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13 June Speech In The Wake Of Orlando Mass Murders – Full Text

Thank You, Mr. Trump – Part I

Thank You, Mr. Trump – Part II

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  1. Trump clearly is best choice, no doubt. But then Obama played the american people & w/ really no justice of accountability or culpability has materialized thus far.
    The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act also allowed the american people to get even further duped by deep state agitprop tactics & yet congress & Senate still to this day won’t get the complicit criminal media to retify the propaganda ? Trump says many things that are only all too obvious to most people paying attention. It’s hard for me to believe & my Spidey Senses say that Trump couldn’t “roll in it without getting any on him”. Most people realize he is the clear “lesser of the evil” we are facing. Americans assuredly realize the 2nd amendment insures all the other’s.
    It appears that an epoch in history is being staged. It might be about money for some but Americans paying attention know that far more is at stake. Globalism vs. Nationalism. Sovereignty vs. Open Borders. bio-weapons vs. healthy population, Tiqqiya / Kitman / Muruna / Hijrah vs. US Constitution et al etc.
    It does appear the hyper-state deep state is here & being taken for a test drive of sorts. Should be quite a “E Ticket” ride.

    • Mike Bishop

      Trump has been consistent in his assertion that America’s been getting stump-fucked, publicly, for about 30 years.

      Throw in the Newt comment about Trump not participating in “Initiation Rites” and “Secret Societies”, along with the absolute bed-shitting TPTB are having over him, and, unless they’ve really upped their pitiful PSYOPS game, I’d bet a paycheck or two he is exactly what keeps the parasite class awake at night.

      Contrast Newt’s comments against perennial scumbag George Will’s open advocacy of the usurpation of the election process, and a picture begins to emerge.

      At the very least, Trump, and to an extent, Sanders, have indicated to a large segment of the “switched-off” types that the establishment order will go to the ends of the earth to derail legitimate opposition to their monopolies.

      “By Any Means Necessary” includes the ballot box.


      • Virgil Kane

        I hope has some people he can trust watching the SS that’s watching him. He won’t be president if he ain’t breathing.

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    There is now light mention of a cabal, it’s time that the masses know and understand exactly who and what the cabal really is (denial is still rampant everywhere, but they’ll get over it if enough solid info is presented, including the how and why of all their sons and daughters dying in foreign wars for nothing but power and profit). Time to push the puppets aside and expose the puppetmasters behind the curtains. Many are in Dresden now.
    The FedRes, CFR, WorldBank, etc, etc, need to be fully exposed and destroyed while there is still a chance, or in another decade we’ll all be working full time in the gulags.
    Getting all fired up over Trump or Hillary is not going to change a thing; until the power players are removed they can keep hiring puppets faster than we can read voter cards.
    Even here at WRSA everyone likes to dodge the main issue of who’s really in control, most conversations revolve around what MSM tells us, instead of who needs to be disappeared for real freedom to happen in our lifetimes.

    • I know who’s really in control, it’s the middle class who voluntarily pays the taxes which pay government salaries. Without them the people on your enemies list are just freaks shouting on the sidewalk corner. Jail a list of criminals in government and new criminals will replace them. Reform of government never works.

      • SameNoKami

        .gov can just borrow $$ to make up any deficit caused by lower incoming tax revenue. It’s how the Nat’l Debt went up $10TT in the last 8yrs.
        They will do what they want to do no matter how they have to do it.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        You missed the whole point because you too don’t understand.
        It has nothing to do with gov’t officials, it’s WHO THEY WORK FOR!
        Nice try.

        • Amen Brother… People will continue to focus on the puppets instead of the puppet masters…

  3. 1) that’s a nice speech “somebody” wrote for Trump. Sadly, before he decided to run for Prez and push the populist button, he was for decades open borders/free trade, and anti-II gun-grabber, and acted and contributed accordingly

    2) even if he’s had an epiphany, as per Gore, then won the election and tried to secure the borders, kill the crony-capitalist trade deals, and etc., Trump would be impeached, convicted, and removed by the DeepState/Uniparty Congress in a matter of days. Or simply hit. That Zionist skunk Kristol admitted as much the other day, noting that the “Republican” VP choice was going to be “really important”

    3) the upshot: Gore is wrong, CA is right: We. Are. Not. Going. To. Vote. Our. Way. Out. Of. This. The entire System is rotten. From the Top down, AND from the bottom up. It has to be destroyed, purged, and rebuilt from scratch. If there’s anyone left alive to do it

  4. “Even here at WRSA everyone likes to dodge the main issue of who’s really in control….”

    There are those of us, many of us, who know who controls the agenda in fUSA. However, there are many here at WRSA who themselves loves them some government. The statists, collectivists are everywhere and there a couple here, old timers, who believe more government is good. These people here and in your AO are not your, my, our friends.


      DAN III: Word. They were all around me when I lived on the SW Oregon Coast. They are all around me here in Rawles Land. It’s only a matter of time before they or the badge-carrying, uniformed ORCS they compensate try to kill me for what I have.
      Today is 06/14. Flag Day. Here in Greenwoodistan, the idiots will be out in force. I have not flown any flag since Autumn of 2008, when Bush, Cheney, Paulson, and the dupes in congress confiscated $850 Billion of our money and gave it to the Wall Street Bansters and the other financial criminals overseas. The sheeple did nothing. They still do nothing.
      it is now becoming more apparent this Orlando thing is starting to smell like a pile of dog crap. The narrative is being managed and the crisis actors are coming out of the woodwork. Can anyone say false flag? Keep prepping, keep watching, stay alert. Ihr kommt. Bleib ubrig.

  5. Scott Adams is a clever cartoonist. That’s all. Humans are rational.

    • Look around you.

      Want to reconsider?


    • SameNoKami

      A human is rational.
      HumanS are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.
      (Men In Black)

    • Waco was not rational.
      Waco biker shootout was not rational.
      SC church shooting was not rational.
      Pulse shooting was not rational.

      We are emotional animals that have a penchant to tool building.

  6. Humans are rational

    Humans are rationalising FTFY

  7. Robert wrote: “If his only accomplishment is to splinter the cabal “into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds,” as President Kennedy reportedly wanted to do with the CIA after the Bay of Pigs disaster, Trump will have earned his place on Mount Rushmore.”

    In his book “JFK, The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy”, L. Fletcher Prouty (retired AF Col, and chief of special ops for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy presidency who was in charge of the global system designed to provide military support for the CIA’s secret activities) concluded that those who planned his murder “knew the inner workings of the government very well. This fact is made evident not so much by the skill with which the murder of the President was undertaken as by the masterful cover-up program that has continued since November 22, 1963 and that terrible hour in Dallas’ Dealy Plaza.”

    I pray that Trump doesn’t end up the way JFK did for promising to do the same to the CIA.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Pretty funny that Kennedy would want to smash anything, given that he was pretty much a walking fuck-up machine. Of course, given that he was so pilled up that he rattled, that’s probably just to be expected.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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