This Friday, Russian lawmakers will vote on some of the harshest legislation in post-Soviet history


From a reader.

It is always done “to protect you”.

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  1. Bad link? Or are the authorities blocking it?

  2. The Russians are about to get their own version of “The (so-called) Patriot Act”.

  3. just plain todd

    hahahahahaha! i sez to myself, before i read the article, self, that cunt looks like a russian hitlery. then i read the article. i was right again! shoot. them. into. the. ground. worldwide.

  4. Sounds like a Pogrom Frau Hilarity would be proud of. Those darn Russians tutoring the USSA again. Hey! How about a neo-con/progressive idea? Let’s go to War with each other over who can be the most oppressive in foreign affairs and repressive domestically?
    Do you Russians have a Klinton Global Initiative yet?

  5. Virgil Kane

    She’s much better looking than Diane Feinstein, but you could switch the names and US senate for Duma and this could be a story out of DC.

  6. So is russia follwoing the lead of the ussa on this one or visa versa?

  7. Living as an expat for many years, I am convinced that citizenship is in itself is bs.

    My loyalty is not to a particular country. It is to the concepts as enumerated by the American founding fathers. These concepts are universal. Not restricted to Americans only.

    What is citizenship as an American really mean now days? Lifetime tax servitude no matter where in the world you are, they will use guns and lay claim to your work.

    What does Russian citizenship really mean? Not a damn thing either. Artificial constructs.

    The one word people do have that one concept right, but it’s going to bite them in their collectivist marxist oligarch ass when team freedom really groks the concept.

    • I always believed that the greatest initial threat to our young Republic was another free republic with a free enterprise system. We would have had a difficult immigration status, competing for Europe’s best and brightest.

      I agree about our political concepts as humanly universal. So did the Founding Fathers.

  8. Yeah, sorry, no sale. Russia is essentially at war against all of Europe and the US so tell your “reader”- a Ukrainian propagandist, to sling his bullship somewhere else.

    For the Rhodina.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. outlawpatriot

    Gosh. Wish I gave a fuck about the Russians. 🙂

  11. aleksandr baranov

    welcome back to ussr,same way we going TOVARISH(COMRAD)

  12. I have many questions about this The site is based in Latvia, a third world country. It is run by a Putin hating former Russian journalist fired a couple years ago from another site. Just how does it pay the 20 writers it employs? Pro Putin sites beg for money constantly ( the Saker). Meduza seems to be rolling in the dough, most likely coming from the CIA and NATO.
    Even if what this article says is true, why should I give a fuck. Basically everything described there is not as bad as the govt policies in the EU now. Hell, Amerika is nearly as bad now. Last week 50 members of our State dept demanded we attack Damascus, which means war with Russia. Utterly, completely insane. Why in Gods name would we want to go to (nuclear) war with Russia over shit hole countries on the other side of the planet earth like Syria and the Ukraine. Our whole govt is packed with Dr. Strangelove’s and Col Jack D Ripper’s( Loved Sterling Hayden in that role). You guys may be right about that ‘prepping’ thing.

  13. There are power-hungry madmen and women in every country. Time for Russians to arm themselves…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If only they had some of those AKs that they handed out to every self-proclaimed “socialist revolutionary” from the 60s to the 80s.

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Well, she is a mean looking bitch and should visit a top salon for a makeover-immediately! That being said, I guess there really is no hope for the world. Yes, slavery is always done for our own good. Bombs Away coming to a community near you. I imagine that Liberty Minded Folks should investigate ark building; some of us have to survive armageddon.

    • Today, trust in the finished cross-work of Christ is the ark. Get on board and miss armageddon altogether!

      1 Thes 5:9-10… “For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him.”

  15. Meduza is an “Atlanticist” dissident group. They are based in Latvia.

    The proposed Russian legislation is to protect the Russian Federation from US sponsored “color revolution,” and the US mercenary army AQ/IS. And from “dual citizens” — we know who (rhymes with…) they are — who are behind both. It is a logical progression from their shutting down NGOs.

    Just think. If the USG had done the same thing in the 1930s we wouldn’t be where we are now.


    • What he said.

    • Mark Matis

      Well said.

    • This.

    • Lost Patrol

      “Just think. If the USG had done the same thing in the 1930’s we wouldn’t be where we are now.” Roger that SFC. And we know why it did not happen in the 1930’s and who was behind the scenes preventing it from happening. Short of revolution here at home the propaganda will continue.
      Stratfor open source analysis (another one of your favorites – tongue in cheek) stated that some of the more tougher sanctions such as stripping citizens of citizenship is being removed. This was due “to outside pressure”. Once the “new world order” takes over Russia and China, games up.

    • Exactly. Expect similar laws here under Trump. This law is aimed directly at the immune/transnational rats like Soros and co. and their gladio operatives. Stripping citizenship is already ‘law’ here under NDAA.

      The Russians are arming themselves alright – against their ancient khazar-masonic foe , which commenced FTX on Russian border on 75th anniversary of Barbarossa – what a coincidence. Banning third world ‘immigration’ is next logical step.

  16. We may think this is just Russia and does not affect us, but here we have a bunch of legislators holding a sit-in in the House of Representatives to try to force a vote on new laws that would curtail due process for gun owners. How far off are we from what Russia is doing. Already we have FISA courts, which also amounts to no due process and the government wants to keep expanding these secret courts and secret lists. I’m not seeing much difference here with what the Russians are doing, I’m afraid.

  17. I wish the Russian people well. Their business is their business and they can straighten shit out as it presents itself. I’ve got plenty on my plate and as I’m already dead, I’ve neither time nor inclination to think about it.

  18. Gee, I wonder what the teeming masses of the mongoloid russkies are thinking about all this.

  19. Agree with Barry. This was brought about by the efforts of US-funded NGOs to bring about a Maidan in Russia. Unwarranted meddling brings blowback.

    All in all, the law is not much different than what our administration and its leftist buddies in Congress want–except our home-grown nasties would want it enforced against patriots rather than those who would tear down the country.

  20. The Baltics are far from ‘shithole’ country(s). I would rather live there than the barrios of East LA. The Russians ground them up for 80 years and yet two of the three are in better financial shape now than the USA is right now.

  21. Some Guy in OR

    I encourage you to think a little more clearly here –

    Pretty much all of the highlighted issues revolve around those with dual citizenship or who are, let’s say, participating in organizations that are directly or indirectly focused on undermining Russia.

    I really don’t have a problem with this being applied in the US, either. How many native born Americans do you know who have dual citizenship?

    Wink, wink.

    (Plus, it’s Russia – who cares?)

  22. Uncle Larry

    Correct. Russia should have shut them down a long time ago. US paid subversives. Notice the anti-Russian Olympic dope scandal? Remember the anti-Russian propaganda during the Russian winter Olympics? It’s so obvious, it’s childish. The propaganda war is for a reason. The US is going to make a move against Russia pretty soon. The MSM is required to create consensus.

  23. Thanks, Sarge. I wondered if this was what was going on.

    Guess it’s world-wide….

  24. The propaganda precedes the war drums.
    The Russian Orthodox Church declared holy war on Jihad a few weeks ago.

    The elites need a war, beware any talk of conflict during these perilous times.

  25. US foreign policy makes perfect sense once you realize that everything our govt does in the middle east is not to benefit America, but Israel. Overthrow Saddam? Net negative for the region, big negative for the US, but a major enemy of Israel is gone. Same with Gaddaffi in Libya. Sure, he was a terrorist piece of shit, but did the US gain anything at all helping to overthrow him? No. Now Europe is flooded with hundreds of thousands of 60-IQ africans per month. But a major regional enemy of Israel went down. Thats all that matters to our State Department. Look at the names that work in the State Dept and you’ll see why. Our govt. is flooded with foreign agents.