Pwobabwy Waaaaacisss


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  1. Good, old fashioned communist street theater. That I’ve lived to see it performed on the floor of the House of Representatives by Congressmen is stunning. Should be quite a summer.

    • If they really cared, if these honorable representatives truly wanted to make a lasting difference, they should self immolate. That would show the world they mean business.

  2. Grey Ghost

    Good. Let the DEMONCRAPS hold the floor in protest until Jan 2017 then the Senate and the House can’t pass any more laws to “help” us out.

    Grey Ghost

  3. Fuck John Lewis and especially the scum who keep his black, Marxist ass in office.

    Got rope ?

  4. Send the spoiled brats to the timeout room!

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Every black house member or senator is automatically racist. That’s how they get elected. I do not kid myself and think that they operate………… Any.Other.Way. They also like white privilege; money, special benefits, grants, and immunities. Check with Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans.
    So these assholes have zero credibility with me.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. A higher resolution image.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    Mr. John Lewis: Explain to me, what part of this do you not comprehend?


  9. Very rasssisssss….

  10. SemperFido

    I say the Senate should go ahead and leave for vacation and let the bastards sit there as long as they wish.

  11. never mind MLK. The present day gun-grabbing urban ‘groids are, on behalf of their (((eskimo))) masters, looking to disarm the Whites. So they can be killed off more efficiently. This is, BTW, all for show. Post-election, the Dead Elephant Congress will slip the (((eskimo))) Merrick Garland onto the SC, creating a 5-vote (((eskimo’ish))) gun-grab majority

    • Yes, by themselves they’d be fairly harmless as witness this mental giant who though Guam was in danger of capsizing because over crowded.

    • I, too, tire of the masters in Brussels (euros), Moscow (slavs), Riyadh (arabs), and Beijing (Chinese) calling the shots. And can you believe that one of the richest people in the world is Mexican?

    • You stand a very good chance at being right, Mr. Angmark. What some that comment here don’t want to accept is that there’s something glaringly wrong with a court that will then be 40% Jew, who are (on a good day) less than 2% of the US population, the rest will be Roman Catholic, and no protestant Southerners at all.

      That fact is something that we Southern Nationalists hit quite often, using it to move us towards removing the US government from our lands.

  12. Virgil Kane

    Lewis needs to focus on the black community, but there’s no money there.

  13. Just a reminder of wrol:

    “The sit-in was a violation of House rules, and Speaker Paul Ryan responded by calling a recess and cutting out the live camera feed to the House floor.

    The White House signalled its approval of the sit-in…”

    ‘At the House sit-in, a shouting match
    occurred that almost ended in blows.’
    Yes, Virginia, there is a video of the incident
    included with this article.
    I wish that I was a fly on the wall
    (eating popcorn) in the House chambers.

  15. In case anyone missed it, there
    is also this video of Ryan
    trying to conduct House
    business at about 10PM last

  16. John Lewis is scum. Anyone remember his attempted provocation of the Tea Party where he led a mostly-black group of House members through a huge Tea Party crowd in an attempt to get a moment of racism or violence. When that failed it simply lied about it, and said he’d been spit at. The late Andrew Breitbart offered $100,000 to anyone who could prove it. No video was ever produced, despite the stunt being video’d from every angle.

    Meanwhile: Radix has a great article on the hated press and their utter complicity in all this:

    In the end, it doesn’t really matter. As she implicitly admits, reporters and commentators are simply political activists. Talking to one or expecting fair treatment from a reporter is as foolish as welcoming “antifa” into a meetup and then being surprised when they try to hurt the people inside. They aren’t open to being convinced and they aren’t there to observe the facts. “Journalism” is simply a political tactic, no different than street protests. And if reporters were less clumsy in their agitprop, they would be even more effective.

    Though she didn’t make the comparison, contemporary reporting on guns is similar to much of the reporting on immigration. The leftists have slogans and an aggressive sense of moral self-righteousness but they don’t really know what they are talking about when it comes to specifics. It’s the restrictionists who can tell you whether E-Verify works, the relevant statutes, or what powers the President of the United States actually has to ban the entry of undesirable foreigners. However, in the eyes of the media, this knowledge is somehow damning. Just as it’s somehow dangerous and weird to know the specifics of the AR-15, it’s immoral to know anything about immigration other than a vague belief that national borders should be abolished.

  17. Uncle Larry

    Every member of the Black Congressional Caucus is also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Black, racist, communists determining your future. Superior fire power will set you free.

  18. Secretum Civis

    Each of these precious snowflakes should have been dragged off of the floor by the Seargent at Arms of the House by their hair or feet, censured and expelled by the House per Article 1, Section 5. Instead, the “Speaker” rolled over to show everyone pink.