpers and flag wavers will be there. Better them than me and mine. I really need to buy more ammo.

  3. Anybody else out there see how we are being pushed into being the fascists that the left already calls us? If the conditions for revolution do not exist, it does not matter, because the revolution can create them? The left is right about one thing. The openness and free conditions that we have make a very fertile ground to sow their revolution. And once again, the revolution creates the conditions for revolution.

    • Spot on sir. The idiot progs of France set it up for Napoleon. Compared to the hereditary leeches we have ruling us today I would help him

    • Yes. Just by virtue of being born in America, those urban loco-ists live better than 90% of the population in the rest of the globe, yet it will never be enough.

      You can’t “fix” (through Fabian progressive “solutions”) something that isn’t “broken”.

  4. Uncle Larry

    Wikipedia left out any mention of Lazar Kaganovich. No NKVD?

  5. A compelling testimony from the belly of the beast. A nice reverse of the endless ‘black man in a white man’s world’ stories we are indoctrinated with. As more and more young people share this guys experiences the constraints on thought that bind many of us will fall away. Generation Identity is coming.

  6. Speaking of “kulaks” (GMTA), PZ just posted his book review of “Goodbye Poland”, a short/quick e-book that details in a “first person diary” type form the deportation of a Polish farm boy and his family to the gulag in (Kotla) Soviet Russia, his escape and service in Ander’s Polish army in WWII.

    It’s not one of his usual book reviews, but we thought an interesting and thought provoking read to head into the weekend with.

    “…and the absolute necessity of teamwork. Those of the “Lone Wolf” outlook may take stock of the lessons herein…”

  7. Thanks, Jackson.

  8. The white vote in the south is irrelevant to Democrats.

    The Democrat Racial Divide.

    “Basically, the national Democratic Party is approaching the same racial tipping point it has already reached in the Deep South: only 54 percent of Democratic voters are White. Because the black population is voting 9 to 1 for its preferred candidate and is now a majority of the Democratic electorate in so many Southern states, it can now effectively determine who wins the Democratic nomination.

    Cis-het, non-Jewish White males are now a junior partner in the Democratic coalition. Regardless of their racial and ideological views, they are the demographic foil of the rest of the Democratic electorate. Whether or not they know it yet, their future in the Democratic Party is about as bright as that of Jim Webb.

    94 percent of libertarians and more than 8-in-10 libertarian leaners are non-Hispanic Whites. Like the libertarians, Bernie’s progressive supporters are a minority faction of the White electorate. As the Democratic electorate becomes more non-White due to immigration, their influence over the party will decline faster than the electoral weight of White America as a whole.

    The future of the Democratic Party is Hillary Clinton’s “breaking down all the barriers” message, not Bernie’s old school class-based politics.”

    • Excellent article, Pat. Including the original Politico one linked in it. Despite being written from lib perspective.

      Bernie is right that the Dem system is rigged. It heavily favors black interests, but he’s too constrained to say so instead he focuses on things like Superdelegates.