Robb: The “Lone Wolf” Terrorist Does Not Exist



Interesting times.

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  1. Chuckwalla

    Robb’s Comment leaves me with a WTF. He even calls them “assault weapons”.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yep. the big old “chasm of the abyss” has been vaulted in a few micro-seconds by a few electrons using a mouse or keypad—durn near instant fealty, recognition, and group acceptance.

    …and the boys in the bowels of the Fusion Centers just don’t get it. they’re too busy watch porno on their screens, playin’ grab-ass, or passing the donuts and Joe.


    it’s a ‘comin….

  3. The playbook in the media still reads like this: when murder is committed by a jihadi (or leftist), it’s just murder or possibly workplace violence. Muslims and the left are immune from the hate crime and terrorists labels. The media and Federal government will never never link it to part of a larger movement. However, in the West when the victim is a muslim or leftist, then no stone must be left unturned by the authorities/media in order to link it to a vast right-wing (and often Christian) conspiracy.

    You need to read up on what’s been happening in Britain with the murder of a pro-EU liberal politician named Jo Cox by Thomas Mair who would normally get the label of ‘mentally deranged individual acting alone.’ But, before her body was even cold the liberal media in Britain (with the the help of those in the US and EU) has tried to link the murderer to the Britain First group and anyone opposed to immigration. From there it’s not much of a leap to condemn those in favor of the Brexit vote which takes place in Britain next week.

    The dead woman’s husband is already in the news with:

    “I and Jo’s friends and family are going to work every moment of our lives to love and nurture our kids and to fight against the hate that killed Jo.”

    “There is no reason we can’t quickly shift the debate back to the mainstream and in doing so not only help refugees and migrants, but also help marginalise the resurgent populist right. To do so we need to readjust our efforts to reflect that power on this issue is with the people.”

    Cui bono?

  4. i agree. the spiritual darkness works within many people, many “groups.” these spirits serve one master.

  5. This morn on MSN: “New York Men Had Bomb, Guide, Nazi Items”.
    Too clever by half. Wonder how long the FBI had these scholars ratholed up their arse to drop kick through the goalpost of team Evil/White/Bitter/Clinger.
    Got to keep this terrorism thingy fair and balanced lest the muzzies divert attention from Public Enemy Number one; aka, Whitey.

  6. One of the posters mentions the connection between land and fealty.

    Which gets me thinking that a promise of land might encourage many people to join forces with the ISIS, or whomever. I mean, billions of people are forever shut off from ownership of this vital resource. There must surely be many millions who might fight in the hope of winning such a prize… a nice little slice of heaven in Georgia, or wherever.

  7. the us media has helped make the Orlando loser some sort of muzzie superstar. I will not be surprised at all if there’s at least one more attack before the year is out. yeah, Obama did real well leaving the middle eat, isis had no real affect.

  8. Ideologies whether religious or political et al have always been “the cause” regarding human’s mindset for being part of something or in control towards their destiny or a manifesto. History is repleat w/ copius examples. Social media sites are another extension, outlet, venu etc. The KKK, Black Panthers, Weather Underground, Free Mason’s et al all have their meetings prior to social media sites at locations. Social sites are another method of belonging, announcing events, exchanging ideas & information etc. When the Lords of Chaos create planned Wars which are used as tools or methods to create diaspora within targeted areas. “PRS” (Problem Reaction Solution) The outcome is refugees / illegal immigrants. Pure Hegelian dialectic 101. Of those refugees-legal immigrants “X” number are going to be radicals of some sorts whether it’s a religious or political. It’s all about profit, control & power. It’s not going away as humans will always find a way to adapt or adjust or a work around. Eventually the master gets found out as to what the master’s intentions are & this period of epoch is no different except that it’s a Global Revolution they are trying to spark opposed to country or nation. A simple You tube search will yield a video of Puppet Master / CFR / Tri-Lateral Commison plank holder Ziggy Brzezinski telling Pakistani ISI co-opted & founded Mujahadeen Muslims to “go take their land” it’s your destiny. Any critical thinker regardless of any ideology can see this is the mechanism & bait -reward used by the puppeteers as Canon Fodder for their agendas. Then comes the plethora of NGO’s disaster relief organizations including Vaccines / GMO food deliberately created for profit & control. Speak truth to power.

  9. in other words, each and every invasive Muslim is subject to Sudden Jihad Syndrome. The Judeo-globalist DC regime is literally bringing these ragheads here to kill us. While attempting to disarm us. The only thing Robb doesn’t seem to get yet: the whole purpose of the Zionist “War on Terror” was and is…to create more terrorists. And then import them

  10. As Barry (and now Jarrett, Shrillery, Pelosi, the list goes on) say, “You didn’t build that.”

  11. I have spoken this “heresy” before to leadership at the Army installation level when ostensibly having the role of thinking like bad guys. They will not get it; if they do, they’ll be put in their place from on high. Two things will happen:

    1. “We have to be right all the time, they only have to be right once” ==>
    more surveillance & intrusion into rightful liberty They know no other way (like since the days when the original Lockheed could bring innovation ahead of schedule & under budget).
    2. “We have the watches, but they have the time” ==> “This, and the first point I mentioned Senator, is our reboot excuse – we need more money.”

    Perhaps the recent willingness of some of the BLT community (who realize that “da man” can’t protect them & isn’t there to do that) to face reality & seek to arm themselves will be one additional inroad. (I don’t care for them or any of that “diversity is strength” crowd but don’t have a problem with them, along with everyone, making themselves as hard a target as possible.) Small at-risk demographics in one’s community should have this conversation broached.
    – and, oh yeah…

    Shoot the f’ers to the ground. As many people as there were in that club, had a couple been armed, had the will – and there was the mentality of Cape Buffalo who will converge & stomp you into dusty red substance, instead of a bunch of shad with the bass swirling underneath – the toll would’ve been much lower.

  12. Stealth Spaniel

    Well, Obama the Magic Negro and Hildabeast are turning the dials to get as many Muslims in this country as they can for the remainder of the year. The more backward, the least educated (I know, oxymoron), the more violent, the better. I wonder who they thing the Muslims will be killing, once they run out of us white folks?