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Interesting times.

Pro tip: Hugs won’t be enough.

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  1. Dhs now says that gun control is a national security issue. Couple that with the most precious liberal social species being the victims of a slaughter and it wont be long before the gop folds to gun control in order to not be seen as homophobic.

    • It doesn’t really matter what anyone else says, nor does it matter what criminal laws are enacted.

      Read that masthead again.
      In ruralspeak, and you can quote me:

      “My stuff is mine, not yours, leave me alone.”
      –gs, 2099

      Live your life as you see fit and I’ll do likewise and hopefully we can live in peace but if we do not there will be a very short war.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. American_Patriot

    Fake patriot Donald Trump wants to ban you from owning/buying guns if the DHS/FBI decides to put you on a terrorist list:

    Senators, Trump open to banning some gun sales:

    Trump, GOP senators want to ban people on terrorist list from buying guns:


    My prediction: Mister Trump will do a U-turn since he isn’t president yet. He will claim that he doesn’t actually want to ban people from buying guns. Then when he’s president, get ready for gun control.

    The bottom line is that Trump is a pretend patriot. He’s a closet Marxist from New Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwk City.

    Is anyone surprised that Trump is anti-gun? New Yaaaawwwwwwkaaaah gonna Newwwwwww Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwk.

    Hey lineman, I thought you said your savior Mister Trump could be trusted?

    The advantage of Hillary being president, for those too dumb to understand the big picture, is that with her as POTUS, the Imperium will lack legitimacy and trust among White people. White people will understand that the government is Enemy-controlled territory.

    Under Hillary, Republican congress members will be forced to oppose further gun control measures, since she is pushing it.

    With Trump pushing gun control, the Repubs will get in line and support it.

    It’s all about long-term strategy. Think of it like chess.