Herschel: The Goal Is People Control, Not Gun Control


In order to defeat them, you must first grasp the enormity of their appetites.

And then defy those objectives.

By any means

19 responses to “Herschel: The Goal Is People Control, Not Gun Control

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  2. Human labour is the finest class of asset. If you can exploit the labour of other men, you will always remain at the top of the heap. It’s an asset that is inexhaustible.

    The State is most evolved and sophisticated means by which labour is exploited. Twenty-First Century slavery.

    Buuuut, it’s impossible to exploit the labour of men who are both willing and able to fight … who appreciate that the products of their labour are THEIR OWN property.

    The purpose of weapons is the preservation of Property Rights. Clearly, this is incompatible with the politics of every Western Nation. If you are armed and willing, you can say, “NO, that is mine.”

    Do that alone, and you wind up like Finicum, of course.

    In a world where everything belongs to the Collective (via democracy), the existence of weapons in private hands simply can not be tolerated. That’s why arms must only be held by the State … because the State lays claim to the ownership of EVERYTHING. Even you.

  3. It’s the Faustian bargain they have made.
    TOOT! TOOOT! WoooWoooo!
    Al aboard!
    Next stop Banana Republic!
    More like greedy fucking psychopaths who don’t care about nothing but lining their pockets no matter what it takes. And screwing the little guy to get that wealth is sport. Just follow the money.
    Well, they call the AR15 an “assault weapon”,
    like they call us dirt people domestic terrorists.
    It’s not rocket science who is doing the assaulting, who the terrorism, who is afraid of being assaulted by who with AR15’s, and just who are terrified of what, there’s an app for their appetites, sooth their angst, it’s called 13 knots and a lamp post, angst because the 2nd Amendment was written by armed revolutionary’s, who won. Gonna be a fight, Molan Labe bitchez!

  4. I disagree that “the famous NRA” would go broke if real gun rights legislation is passed. Hell, they’re diversified selling T-Bird, Ripple….errrrr I mean high quality wines. Also, they have you covered should you meet your demise at the hands of an unvetted illegal, errrr invader, I mean an uninvited immigrant (courtesy soetoro-obama & Congress) killing you dead…..as long as you’ve had the foresight to buy you some good NRA life insurance.

    Life insurance and wine, and guns as an afterthought. That’s the National Rifle Association for you.

    The “famous NRA”….they don’t pay Cox and LaPierre millions for nothing.

  5. “If you’re disappointed in Donald Trump, be prepared for more to come.”

    Could not agree more. Trump is just another sock puppet, wearing an expensive tailored sock barking out conservative memes to garner votes.

    “The GOP elitists cannot be trusted, and couldn’t care less for your ability to defend your family. The democrats want your soul, but will settle for your servitude. ” Slight disagree here, they both work for folks who won’t settle for anything less than our souls.

    “If they can’t come in through the front door, they will come in through the back door. Conspiracy theories are sometimes correct, but sometimes they blind you to the real situation. This is about more than campaign donations. This is about controlling you, and therefore, controlling your guns by extension. ”

    Slightly disagree, this is about creating as many “rules” and “laws” as they can for their masters pleasure. The reasons for this are twofold. First, as you say, they want to control us, but more importantly our children and their future. Incrementalism. Think about how many laws and rules there are around guns now for the youth.

    Second, it’s about having sufficient justification to kill us when their masters order the hounds released (if that becomes necessary). The “moral high ground” and “optics” are still somewhat important. That’s why LaVoy was gunned down. He was creating momentum and had good optics (mainly because he was a decent human being). That could not be allowed to move forward and they wanted to see how much blow back would occur if they smoked a patriot while everyone was watching. The WRSA masthead says it best today.

    Dear regime: When you fill a wheelbarrow with manure, if you fill it to high so that the material sits higher than the sides, it becomes prone to tipping over and dumping shit everywhere.

  6. OT: http://thehill.com/policy/finance/283762-house-rejects-effort-to-ban-illegal-immigrants-from-enlisting-in-military

    Should read, Tyrants debate hiring and training out of town hit men. Do you think someone from a different country, perhaps a country where the military already kills civilians will have ANY qualms about shooting you when given the order?

  7. I find it interesting that the people in power try to tell us that “You can’t judge all muslims based on the actions of an individual” while simultaneously attempting to lay the blame for this latest muslim terror attack at the doorstep of ALL gun owners.

  8. The no-gun list will be expanded by data dumps from Social Security and the Veterans Benefits Administration for anyone receiving money for a mental health diagnosis. Unlike the VA taking years to approve the benefits in the first place, this data could be merged with NICS at the FBI within HOURS. Those with temporarily flagged files or pending claims (though later denied) might just get permanently thrown on the list as well.

    Now let’s add in anyone who have ever been investigated by a federal agency (including those ever disciplined by the DOD while in the military) and any others who a heuristic computer program determines “might” be a potential threat based on past social media posts, emails, purchases, etc. The IRS would be happy to provide your sources of income and donation information. Amazon (CIA cloud), xfinity, Directv, etc, know your reading and viewing habits. The ISBN and JSTOR know the books and journal articles you have authored. This kind of sorting is actually pretty easy and taught in intro to programming classes.

    Now we have quite the list.

    You won’t even know you’re on it until you try buying a gun through a dealer (or in the growing number of states that require the check during private sales) or renew your handgun license (I should also note here that many states have already moved the licensing process from the county sheriff to the state police). Background checks will eventually be required for anyone buying AMMO. Hitting the NICS radar will of course trigger a visit by local law enforcement to collect any firearms and ammo you might already possess. The first time they visit you’ll get a free pass for an outpatient mental health evaluation, but the second time will get you locked up. I could digress here on the misuse of psychiatric tools against dissidents by the Soviet Union.

    Want to get off the no-gun list? You never will. You’ll be on that same perpetual waiting list as all the ex-felons who can’t get administrative reviews for restoration of their 2nd Amendment rights. I think this has been frozen since the 1990s.

    Welcome to the ever growing unarmed serf class.

  9. Guess these boys must be gettin’ nervous in the service.
    Can’t say as I blame ’em.

  10. Ive been saying since last sunday that the gop will fold….. Or theyll be called homophobes.

    Distractions – yes. And the lemmings
    Keep buying into it.

  11. All weapons control is de facto Helot control.

    And the Grand Old Politburo is no friend of private gun ownership. Twice as many Republicans as Democrats voted fort he 1968 GCA in 1968 following on the heels of Reagan’s infamous Mulford Act in Kalifornia while he was Commissar of the state.

    For more: http://zerogov.com/?p=4048

    This not a war on guns but a war on private ownership of weapons diluting government span of control of their tax plantation if the victims of taxes and regulation get uppity or full of themselves.Both parties are simply two wings on the same government supremacist bird of prey.

    Even the UK is finding its sharper edges. Read the defendant’s response to the robed cross dressing magistrate presiding: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-06-17/u-k-parliament-to-pay-tribute-to-murdered-cox-before-eu-vote

    Push the Helot and rob him of everything but his life and the government weaponizes the very thing it uses for compliance.

    “You only have power over people as long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power–he’s free again.”

    – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    Bill Buppert

  12. the gun-grabbers goal isn’t mere “control”. The Judeo-globalist goal is the destruction of the White Nations, and the physical extermination of the White Race. Soros said as much, in public, a couple months ago. Things that are much easier to do if the Whites have first been disarmed. Otherwise, very good essay

    and a related incident – that White shabbatz-goy Brit globalist MP who got good’d the other day – brings joy to the heart. Brexit? Doesn’t matter what the vote is: the banksters and their stooge political class have already served notice they will ignore it. Like many similar EU “referenda” over the years. There is only one way to defeat the Globalists: kill them. All of them

  13. Mike Bishop

  14. We need to stop calling it “gun control” and call it what it really is: “gun-owner control”.

    And we need to get the NRA, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Republican politicians and candidates, etc., to start using the phrase “gun-owner control”. As long as we let our enemy define the terms, we’re going to lose this war for our rights.

  15. Ravenous ravenous Rhinos!

    Watch your 6🤖

  16. Jimmy the Saint

    It’s funny how fast most “conservative” rising stars go from hero/savior to hated, and how little conservative voters seem to recognize the pattern. Ryan, Rubio, Ayotte, Cantor, McConnell, etc.

  17. Stealth Spaniel

    Screw every one of these turncoats! Ryan is a self important jack rabbit who will do anything to hold onto his power; which means kissing Demo/Repub ass. None of these idiots could control traffic with a light. They can harass and try to intimidate us but we outnumber them.