Partyzantski: Review Of ‘Goodbye Poland’

Goodbye Poland

Read the review, please.

Get the book here.

Do not be so smitten with your native soil that you die in defeat upon it.

Not that anyone in FUSA needs to contemplate such heresies.

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  1. From the review “just how lucky we are to be Americans”. My 55 years on this planet says 95% of Americans have no idea what this means.

  2. Facts are from the amazon blurb, I haven’t read the book yet.

    9,000 war hero soldiers are rewarded with their own farm homesteads in a borderland. Have 20 years to prep and buy guns and ammo, while being reminded of the need for defense by bandit raids, which they had to defend against themselves.

    Then these war hero soldiers were “rounded up”, “uprooted from their homes”, “put on cattle trucks”, and “forcibly deported”. How exactly did that work? Nobody saw Stalin’s army coming and said “retreat from your indefensible farms and reform elsewhere”, no, they just stayed home and hoped not to be noticed? Nobody saw Stalin’s army coming, because the 243,000 soldiers it would take to overwhelm 9,000 soldiers + wife + 15 year old boy arrived all in one day, distributed all over the borderlands 10 per house, overwhelming them; the army did not arrive along a few roads or railroads, which would give most of the settlers enough warning to enable attack or retreat? Nobody bought guns and ammo, instead they all snitched on each other so they could enforce gun control on themselves?

    Did this guy not start fighting until after the handcuffs were put on his own wrists?

  3. Not sure why this post is here. OUR .gov would never kill a citizen without due process, right? Or run a citizens car off the road and shoot him dead in a snow bank, right? Or kick a citizens door open in the middle of the night without prior notice and shoot them dead when they try to defend themselves, right? None of that shit is possible in OUR country, right?

  4. Hmmm, well the linked review seems to be more survival than the amazon reviews; but I agree with this, “Do not be so smitten with your native soil that you die in defeat upon it.” Given the projected demographics of fusa, even the “great state of texas” should be another democrat ruled basketcase state in 10 years. The upper Midwest and new Hampshire are going to be about the last places to live for any place that still acts like America and ths usa follows England’s pattern of an empire into a socialist hellhole.

  5. If you have kindle unlimited, you can read it free of charge….

  6. good find; added to my kindle. Here are some other first hand accounts/survival epics of the communist massacres in and deportations from eastern Poland during 1939-41; first 3 are by Katyn Forest survivors, most of whom (448 out of 15,000 in the three main camps) were – according to the Jewish medical officer Slowes – Jewish officers picked out and spared by the (mostly Jewish) NKVD killers on the basis of ethnic consanguinity:

    Slowes, Solomon: THE ROAD TO KATYN

    Meynarski, Bronislaw: THE 79th SURVIVOR

    Komorowski, Eugenjusz: NIGHT NEVER ENDING



    Hautzig, Esther: THE ENDLESS STEPPE

    Kapuscinski, Ryszard: IMPERIUM

    Herling, Gustav: A WORLD APART

    Rawicz, Savomir: THE LONG WALK



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