Senate Falls 1 Vote Short of Giving FBI Access to Browser Histories Without Court Order



Got Tor & Tails?

Encrypt the effing world.


24 responses to “Senate Falls 1 Vote Short of Giving FBI Access to Browser Histories Without Court Order

  1. Important to remember that it wasn’t a “close” vote. Senator HennyPenny McConnell pulled his vote strategically so they can try again later. (Damn, I thought I’d already posted in another comment about that “we need more tools” mentality the .Gov wears on their chest. Maybe I’m channeling Yogi Berra…)

  2. Grey Ghost

    And for all the canadian CRUZERS out there, Senator Cruz CONservative from TX voted FOR this further destruction of the 4th Amendment. Some damned Constitutionalist he turned out to be. Glenn Judas Beck what say you now, you piece of shit liar. Yea yea I know… crickets.

    I never keep any browser history for any reason… but if this passes then it’s time to encrypt the whole friggin’ hard drive with a STRONG PASS PHRASE use TOR and HTTPS everywhere on the web.

    Grey Ghost

  3. I thought I read somewhere, couple years ago, that TOR is far from secure. I may be wrong but, that is my recollection

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    Go ahead you imbeciles, really; the dirt people are looking for the last straw.

  5. Believing TOR and Tails offer any type of anonymity is chasing a false sense of non-existant “security”. It’s been known for a while (openly) that the dark web was compromised.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Care dear user, Tor can and has been compromised before. But it is better than nothing.

  8. what the heck keeps them from monitoring websites like this anyway ! i feel as though i live in 1984 on crank drunk with its own power and marching with Hitlers SS . God were doomed we shoulda been shooting 20 years ago now the problem is so frickin big its mindbooggling . when the irs spends in excess of a million dollars a year on guns and ammo its over before it began . what the hell do they need guns for anyway !

  9. Oh, come on Fellas. They know what’s best for us…!

  10. …and they don’t understand Trump’s popularity, lol. These ignorant fuckers won’t get it, even after the noose is around their necks. Fuck them. They are so ignorant, they continue to push for a war they can not, and will not; win.
    Hey, D.C. assholes – you work for “we the people.” Keep it up. You obviously don’t realize how many of your ‘constituents’ want to take you out behind the barn and beat a fucking mud puddle into the middle of your chest. Smiling.

    • 😀

    • Actually, they DO get it. So far they’ve won every battle, including mindspace. They DON’T work for us, never did.

      The whole of government (worldwide, throughout history) exists to enslave the people, who will WILLINGLY be enslaved; heart/mind/body and eventually soul, along with the products of your earthly efforts. Government can deliver nothing it hasn’t first stolen from someone else. They are perfecting the system.

      Whenever a push too far results in significant resistance, they’ll back off. Slightly. For the moment, while advancing enslavement on other perhaps unnoticed fronts. While the aggrieved go back to sleep.

      Wanting to create mud puddles is not the same AS creating. That too is known.

  11. This is simply our elected officials working in concert with our SCOTUS, to wit. Utah V. Streif. 14-1373. Which was handed down this week. Basically it does away with search and seizure issues, giving Police the RIGHT to search citizens on a whim, or a Hunch. ” the Fimding” as I read it says no Probable Cause is now required, to stop detain and search a citizen.

    The defense of the ” Exclusionary Rule” for citizens is kaput. . What’s worse is those who wrote the opinion. And Sotomeyer has a racial filled decent worthy of a read. Just clarifies how political our SCOTUS, has become and how SCOTUS personal opinion is now penned and catalogued for time in memorial.

    Dirk Williams

  12. the FBI component of the alphabet Gestapo will go ahead and do it anyway. As we have seen repeatedly, Sodom-on-the-Potomac is a completely (Talmud aside) lawless environment

  13. Meatspace. It’s where you can get one of those fancy craft beers and use the public computer (P-4 tower!) with a live OS on a USB stick.

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  15. In the sixteen years since Billy Jeff Clinton left office, the US government’s armed thug count has risen by almost 50%, from about 130,000 to over 200,000. This is why various private companies that train government agents have seen their fortunes increase exponentially.

    These are the people being trained to kill us.

    Are you getting ready?