Badthink: That Wasn’t Much Of A Surprise


Doubleplusungood hatespeech.

Minipax has been notified.

Cui bono?

17 responses to “Badthink: That Wasn’t Much Of A Surprise

  1. 50 dead in Orland-o. Can someone set that to music?

  2. Useful idiots, period.

  3. Looking at the background placard that says “People Need Decent Pensions”. I know 50 that don’t. Total freakin’ disconnect. I swear.

  4. They are not only perverts, they are mentally ill!


  5. Great comment from the link; a bit of black humor…
    Omar walks into a gay bar.
    Bartender says, what’ll it be?
    Omar says, shots for everyone!

  6. When you perpetually demonstrate that you are a victim, and whine until you get your way, and at the center of this, go full tilt against G*d as much as possible, don’t be surprised when He abandons you to your fate. G*d is not mocked. As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

  7. Useful idiots? For sure. But don’t for a second believe that the Orlando massacre was primarily about homosexuality. ISIS is the enemy. And the US gov. created it.

  8. The disconnect from reality is astonishing. Mental illness causing confusion regarding gender and how they interact with others, of the same and the opposite sex. The inability to understand that there are those who do not have tolerance for their abomination, and will kill them for it. Aided and abetted by a media that listens to their whiny, plaintive cries of mistreatment – and a .gov that fully intends to make 97% of the country uncomfortable so the LGBT “community” is comfortable.
    This downward spiral and all its ancillary agenda items will continue until we say ‘no’.
    And because we have been tolerant for so long, the push back – by necessity – must be loud, and… sadly, violent. And I’m still not getting any younger…

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  10. Gazing at the picture of these children in adult bodies for extended periods, leads to projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea.
    They don’t get dressed,they don costumes. Look at me! Look at me! Am I not unique and wonderful? No…you are a retarded,self-centered douche canoe.
    Immature victims of their own making. Useless human waste.

  11. Mr. Rational

    NB, it’s “cui bono”, not “qui bono”.


    “…It’s fun to stay at the YYYYY-M-C-A!” Sorry, guys and girls. I just could not resist.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. walter grumpius

    Just so you know, (I really admire folks like you, I just want you to avoid embarrassment), the actual Latin phrase is not “qui bono?” which is grammatically meaningless. The correct phrase is “cui bono?” (viz., to whom goes the benefit?”)

    Just so you don’t get laughed at, which you don’t deserve.