Bracken: Help Needed For Patriot On ISIS Kill List


Matt sends:

Ed Cline is an Air Force veteran, a prolific author [Edward Cline – Wikipedia], essayist and counter-jihadist who was recently informed by the FBI that he is an ISIS kill list. He, in turn, informed his landlord out of general consideration, and he was then promptly told that he would be evicted from his apartment building in Virginia, for the danger that his presence might bring to the other residents. This demand by his lily-livered landlord will not be rescinded, and now Ed has decided, like Davy Crockett, to up-stakes and light out to Texas. Ed is not a youngster; he was born in Pennsylvania in 1946, and the forced move is coming at a difficult time financially.

I think that at times like this, we need to pull together, and help a fellow patriot get through a rough patch. Here is how Ed described his predicament:

“On May 18th, I was visited by the FBI/NCIS and told by the agent that my blog site, Rule of Reason, and I were on the ISIS radar, but that I was in no imminent danger of attack. The chances were minimal to nil.

Nevertheless, after I informed my landlord of this as a matter of courtesy, the landlord chose instead to evict me from my apartment, claiming, quite irrationally, that my presence posed a “risk” to the safety of all the other tenants. So I had to go. The landlord said I had to be out of the apartment by July 1st, relented and changed the date to July 31st, and then reneged on that and repeated the June 19th date. There was no arguing with the landlord, as her mind was completely closed to reason. I am definitely moving — to Texas — as [Virginia]’s landlord/tenant laws favor the landlord, who doesn’t even need to give a reason (which is not cited in her three eviction notices). She in effect was acting like a proxy ISIS agent, throwing me under the bus for the most ludicrous of reasons. My safety and well-being were of no concern to her. In conversations with her, she didn’t like either my characterization of Muslim women as “brood mares” (there are Muslims living on the development property).

Daniel Greenfield wrote a wonderful defense of me on Front Page (“What Happened to One Air Force Veteran Threatened by ISIS”) and two radio talk shows expressed an interest in my situation. As Greenfield remarks, ISIS doesn’t need to “target” me for violence; the landlord has done it for them.”

A friend of his established a Go Fund Me page for his expenses, called “Patriot on The Homeless Brink”. Click here to support Patriot on the Homeless Brink.

A more complete description of Ed’s dire situation and predicament can be found here at Gates of Vienna under the title “ISIS Will ‘Kill You Strongly’.”

Let’s all throw a few bucks towards Ed Cline’s relocation expenses – what do you say?

There is also a post office box [details to follow] for those who prefer to mail checks or other paper assets.

Matt Bracken

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  1. Well, it certainly is comforting that active duty military and veterans, especially those with clearances, have their personal info stored on .gov servers repeatedly hacked and “compromised”. Happens so “unexpectedly” you’d almost think it was deliberate.

    Or something.

    • <—-this
      I had occasion to overhear two vets discussing Va treatment the other day. Dude had 2 TBI's, n has also been "diagnosed with PTSD". He's treated like a criminal not a vet. Fcking disgusting. Before anyone says it, I don't for a second believe the horse shit these guys were told to motivate them to go to the sandboxes. But I do recognize that most muricans dont give a shit about them after they were willing to put their lives on the line. Fuck you commie motherfuckers who are doing this to vets. Ya a lot of them are fcked up, you would be too.

      But pause and ask who benefits from painting them all as loons and taking their guns?

    • Yep! Indeed! Veddy interesting that! All part of insuring that no witnesses remain? Great plausible deniability in this eh? It’s happened to both of us three times so far. Every time hubbys working on a gummint contract! Nah! It couldnt possibly be intentional, could it? Smh.

  2. Marlo Stanfield

    Consider getting an IED Jammer. Remote starter for vehicle. Proper dog. Sounds like he needs a few “Nephews” to hang out…         From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Monday, June 13, 2016 1:01 AM Subject: [New post] Bracken: Help Needed For Patriot On ISIS Kill List   #yiv7273481954 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv7273481954 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv7273481954 a.yiv7273481954primaryactionlink:link, #yiv7273481954 a.yiv7273481954primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv7273481954 a.yiv7273481954primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv7273481954 a.yiv7273481954primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv7273481954 | Concerned American posted: “Ed Cline is an Air Force veteran, a prolific author [Edward Cline – Wikipedia], essayist and counter-jihadist who was recently informed by the FBI that he is an ISIS kill list. He, in turn, informed his landlord out of general consideration, and he w” | |

  3. done. Thanks to Bracken for notifying us of this situation

  4. Interesting that less than 20 minutes ago I was reading an article on ZH by Paul Craig Roberts. He was noting the frustration of telling the truth to Americans as they’re so deeply invested in the false reality narrative that is America today.
    Post the man’s PO Box when you get it. I don’t do plastic.

    • Bill Harzia

      @ Crusty O’Gill – I was in a roadside hamburger stand / fruit and veggie market when I first heard about the Orlando shooting. I remarked to my wife that 90% of the people in there weren’t even looking at a TV in the dining area that had the story on.

      I’ll be DAMNED if I’ll risk my life for the likes of those TOTs (“tuned out twats”).

  5. Virgil Kane

    Is that legal? If he was a black female he would be owning the apartment complex.

  6. ambiguousfrog

    Is this by design? .gov and its proxy army will do all the dirty work of cleaning up all those who are apposed to the path to the NWO. “They had it coming, they criticized the religion of peace or prophet Mo.” What a way to rid the opposition without having fingerprints on it. It’s getting real. And when Barry and Hill say the most recent attack was about hate, it sounds like they put the bulls-eye on DJT or if you’re against dudes in your daughter’s restroom. Sounds like hate. Whenever these things occur now, they protect Islam by saying the person(s) had connections to Isis (or was radicalized) as if they’re separate from the true Islam. “Real Islam wouldn’t do this” we’re told. We’re being had big time. Any time there’s a future attack the individual(s) will be associated with the mis-understanders of Islam, not true Islam. Don’t our friends in Saudi Arabia kill homosexuals like this on a daily basis?

  7. Identify the landlady please. Give her name and the address of the apartment complex so that none of us will ever accidentally do business with her or live in her apartment building (and I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with this result too).

    • Roland Deschain

      Exactly, they would be doing good public service. I would even bet this particular landlord would be more than willing to take in a boat load of “refugees”. The gov would never be late with the rent.

    • Contact Lawson Enterprises, Inc
      Office Hours:
      Monday – Friday
      8:00 am – 4:30 pm
      24 Hour Maintenance: 757.229.6047
      1310 Garrison Drive
      Williamsburg, VA 23185
      Phone: 757.229.6047
      Fax: 757.229.6057

  8. Never tell the landlord sh*t.


    • “Never tell the landlord sh*t.


      I agree that it was not the wisest move to tell the landlord, but I believe that he was trying to do the honorable thing.

      No matter, what’s done is done. I believe this was God’s way of prompting him to move someplace where he can be with others who are more in line with his views and beliefs.

      Just donated to his Gofundme campaign to help make that possible.

      And thank you, Mr. Bracken, for bringing this to our attention.

  9. See you in TX Ed

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Contact Lawson Enterprises, Inc.
    1310 Garrison Drive
    Williamsburg, VA 23185
    Phone: 757.229.6047
    Fax: 757.229.6057
    24 Hour Maintenance: 757.229.6047

  12. Wow! I betcha the Ptb Didnt expect this kind of spontaneous unit integrity taking over so swiftly! Bravo! Agree with most all of the posts. There are no coincidences.

  13. Just Donated! We are with you Ed!

  14. If Ed needs an immediate temporary landing spot en route, or perhaps needs a temporary residence prior to settling in Tx., I am practically on the way,as I live in southeastern Colorado, where open carry is also supported. My husband and I have a 5 acre farmstead, about an hour east of Pueblo. He is former SF r and from 03-2012, worked as an outside the wire contractor in iraq, quatar,KSA, Afghanistan,and Senegal. He is currently workjng in Tai pei. Meanwhile, we have a couple of spare rooms with secure wi fi, and as many fresh duck eggs and goats milk as you can stand! Lol I’m in the proces of turning the main farmhouse into a B&B. Since Im not established as a business yet, you’d simply be a guest of ours. Our geo physical vulnerability in the rural areas is isolation and breakdown or absence of networks. Pleas know we would be honored to help you in any way that we can! Nil desperendum.

  15. The link for Ed Cline’s Go Fund Me account is:

  16. Thank you, Mr. Bracken for helping Ed by posting it here.