TL Davis: How Can We Lose?

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The latest from TL.

There is no fate but what we make.

20 responses to “TL Davis: How Can We Lose?

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I know the solution to this shit, but my damnable Anglo-Saxon decency keeps me from using it. There is a hideous monster loose in this country, and no one is trying to kill it, because their upbringing has told them to do so is wrong. Means the parents of the monster indoctrinated the victims of their progeny to not resist it. Does anybody else get this?

  3. “Along the way I encountered many like issues that were identifiable by a few key indicators:1) whatever horrible wrong that needs to be remedied with law affects a minuscule minority; 2) it seems to be in general a good idea, sort of common sense and the need for this new law is vague and confusing; 3) there is a lot of money backing the passage of the new law, though it could not be coming from the few people it would affect.”

    As always Mr Davis is on point. A while back I ran into someone who was formerly a game warden in a small podunk section of a blue hive state. He had resigned after watching a “private contractor” cull almost the entire deer herd for that area. First they overestimated the herd, then they over did the cull. NVG, thermals + suppressed rifles were the tools used. The alleged reason for this cull? Lyme disease. Ya. When he saw what happened to the deer pop it pissed him off so he started digging around and followed bread crumbs back to the insurance industry in his home state, apparently they like funding deer kills in areas with expensive vehicles. Go figure. Oh and the venison was supposed to be donated to help the hungry and apparently fed some folks but not the right ones. We don’t have a political problem, we have a crime problem. The pols are mostly all criminals. Barnhardt is right.

  4. Sean, yes, I think a lot of us get this and are in the same position.

    Today’s set of articles work well together. The article about how Marxist revolutionaries never stop making revolution, and how they believe in cathartic violence, and localized violence leading to global change are very important. Mostly, we don’t think that way, but our enemies do.

    TL’s article is even better: he gets right to the hear of the issue:

    “The only path toward individual liberty is simple: those who value and truly understand the purpose and utility of liberty must impose it on the masses. We are past the ability to cajole or to appeal to the courts to defend those rights. The system is corrupt and has been turned against everything that it initially proposed.”

    The left’s solution to changing society into something they like when the majority of people don’t support them is the ‘revolutionary vanguard’, and the use of tactics such as those described. We have no analog on the right. In general violence is anathema to us, especially unprovoked violence. The libertarian Non Aggression Principle, for instance, is almost a pledge not to undertake vanguard type of actions.

    I started to understand these differences more clearly when I read Harold Convington’s “The Brigade”, one of a series of four or five fictional stories that describe the take over of the Pacific Northwest by an actual white supremacist & neo-Nazi cabal. While I find the obsessively racist philosophy of Covington distasteful and absurd, the book did show to me what a successful campaign to change the political system and society would really look like. It is not a pretty read, but it is enlightening.

    What you are left with is that it will require people with supreme belief in themselves and their cause, willingness to defy authorities and shamelessly dominate others. You can’t have a revolution, or even a rebellion, holding tightly to your precious NAP.

    And mostly I don’t think people on the right, at least this generation, can or will get there. Already in the Alt-right you see the younger generation (than TL and I at least) coming up are a lot less concerned about being rude and offensive, being called racist, establishing that they are “good” people and lots of other social conventions that older conservatives are bound by. That’s a good sign, but only a start.

  5. There will be blood
    There’s a documentary on Netflix called “the decent one”. It’s about himmler and how he was the “fix it guy”.
    Now before you sort me in with that idjit haxo hear me out: a war is coming boys. Not a police action or a nation building but a honest for goodness war like the ancients understood it. And it’s exactly what we want because there is no victory without it being such.
    Himmler wasn’t the martinet that biased history would have you believe. The little bastard was results based. So was Mao. And to give Fidel credit that prick led from the front and managed to stay alive with a superpower leaning on him over his back fence. Note and learn from them all.
    This isn’t going to be We Won The Election now the progs will dry up and blow away. One side or the other is going to have to the blowing away and if you’re going to even start you might as well do it right and do it all at once

    That what you’re thinking Sean?

  6. Does anyone hear watch “Person of Interest” on TV? The show is wrapping up and the good guy says (to the bad guy) “I’m going to kill you. But I need to decide how many of my own rules I’m going to break to get it done.”

  7. That’s only part of the solution though and if you don’t have the other part in play and working then all you are doing is setting it up for something worse to take over…The thing is if you take out those who are in control then you have an out of control populace who after enough of them has been slaughtered by the predators will be begging for some dictator to come and save them…We have all read and some have saw how all that played out…

  8. Steve Kristmann

    Jackson said:
    “….I started to understand these differences more clearly when I read Harold Convington’s “The Brigade”, one of a series of four or five fictional stories that describe the take over of the Pacific Northwest by an actual white supremacist & neo-Nazi cabal. While I find the obsessively racist philosophy of Covington distasteful and absurd, the book did show to me what a successful campaign to change the political system and society would really look like. It is not a pretty read, but it is enlightening…”

    A far better take on how to do this was created by Kenneth Royce
    in his novel, “Molon Labe!”

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  9. That is a great book…Problem is the state thing was tried and failed… Shit I’m having a hard enough time trying to bring people together to form even a Community let alone a whole state;)… Like I’ve said previously times just aren’t bad enough to get people off their asses and start doing something productive to increase freedom and a better environment for themselves and family…

  10. It is impossible, even oxymoronic, to impose liberty on others. Liberty is the absence of imposition.

    All you can do, is get it for yourself. If others want to be slaves, there is no way you can stop them.

  11. Jackson, LFMayor, yup, that’s what I’m thinking. I’ve lost my conscience about what I know is going to happen, and any guilt about it. What an aggravating, monstrous, underhanded, trick has been played on us. One begins to understand how pogroms and massacres get started and carried out.

  12. I enjoyed this read and the questions it raised. Thanks for the share.

  13. Grey Ghost

    Not that it matters much but ever since the seat belt law was passed… I don’t use the damn thing. Yeah it’s cost me some money to the thanks to their stormtrooper boys and girls in blue. Clearly this is the FASCIST Insurance companies and leviathan conspiring to steal more money from the dirt people in order to help the .gov and their bootlicking fascist companies.

    Sean, I think we ALL get it. If the vote counters put in Hitlery… I believe there will be a line crossed early in THAT regime that will lead to bloodshed, probably on a large scale, and some kind of breach of the Posse Comitatus Act by the .mil to support her communist fat ass. The transformation is complete and Hitlery is ordained to cement the massive leftist/progressive gains by the magic negro.

    The real issue is WHAT “line when crossed” will cause us ALL to say enough is enough and actually start fighting back in ways leviathan will be required to use their “overwhelming” force? And while I agree with Mosby on a lot of things… winning hearts and minds here in the USSA has already been won by the leftist and nothing you say will convert them to a liberty mindset. The brainwashing by is deep padawan.

    There is no keeping Lincoln’s “perpetual union” together as we are more divided than ever. We can either try to PEACEABLY secede from our LEFTIST enemies/RINO friends and maybe be forced into the cartridge box or we can just forget “starting over” via secession and go straight to the cartridge box. The ballot box is finished in this country so that only leaves the cartridge box or secession as possible remedies.

    If you have read “The Fourth Turning” by Strauss and Howe you know that we are in a fourth turning now and it won’t be over til 2028 or thereabouts. Events will build to a crescendo in about 5-8 years probably with a mass kill off of humans in some manner or another. Fun times if you are .gov and have all those billions spent on COG.

    Grey Ghost

  14. I read that also, but don’t remember it quite as well. I’ve read pretty much all the dystopian novels of secession.

    What made me think of The Brigade was this line for TL’s article: ” those who value and truly understand the purpose and utility of liberty must impose it on the masses.”

    This is outside-the-box thinking in the patriot movement. It actually violates the NAP and “rightful liberty” definitions. My recollection of Molon Labe was that most of the people in Wyoming (not all) were supporting the break away. In “The Brigade” it’s a small vanguard that forces the issue, very much in the manner that the other posting today about Marxist revolutionaries and how they work explained. Or like the left is successfully doing with events like Ferguson and Baltimore.

    No one else on the right has written about which goes at it from TL’s perspective of “imposing” what we desire on “the masses”.

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    The article is on the right track but ultimately misses the point – it’s not that the government thinks it knows better about our safety, it’s that the government has already expressly stated that it owns us. Suicide is a crime. Crimes are not wrongs against individuals, but wrongs against society. (Consider also that that means a rape, murder, or kidnapping does not wrong the victim, just “society” – i.e., the government.) Ergo, we are all government property, at least according to the State.

  16. Jimmy the Saint

    “One begins to understand how pogroms and massacres get started and carried out.”

    And odds are decent that a lot of us will get personal experience in the matter at some point. The only question is going to be from what perspective.

  17. Agreed on “the hearts and minds” thing. murkins don’t know what Freedom is and they don’t even care to find out. As long as their teevee and bag o chips are within distance. They love their laws and slave masters.. I quoted
    Jefferson today to a store clerk-“It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” she just looked at me and said “good luck with that”…

  18. As I watch, I get the distinct impression that Finch is the bad guy as well as Samaritan’s creators. The only really “good guy” are Finch’s cohorts, who represent the sheep, seeing but not understanding what they are seeing: that Samaritan is Dems and The Machine is GOP. Neither is going to do the Americans any good at all.

    Once the sheep awaken, though too late, they will attempt to right the evil they wrought.

    But then, I’ve been wrong before and whadda I know about plots and hidden meanings?

  19. Assume, for the sake of argument, that the interest of the masses IS in fact to profit from overcoming individual liberty. Absent the presumption that it is legitimate and necessary to violate individual liberty at some times for some purposes, how can they be organized to do so, and what prevents the intended victims from resisting with all needed force? But if that presumption – i.e. the State – does exist, what is to prevent the masses – or, more properly speaking, those who manipulate the masses – from not only subverting any ‘limits’ on the violation of individual liberty, but also suppressing – through both direct force and delegitimization – any attempt to resist such violation? The path towards individual liberty is not to “impose it on the masses” but to eliminate the only means by which the masses can overcome individual liberty: The State.

  20. Sean, of course some people get it. What you are calling Anglo-
    Saxon decency is really the result of Christianity at work in the modern world. The Christian virus of all people being equal is no longer working in the world, it has been weakening Europe for two thousand years and now has accelerated and handcuffed the West. You can’t drive out invaders because it is unchristian right? Give them all a break, even when it costs you your life. Yes Sean, some can see and describe the problem, it is just unpopular, especially with Patriots.

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