Summer 2016

Vineyard Vacation

Light posting.

Sin cerveza y ganja, pero….

9 responses to “Summer 2016

  1. swan832013

    below link “THEY” say they outnumber the corp. click on the links to see their guns… ammo… and money


  2. If you can’t enjoy life without booze and dope, you don’t really have a life…

  3. Virgil Kane

    La cerveza es buena con moderación.

  4. “… because without beer, things do not seem to go as well…”
    Diary of Brother Epp Capuchin monastery
    Munjor Kansas 1902

    CA must be driving or shooting, methinks.

  5. Well I sure as shit HOPE there ain’t no damned ganja, mon frere’, that stuff will rot your brain. But vacation, sabbatical, what-evah, yo.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. HHH Old Vet.

    If you don’t already know that the whole goal is “Their” Control of “US” then what are you doing here? Looking for guidance? BE Your Own Guidance.

    That is all I have for now.