Buppert Sends


Via Twitter.

Don’t forget a boatload of ammo and no < five mags per piece.

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  1. outlawpatriot

    Five? You’re kiddin’, right? 😉

      • Lost Patrol

        Minimum for a handgun is 7 magazines. Why? One should rotate out magazines on a regular basis. A minimum of 2 spares on their body at any given time. Rotation requires 6 mags in this scenario. The 7th is for the one you loose or break. It’s a start. This is when the pistol is your backup to your primary weapon (rifle shotgun etc). If the pistol is your primary weapon you will want to double that number at minimum.

  2. ALCON,

    They’re still counting the bodies from the latest Muslim attack on fUSA soil and the Muslim-in-Chief, along with Crooked Hillary and felllow Marxist Sanders are already attacking firearm ownership. It is not the ideology of Muslims. It is not the Muslim scum commiting the murders. Oh no….American values, the right to defend oneself tnrough firearms ownership, that in the minds of the Marxists, will be the problem is the problem.

    Whether part of a training team of citizens or a Militia of One….train as best you can. The dung is getting ever closer to hitting that fan. More than ever, we are truly in deep trouble from sea to shining sea.

    We ain’t seen nothing yet.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Looks like another one got stopped in El Lay today, too. Same target demographic as the Orlando attack.

  3. Armalite-15 mags, I have so many I can’t begin to count them. Of those that were GI issue with green or black followers, they now wear MAGPUL yellow, anti-tilt folllowers. Of my pistols I try to have a minimum of six mags per pistol. The problem for me are too many pistols (9mm & .45 ACP) of various brands and models. Methinks it is time to start thinning the pistol herd. Settle on one model and sell the others. Problem is, they’re all great pistols.

    • Nothing wrong with attempting to align with an AO or group standards, but I really do feel that there are any number of pistols that one may run across in hard times, so best to have a wide variety of the most popular makes and models as well as calibers.

      • Free guns will be plentiful soon but worthless unless you have the ammo.
        Stock a few boxes each of the 10 most common calibers, not including the stuff you already have.


      Hang on to them, Dan. In another few months, they will be worth a lot more as more sheeple wake up and need them.

  4. “Don’t forget a boatload of ammo and no < fifty mags per piece."

    There, fixed it.
    No charge for the editing. This time.

  5. Two or three each of the pistols you shoot the best.

    Spares and parts may be in short supply.

  6. Dan,would keep the firearms,also,any good friends with tight funds perhaps deserving of some training/a loan in tight times?I say the more true friends/family one has that are armed,the better off we all are.

  7. If your shooting a 1911 style pistol and in the market for mags, consider the 10 round CMC super spring mags. Not cheap at 25.00 a pop, however I’ve never had a stoppage with one, carried a 1911 for the better part of 35 years now. Used these mags for ten twelve years now.

    Thanks you all for the reminder. I try and purchase 10 new mags per year for the 1911s, hadn’t gotten to it this year.

    On another note. Recently transitioned to the magpul AK mags. Have had great luck with the m4 mags over the years, so about a year ago started to do the AK mags. Roughly 900/1000 rounds thru these with zero stoppages.

    At 11.00 a pop, no reason to not have 10/15 on hand per rifle.


  8. Dirk,really like the gen2 Magpuls and can usually be found on net for 10 under a 100 with shipping you search a bit.I like the Wilson .45 mag but does not have the 10 count the ones you mention do,will give em a look.