On Orlando

Bracken sends:

Listen to this audio [starting at 00:16]. He went straight to rapid fire semi auto, but the SWAT team waited 3 hours. Whoever held the police back for three hours is responsible for the deaths of anybody killed after the first responders arrived, and any victims who bled to death.


See also Schindler:

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    Once again, NEVER interrupt your enemies when they are busy destroying one another.

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    This is Islam in action. This is Open Borders in action bringing Islam home to us. This is the stated policy of (R) and (D): bring them over here, because they can’t attack us from over there, and they can’t get here on their own.

  3. I heard that when they were “negotiating” with him he continued to kill people.

    • Q: At the rate, resources and money expended by the armed badged leg breakers aka the FBI and “Homeland” Security for rounding up Ranchers, their fellow patriots, and executing American’s like LeVoy Finnicum, what is the difference between Syria, Iraq, Libya and the United States?
      A: About one year.
      Which brings one to the reality of what is really going down, in which there are only three basic concepts you need to know regarding islamic proxies the scum oligarchy are importing to do their dirty work: submit, die, or, the only good musloid is a dead musloid.
      Yumaris aljin mae allah.

  4. lots of smoke n mirrors everywhere these days. The bad guys will be the ones shooting at you. Lots of squirllly video again with folks who seem to have a hard time “acting” as we would expect them to in this instance. Masthead on target, qui bono indeed. Does this help or hurt Hilarity’s campaign? Does this help or hurt Obamas agenda? Does this help or hurt the MIC’s budget requests and playtime in sandboxes (including now ours)?

  5. Heroes.

    Did ya’ll notice one of the heroes wearing a “punisher” head band in the uk news article yesterday?


    • Stewed,

      Yep, I noticed the headband myself. As you know the badged thugs of today are much different from the Peace Officers we once had in this country. Today, the LEOs as they love to describe themselves are all about enforcing the diktats of the government. They lie, cheat, and murder those they purport to serve.

      I’m certain you’re not surprised by the tough guy with the badge, guns we can’t have and the Punisher rag on his pumpkin. He’s an enforcer for the ruling elites. Fuck him and his ilk !

      There. Are. No. Good. LEOs.

  6. “…but the SWAT team waited 3 hours.”

    My thoughts exactly when I heard it yesterday morning. Maximize the carnage, minimize the threat to themselves. They did the same thing at Columbine.

    “But he had Hostages!” Yeah and he had already murdered a bunch of people hadn’t he?

    • they have no issues flash banging baby cribs and all but when it comes tile to put those fancy 5.11 pants and team wendy helmets to the test they do nothing.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It’s not like the Russians went storming in at Beslan or the theater in Moscow. The French waited in Paris, and the SAS waited in London back when.

      Like it or not, in any terror/mass shooter scenario, you’re almost certainly going to be left to your own devices for a goodly while. Ultimately, you’re an expendable line-item. At worst, they’ll have to cut your relatives a check and look properly sorrowful on tv.

      • “the SAS waited in London back when.”

        The SAS was not in charge, the transfer of authority had to happen from the civil authority to the military. When a hostage was murdered, that transfer of authority happened RFN! The SAS took the terrorists down immediately.

        Cops are NOT soldiers. Do not compare the two.

  7. Three hours… One armed citizen could have made such a difference. Americans already have plenty of gun owners. What America really needs are more Armed Citizens.

    • Yup. But libtards (lettuce guacamole bacon tomato) and all their ilk don’t “believe in guns”, nor do they “believe in violence”.

      Heh, it just came, killed you and you were un- prepared. You were in lala land.

      Ann B is the antithesis of the Frankfurt school – and I like it.

    • Armed…

      The place was full of weapons.

      Bottles. Glassware. Chairs or stools of some kind.

      And a bucha fudgepackin wussies crawling to nonexistent “safe spaces”, avoiding conflict, not “sinking to [the shooter’s] level”, or some other liberal response which was, in this instance, immediately (rather than eventually) fatal.

      If I’d been the shooter, just five shrieking faggots throwing crap at me would make me rethink my priorities. Maybe I’m unusual that way. We’ll never know.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Diane Dina/13June16@11:29,

      If you want to start some very revealing trouble, mention Pink Pistols as an addendum to your original thought.

  8. Grenadier1

    Police these days are trained and mentally queued to deal with unwitting targets. Even the SWAT team is building all of their training on the idea of overwhelming a disoriented bad guy where they have the total element of surprise. They have to set up containment of the location. Establish “control” and deal with the rush of casualties BEFORE they will begin to plan and focus on the inside of the location and what might they do to effect that situation. Paris and Orlando prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you are in a crowd in a fairly confined space then you are vulnerable to an attack and when that attack comes you are completely on your own to its resolution.
    While its easy to dismiss both of those attacks by saying “I would never be in a club or a concert, so I dont have to worry about that” you would be fooling yourself.
    The terrorists are smart people. They know the PR game better than people give them credit for. The next time it will be a Walmart on a prime shopping day.

  9. It would seem that DTW’s advice was being followed… 3 Hours? What hell were they doing? Flying in the HRT assassins?

  10. Matt, in law enforcement, it’s common for the least prepared to actually lead these SWAT teams. First the SWAT team need to respond to the station, put their cool guy shit on, apply ” product” to their hair, then await some dumb fuck LT or Capt, to order them into their up armored truck,

    Arrive, set a perimeter, and again await orders from the LT, or Capt, who is awaiting orders from the assistant chief, who is seeking direction from the chief, who is a fucking political hack, with not a clue.

    Who is on the line with the LT gov, who has the chief on hold, seeking direction from the gov, who has the LT gov on hold, seeking advise from the duty officer at DHS, who is going thru the play book, to determine if this event fits exactly this script, or a different script.

    Mean while the Peter puffers are getting the shit, shot out of them by one angry radical Muslim.

    At the end of the day. It’s the guns fault, not the angry fucking muslims fact, according to our Muslim president.

    Moral of the story is, yesterday was a bad day to be gay, at that specific gay bar, in Orlando Fl.

    Prays out to those who lost their lives.

    Dirk Williams

    • outlawpatriot


    • All a chain of command like that needs is a glorious leader, chairman, or der fuhrer to give them direction. Supposedly Americans don’t operate like that.

  11. When is Obozo going to tell the Muslims to stop clinging to their guns & religion ?

  12. Pictures do speak a thousand words:

  13. Hostage rescue is actually dangerous; cops think, better to hang back a few hours and let the situation resolve itself. Cops are just there to prevent the victims from thinking about defending themselves. If a victim came out of the club and said, I brought my gun into this prohibited zone, used it to disable my attacker, and saved a bunch of lives including my own, he would be Zimmerman’ed. Government exists to prevent good things from happening.

  14. I have no problem with the above post!

  15. How many victims bleed out waiting for the heroes? In the days before the military type response teams, beat cops would have charged in upon arrival. Now they are spectators managing the traffic and holding the perimeter. Seems the union like mentality has lead to higher body counts.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, the police reacted more aggressively in the past.
      -Zombie Charles Whitman

  16. I felt puke rising in my throat this morning as FOX showed the presser for all of the Feds and local LEOs. They broke their freakin’ arms patting each other on the back, repeatedly saying what a great job was done, etc, etc. How many lives were saved , blah blah blah.

    What a circle jerk. It looked like a gay My Lai massacre and they are bragging! Bragging mind you! Especially the FBI turd. Bragging after the FBL having had the bastard in their hands TWICE ALREADY!

    Stay away from crowds, and especially gay crowds, right Remus?

  17. One of these days the jihadis are going to set up a coordinated attack designed to draw the police in like they do in Afghanistan and Iraq. I fear our fearless leaders will then call for martial law.

    • Well said . A lot of shit going on here. All these freaks from Boston to Paris and now this were ‘known to the police’ and the usual eyewitnesses speaking of multiple shooters etc. Trump was to start unloading weekly dumps on Shitlery starting today. That won’t be front page news now. Qui bono? The deep state scum who are desperate to muddy the waters till Nov. and beyond. Now this creature Obongo says shooter was influenced by ‘extremist information on the internet’. They lost the battle on the 2nd so now they want to attack the 1st amendment.
      They are desperate and dangerous now.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “I fear our fearless leaders will then call for martial law.”

      I remember reading Bin Laden suggested using repeated armed attacks to whip up a confiscatory ‘crusade against guns’ resulting in America’s destruction via civil war. Funny thing about that story is that I’ve tried many times to find it again & it’s like it never existed, no matter how many different word/term combos I use nuttin woix.

      Maybe it’s w/ that Tombstone Epitaph pic of a pterodactyl some cowboys shot.

  18. Look at this picture. Anyone know when / how the holes were punched in the side of the building? There are lots of pockmarks that sure look like someone was shooting for the holes, and hitting the side of the building next to them.

    As in the infamous Waco Bikers shootout it may be that many of the casualties were from LEO fire. In the Waco Biker event the cops admitted firing 14 rounds of .223 and hitting 4 of the bikers (not clear if they all died), if so that alone would be 4 of the 9 killed were killed by LEOs

    So for sure we already know that the cops took three hours to go inside, but it may be worse than that, perhaps they were shooting inside without being able to see exactly what they were shooting at, in a club full of people. Maybe, as in Waco2, some large percentage of the dead were killed by LEO’s indiscriminate firing?


      If even one of these poor unfortunates was killed by LEO gunfire, I guarantee the spent bullet will end up in a trash can at the morgue and no more will be said.

  19. The ‘narrative’ is already being set – ISIS ‘inspired’ or ‘directed’. Gun control. Bull shit on top of bull shit. Anything that comes out of the media (including FOX) is twisted and directed by Team Fed to their own end(s). Be clear, the over whelming amount of narrative is to a very specific end, and be sure it is not for you (the readers here) – who sets the counter narrative?

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      An addtl aspect of that narrative was brought up yesterday on Gush Bombast’s show w/ Mark Steyn subbing, a caller posited that the atrocity would be used as a means to force acceptance of ‘transgenders’ in public & school restrooms/locker rooms/showers. Such a move combined with/parallel to a serious anti-gun/anti-‘bigotry’ campaign would really get some s**t going.

  20. So, false flag or just incompetence? either one is possible.

  21. Marlo Stanfield

    Lessons to learn for those not spending their nights doing drugs and stuff at a gay bar. (Meth number one gay drug) Have security outside from an over watch position 24/7. A pair of trained men dressed as winos or homeless with the proper communications gear would have spotted the shooter and alerted security inside wearing headsets. Once you have a problem inside your building, problem gets photographed and made to leave. As in get in your vehicle and go. Watch them leave,  video the tag. If problem refuses call the police and pair of security stays with the problem. (Problem should be on the ground chocking from pepper spray) Never just throw someone out and turn your back. That is assuming way to much. All night clubs by now should have top of the line camera system. When I did security we kept someone in the parking lot just walking around, see who rolls up with who. Sometimes sit in a vehicle doing the same. We learned that some people show up in the same vehicle and once inside the club don’t know each other. They even stagger coming into the club. Its easy to kill a bunch of people who are stoned on drugs and booze. I have yet to meet a gay person not on drugs. (Some of the doctor meds are worse than the street stuff) This event was  avoidable, club management and the owners know who their customers are and what they engage in. Their security should have been much tighter. The off duty cop thing is fine. But not every cop is suited for executive protection. You have to know your security people. Specially in a large city like Orlando. Actually a club of that size should have a security monitoring room. With live alert sober bodies watching the parking lot, sidewalk, the front door. (All Doors) should have a camera aimed at them. I remember at one club I worked at, we had to fire people for letting people in side doors or the kitchen door. (Ducking security) until alarms and cameras got installed.   

    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: marlostanfield53@yahoo.com Sent: Monday, June 13, 2016 9:07 AM Subject: [New post] On Orlando #yiv3351294133 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3351294133 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3351294133 a.yiv3351294133primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3351294133 a.yiv3351294133primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3351294133 a.yiv3351294133primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3351294133 a.yiv3351294133primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3351294133 WordPress.com | Concerned American posted: ” Bracken sends:Listen to this audio [starting at 00:16]. He went straight to rapid fire semi auto, but the SWAT team waited 3 hours. Whoever held the police back for three hours is responsible for the deaths of anybody killed after the firs” | |

    • One, why would a Christian want to protect a Sodomite? He would not.

      A southern nationalist respective is that this was perpetrated on southern lands by a Muslim who should not be alive in our lands, or even on the North American continent. Therefore we reject this action.

      If one wants to examine this from a tactical perspective, then do so, but the bottom line is who cares how many Sodomted perished?

      God’s rath can be awful.

      • Fortunately for you Mr. Hines, and for the rest of us here, God is not extending His just wrath on this most deserving world in this time period of formally declared grace and peace. What happened in Orlando is the result of sin in the world and not a function of Gods wrath.

        Romans 5:8… “But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS, Christ died for us.”

        If God were wrathful today, you sir would be as dead as the sodomites you spit upon. A Christian cares for each and every eternal soul because God cares for the same. He gave His Son for the same.

        1 Tim 2:3-4… “For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; who will have ALL men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.”

        Is there a sin Christ did not die for? I would preach the saving gospel of Christ to a sodomite as well as I would preach it to you. Christ died for your sin. He was raised again for your justification. He died for those sodomites sin. You are above or beneath no one on earth. Neither were they.

        Romans 2:11… “For there is no respect of persons with God.”

        Romans 3:23… “For ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;”

        Who cares how many sinners perished? How about Christ, who gave His life that they might have lived? Gods wrath will be awful. Better make very sure you yourself are not appointed unto it by trusting in what Christ did on your behalf.

  22. Avoid gun-free killing zones like the plague….

    Conceal carry your weapon of choice…..

    If management asks you to leave….leave and never come back.

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  24. ALCON,

    The only person responsible for one’s safety is the individual himself.

    If firearms are so readily available as the Marxists soetoro-obama and Clinton decry, then why didn’t ONE person have a concealed weapon to defend themselves with ? Did these citizens deny themselves self-protection because of the homosexual mindset ? Or was it belief in the Democrat/socialist/communist mantra that guns are evil for the peasants, the serfs ? Perhaps they put their faith, their safety, their LIVES in the belief the government would protect them in the form of some “playing army”, badged thug(s)?

    Once again folks want to transfer responsibility for personal safety from the individual to the scum folks call “government”. In this case the PO-lice, the badged thugs. But, as the badged thugs proved once again….they cannot be trusted to protect anyone or anything. Except they CAN be trusted to protect their salaries, extensive benefits and lucrative .gov pensions. But protect the citizenry they profess to “protect and serve”…..forget it. Just ask SCOTUS. You’re on your own.

    Several things should be acknowledged as a result of the cowardly Muslim attack at Orlando:

    1. Only YOU can guarantee your personal defense.
    2. Reliance on the scum called “government” will guarantee your demise.
    3. There are no good cops.

    The dead and wounded of Orlando are such because they made the choice to refuse to protect themselves. They paid the ultimate price for refusing self-reliance.

  25. partyzantski

    Has anyone ventured to mull over that the shooter might have actually been an asset of the FBI? They knew the guy, makes me wonder how well. I hope that the FBI releases ALL the files on this guy.

    BTW… the 28 pages on 9/11 report that get released will not be the original 28 pages, they will be a false document to fool the gullible. Brennan has no conscience.

  26. Alfred E. Neuman

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  27. Those holes are an attempted explosive breach by the SWAT team, and lead into the bathrooms. When the explosive breach didn’t punch all the way through, they hit the holes with a bearcat mounted battering ram. Once the holes were all the way through, hostages started to exit via the holes, as did the suspect. Muslim asshole A then engaged SWAT officers, who returned fire, killed the dirt bag.

    I don’t know why PD stopped chasing after the guy after they engaged him the second time, but I suspect the officers were more interested in evacuation the dozens of wounded they came upon inside.

  28. Never had to take down a shooter but, I have to say, If you work for an entity, responsible for dis-arming Americans in public spaces (that’d be the government, in all its hideous manifestations) and are in a scenario such as this, with your rifle, (you know, the thing you wont ALLOW other potential victims to possess) you have a moral obligation to put yourself in harms way, immediately. If you don’t see it that way, you need a new line of work.

    • Agreed, but some SOBs here are like, “The muzzie murdered fags. Who gives a fuck?”

      Sick bastards. You’re no better than the loony goat-humper.

      I hope you find out a family member is gay.

      • When the muzzies came for the not-quite-muzzie enough, I laughed, because win-win.

        When they went after the JOOOOOOOOOS, I smiled because the kikes were finally getting theirs.

        When the muzzies came for the fags, I cheered, because I hate fags too.

        When they came for people like me….

        (Apologies, Herr Niemoller)

  29. Jimmy the Saint

    “you have a moral obligation to put yourself in harms way, immediately.”

    Dude, that seriously interferes with the Prime Directive of “Making it home alive at the end of my shift.” Besides, even Patton himself said it’s better to let the other guy die for his country – I’m happy to give everyone else that honor.
    -Officer (“Hey, could you tone down the shooting a mite? It’s really interfering with my coffee break”) Friendly

  30. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Note how this latest event follows the pattern of previous ones,:

    ‘Wolf’ attacks sheep,

    ‘Wolf’ repeatedly stops ‘eating’ the sheep,

    Sheep at NO time feel the urge to ‘stampede’ the ‘wolf’ between ‘feeding’ intervals,

    LONNNNNNG wait before ‘sheepdogs’ arrive to rescue the sheep,

    Other sheep proclaim both the tardy ‘sheepdogs’ & surviving sheep HEROES!®, blame the actions of the ‘wolf’ on creatures who had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATEVER to do w/ the deaths of the sheep, DEMAND that said uninvolved creatures be held responsible & punished for the deaths of the sheep, & then join w/ the sheepdogs/surviving sheep/friends & relatives of the living & dead sheep in condemning any uninvolved creatures who have the temerity to notice/remark on the above pattern & object to being falsely demonized along w/ those sheep who decide to defy the herd & grow ‘horns’.

    The above invariably causes 4 words to spring to mind,:

    Witch-hunt, Aztec, deodand, & irony

    And btw, whatever happened to the following ‘wolf’?:


    3 months & afaik nada.

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