Brexit Day

Via GoV and Bracken:



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  1. as I said

    on the previous thread:

    more elite theatre

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. SameNoKami

    There will be no Brexit.
    Just as Scotland was not allowed to leave GB.
    .gov is not about being free.

  4. Maybe Biden will drop by to give them some last minute motivation:

  5. Pendulum’s swing both ways don’t they? Well at least we’d like to think so & the PTB really need you to believe your vote matters. The UK guy is channeling the Trump meme, hell he even has the hair n red tie to go with it lol. Your vote can and will matter but you won’t be using a ballot box. Casting votes will involve hot lead and molds. Great Britain may wake up but they gave up their guns so it’s gonna be one ugly mess to yank (excuse the pun) it back from the globalist commie cabal. Go with God and I will pray for those Brits who are awake to the peril they face.

  6. If they have the courage to leave, and be free of a lot of leftist shit, G*d bless ’em. If they don’t, they are truly and finally damned.

  7. Expect massive vote fraud. No country is allowed to escape the Empire, certainly not one as significant as Britain. The Empire must crash first.

  8. Neros Lyre

    BBC, ITV forecast that Britain has voted to leave the European Union(11:51 EST)

  9. Looks like the beginning of the end for the EU.

    France will follow then Germany it all comes tumbling down shortly thereafter.

    Interesting times.
    Got siver & lead?