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More strife to come amongst the protected classes.


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  1. whirlwinder

    Worst shooting in American history was on Sept. 11, 1857 when the Mormons slaughtered 110 men, women and children above age 4 in cold blood at point blank range. Google Mountain Meadows Massacre and the Fancher Wagon Train. An excellent source book is William Wise reprint titled
    Mountain Meadows Massacre.

    • More killed at Wounded Knee…150+ immediately, with another 35 to 37 succumbing to wounds later. 25 soldiers also died, but at least 20 received the Medal of Honor — out government was proud of their slaughter…

  2. Lets not forget Waco

    • Both times.

    • Mark Matis

      They merely burned most of them to death there.

      Happiness is dead pigs.

    • Jeffery in Alabama

      Unlike Mountain Meadows and “the Knee”, the Lower Creeks were armed and had the option of retreating at the Battle of Horeshoe Bend in 1814. Still, the slaughter is classified as a battle. The numbers were very “lopsided”. After the smoke cleared and the sun set. there were 857 Lower Creek Indians killed vs. 47 U.S. Army soldiers and another 23 of their Cherokee allies (later betrayed by Jackson) killed in the actions that took place on March 27th, 1814 near present day Dadeville, Alabama. This was the largest number of native Americans killed in a single engagement in the history of the U.S.
      This “engagement” was part of a retaliatory campaign led by Andrew Jackson against the Lower Creek Indians for the massacre carried out by them at Ft. Mims, Alabama where 265 militia were either killed or captured along with an additional 252 civilians killed/captured. The media really has no idea what the term massacre means.

      • FrozenPatriot

        The gubment slaughter is considered a battle because the winners always write the history books and get to control the nerrative.

      • But, you know, they weren’t really Americans. They was Injuns, you know … savages! (sarc)

    • “Lets not forget Waco”

      More than 1/3 of the Davidians who died were black. * If Waco had happened today, do you think the #OnlyBlackLivesMatter crowd and their supporters would have condemned this act of police brutality at the risk of having their NPR tote-bag privileges revoked? Or would they and their toadies still lick the government boot as they did back then?

      * Not “African-American” because most of them were British. See also the appendix in the back of David Kopel’s book “No More Wacos”.

    • LeVoy Finnicum and Randy Weaver’s wife where unavailable for comment.
      Funny how those two are connected to the same two things, even though separated by decades. An FBI hit squad, and the corrupt interests of the Clinton crime syndicate.

      Then there is the sticky matter of Oklahoma City bombing. Anyone aware the Murah Building was the depository for all of the dead tree documentation at the time of the bombing, regarding investigations into all of the Clintons corruption? Not only that, how the Clinton’s despised the organized Militia’s, vowed to destroy those militia’s, and it all fits the pattern of death the Clinton’s have left in their wake. Oklahoma was a match made in hell. Killed a lot of birds with one truck bomb. The leverage they gained over those who colluded in that bombing has metasizied into a faustian bargain that will destroy this Republic.
      Think about it, all who where involved in covering up Oklahoma City. From those involved in the federal set up operation finding a gullible politically suitable “bomber”, to the team that entered the building securing documentation not destroyed, before allowing rescuers to assist the victims, to the FBI torturing and execution of American’s who knew to much, to the media who had their marching orders and bullshitted an entire narrative, just like both Waco’s, the further collusion of the usual psychopath red diaper babies, Holder, Napalitino, Reno etc in the DOJ and FBI, who all and more pop up in every Clinton scandal, from White Water to Fast & Furious, to emails to Benghazi, and the trail of bodies is mind blowing.
      So Orlando, is the largest mass murder?
      Not even close.
      Not even close, because if that fucking psychopath with a vagina is installed as Dicklesstater of the un-united states, blood is going to run in rivers, that swamp thing norn will have revenge upon every scorn, every slight, every act of defiance against her will. And she will organize and fund a federal hit squad for the specific purpose of disarming every man woman and child. This is a truly demented psychopath we are looking at, a Pol Pot, Edi Amine, and Joseph Stalin dressed in a pants suit. If you can murder and have others execute people like this crazy bitch has, in simple terms, what difference does it make?…to murder thousand, maybe millions more.
      Never forget when trying to game out whats going down, there are no unrelated, innocently convenient circumstances. It has gone on too long, everything is connected involving the scum running things, everything is part of agenda or consequences of that agenda. The only uncorrupted naturally benign and inherently honest thing remaining within the borders of this Republic are the dirt people. Laugh and scoff all you want at that statement, you trolls and agent provocateurs, you resistance is futile idiots, your a stupid fuck if you do, because your scoffing at the makings of your own dirt nap if you don’t wake up. They are coming for us dirt people. They won’t be particularly picky either. It is fear and the effects of fear of force and use of violence they want, a trail of dead dirt people is like spice on a tyranny cassarole. It is what tyrants do. Us dirt people are all that stands in their way, the dirt people is all that has ever stood in the way of tyrants. Tyrants know this truth to the bone.
      Obamagotterung are the good old days.

    • I visited the site of the slaughter just before the 20th aniversary. Eerie to say the least.

      • Point taken but you miss the point of the left. They are STILL after the guns! The media, of course complicit, are talking about the largest mass murder perpetuated by a shooter using a gun, not a bomb. A small but important distinction that most stupid people won’t make.

  3. there was no “America” when the population consisted of invasive Asiatic tribes running around naked, shooting arrows at each other, and living in holes in the ground covered with animal skins. America was created by White invasives who subdued the Asiatics and hacked a nation out of a howling wilderness. Whites are the Native Americans. Now being destroyed by Black, mestizo, Yellow, and Muslim invasives across borders taken down by a shabbatz goy political class debt-bombed and bribed into submission by Tikkun Olam (((eskimos))) and their Central Bank-based financial rackets

    • Modern American diversity: an ethnic Afghan Muslim kills mostly Latinos and blacks in a gay bar while lower class neo-nazis blame the Jews and upper class whites call for more surveillance and gun restrictions on everyone.

    • now, i completely agree that the immigrants coming in and having come in for 50 years were a mess for the country and shifted it leftward forever, but if defense of minorities, blacks were known to be decent citizens in new york and many held office in the south 150 years ago. liberalism messed up the whole freaking country.

    • Grenadier1

      Your delusions know no bounds.

      • outlawpatriot

        For sure, I think the dude is whacked. He could make a weather report into some Jewish conspiracy. But he is right in one regard. America came into being because of a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant Christian culture. The fucking Indians contributed nothing and weren’t Americans. They were an aboriginal people. I’ll not elaborate further here on my opinion of them. I will tell you though that I spent about a year of study on the subject and there is good and bad.

        Sometimes wisdom does come out of the mouths of fools. 😉

    • Now Haxo, don’t mince words…

    • Ummm, still can’t get that little piece of lint out of your belly button heh?

  4. Camacho2016

    If you want something sombering and depressing, go visit Wounded Knee.

    It’s a really pretty drive coming down from Wall, SD or Badlands. But as you approach the markers in that valley it starts to set in on you. You read the big marker at the bottom of the hill. You look around at a number of local Indians who make items to sell to tourists-which is likely a chief source of income for them. 100+ years later, this is still one of the poorest areas in the United States.

    Walk up the big hill towards the church and the cemetery out front. A long, narrow fenced in area marks the final resting place of Big Foot and his band. Remember as well that these Sioux were leaving the Standing Rock reservation where their hero Sitting Bull had just been killed by Agency police as they were arresting him.

    The big Hotchkiss guns that were used sat right there on the hill where you’re now standing. Start reading some names and just remember that the story of this particular massacre begins on that day wth the order to disarm the Indians and to do so inside a ring of firing lanes.

    Then when you’ve taken in the whole sad, depressing experience and surveyed the whole panorama, remember this; Your government did this to them with the approval of The People. They will do it again. And this time, they’ll do it to you.

    • Matt Bracken

      Thank you for your valuable contribution. Yes, it was a gun control/disarmament operation. And most of the soldiers killed might have been the result of “friendly fire” by the Hotchkiss guns.


        It is my understanding from what I have read about Wounded Knee, that most of the soldiers had fortified themselves with large doses of liquid courage. We’ll have to wait and see how any of their drunken, cowardly ORC descendants act when their “fellow citizens” shoot back.

    • Jeffery in Alabama

      I have been there. It is just as you described as is the government.

    • Let’s not forget the brave Union soldiers victory at Sand Creek. They cut off the women’s vulvas for hat bands, the men’s ball sacks for tobacco pouches, cut out unborn babies and used the older kids for target practice. Such a brave and honorable tradition our government has.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Oh come on now, the US has always carried the high moral ground, making the world safe for democracy, and free from propaganda, except that which the US spins.

  5. Played?
    Look at the vic photos. No really, look and think hard. Cui Bono.

    This whole shit show will end when someone detonates a nuke in a populated city. It will happen, they need a larger distraction because the smaller ones are losing their potency.

    • i doubt that happens unless its in israel, the muzzies must be starting to figure out they are going to own all of europe pretty soon and if hillary wins; the usa is there for the taking.

    • Tom, I see men and women in their prime physically. They could have taken the shooter down. And of course they were unarmed.

      Stewart Rhodes is right about the real lesson of Orlando. They did not die because they were homosexual. They died because they were unarmed.

    • Grey Ghost

      Tom, I agree, I think a backpack nuke is a possibility by someone. Maybe even some jihadi suicide truck bombs in high population gun free zones which the intel leviathan won’t be able to stop or they may even be complicit in the op.

      Breitbart is reporting the CONservative Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is open to gun control after Orlando. So is there ANYTHING the CONservatives won’t do to help Obama?

      Grey Ghost

  6. The crying Indian is Iron Eyes Cody,born Espera DeCorti.A second generation Italian American,he was no more real than the concern expressed by the current inhabitant of the White House regarding the actions of his co-religionists.

  7. Virgil Kane

    How many Southern Americans did Lincoln have killed?

  8. All of the above pails in comparison with issues related to places like Viet Nam et al (and for the possible blow back, I spent the better part(s) of 1967 thru 1970 there with the USMC). Never underestimate the power of the press/propaganda machine to turn a (really) bad situation into something glorious (or at the least to just make it go away). Just saying that the smart folks out there know when they are being lied to – most of the others do not have a clue.

  9. tangotango-03

    Just the other night I listened to 2 old times rag chewing on (3890 mhz IIRC), saying no one needs a gun, they never had use for a gun and you only need a gun if you put yourself in that situation. Then it’s more likely you need the firearm for someone else’s benefit. I chimed in that sometime last year some folks were killed by a psycho while they were at church, is that one of those situations? He said that’s the only one I could think of to use (Charleston, SC). So I said well how about a Christmas dinner in Santa Barbara? Or while in class at the high school or University? Or working at the Navy Yard? Stupid old timer said that open carry means a shooter is going to take me out first before everyone else. I told him I accept that fate, I swore an oath to protect my tribe and family and If I die providing covering fire for them to effect an escape or so my XYL can retrieve her sidearm SO FUCKING BE IT. I choose to fight and die on my feet, not on my knees begging for my life cowering in a corner…Fuck that! Stupid old fuck didn’t answer back on that. I believe his QRZed page said he lived in Oklahoma.

  10. The crying Indian was actually NOT Native American, he was of Italian descent.

  11. Seems we are mixing the term massacre and shooting. If it be a shooting, several have already identified better candidates for title. But if we are not worried about means, the more expansive term massacre, then I put forth that the 9/11 towers assault by plane tops them all.

  12. William Wilson

    Whirlwinder: Mormons work with the JOG. The actors in the Cliven Bundy and Malheur “standoff” are Mormons.

    Haxo: hear hear!

  13. Uncle Larry

    Chief Little Turtle pulled off a pretty good massacre of irregular militia, back in the day. Over 600 killed.

  14. I believe that pic is Iron Eyes Cody, a fake Indian. He was actually of Italian descent. There’s another famous fake Indian from Canada, can’t remember the name, but he was actually British and born in England. Johnny Cash also for much of his life believed he was part Indian, until family research showed he was of all Scottish descent.Then there’s the recent phenomenon, with Indian Princess Warren.

    I guess some people are just desperate to be anything other than white.

    • Virgil Kane

      Archie Gray Owl?

      Cash just took too many pills. I’m sure there were a few times he thought he was an astronaut.

    • and then there’s Shania Twaine. These fake indians are everywhere. When (((eskimos))) rule, victimization [(((holocaust)))]- fake or otherwise – confers group entitlement. The number of Republiscams sucking sodomite dick at the moment is amazing. The GOPe has found a GE it can lurve

  15. And the Sand Creek Massacre –

  16. decent neighbors

    You want piss koran?
    There you go, you got piss koran.

  17. LBGT ?
    Liquor – Bacon -Guns – Tits

  18. I saw this on Drudge yesterday.

    “…including publishing a kill list with the names of at least 600 Florida residents on it.”

    Let’s see…Who lives in FL?

    Get rid of the corrupt cops who serve and protect everyone but good folks, and Americans can start the clean-up effort. If you’re a cop, you’re a cowardly evil bastard- serving pure evil… and YOU know it.

  19. The Walkin' Dude
  20. From the Peoples Republic of Vt comes this Gem (from allegedly R governor):

    Shumlin went even further.

    “I support a 50 state solution, if it ends this kind of madness. If it means, you know, taking assault weapons from Americans and not selling them, I think that’s sensible,” he said.


    • Funny enough, I support a 50 state solution too, it ends this kind of madness. Probably not a solution that would be palatable to the left, but hey it does say all enemies foreign and domestic. Take the semi-autos, be my guest. After the week or two there’s going to be a real market for crew served and indirect fire weapons. If you can’t keep tons of coke, and hundreds of thousands of people streaming across the border, what makes anyone think the boys down south won’t bring across the newest and most profitable banned substance. This shit will go from 0-100 real fast, and I anticipate the floodgates opening in terms of weaponry.

    • swan832013

      Shumlin can try…


    • Molon Labe, mother fuckers.

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

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  22. Marlo Stanfield

    Their biblical name is Gad. One of the twelve tribes of Israel. Seminoles Indians are Reuben. The word Indian means slave. Most of the so called blacks are Judah. The Mexicans are Issachar.  

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    I just found out something. I was killing time while driving to pick up some Idaho soul food(finger steaks and tater tots) when the Useful Idiot Glenn Beck announced ISIS has a kill list with 8,000 names on it.
    He then went on to say the names on the list are not the most obvious political hacks, but common Amerikans, such as judges, educators, bankers, LEOS, etc. When he and his minions allegedly queried the FEDGOV about the list, the ORCS would neither “confirm nor deny” such a list. They did tell him and his lickspittle minions that the list, if it existed, could not be released. It would start a panic. You might shoot the Haji who lives down the street.
    Now, since ISIS is allegedly a CIA creation. And, some Muslim mook thousands of miles away would not know me(assuming I’m on that list) from Adam’s Off Ox; who, pray tell, is feeding these “Radical Islamic Terrorists” the information to put on this “alleged” hit list? What a very convenient way to get rid of annoying, truth-revealing bloggers, FOIA applicants, Trump supporters, anti-refugee patriots, Second Amendment advocates, and others who are the flies in the NWO ointment. Track their movements and use some whacked-out MKULTRA-Muzzie who just happens to know how to handle an AR or AK with a Glock back, to off them. Collateral damage be damned.
    I sure hope I am wrong about this. We must, however, remember the old saying: Just Because You’re Paranoid, Doesn’t Mean People Aren’t Out To Get You.

  24. 1890. Sounds like the US of A existed as a country when Wounded Knee happened despite what some here contend. And whether citizens by whatever definition you care to use, the Native Americans were on a reservation provided by government promises, heh, which of course meant little. Of course, greed by various interests over gold deposits meant the Indians were in the way and had to be disposed of. So just what is it with you hate mongers who think it was such a great achievement of the white man to come to a new land, claim it as his, and begin the genocide of the locals because they were in the way? That is the history of many countries and imperialism in the search for wealth in the name of trade, king and glory. Look at the hotspots in the world and many are still suffering the ravages of the French, the Dutch, the Portuguese, etc.

    I am American. I love America. But I am not blinded to some of the more egregious acts of history that have been committed mostly in the name of wealth building in the name of unknown parties. Just like our troops today who die and suffer for a cause in the ME. Whose war is this? Well, follow the money!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      “Whose war is this? Well, follow the money!”
      Haxo’s right though. Follow the money, and then look at who you’re not allowed to criticize, both lead to the same place, the Eskimos!