Fred: More Adventures in Multiculturalism – Hussein Obama, 50; America, 0



Bigger problem?

The dude was re-elected.

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  1. I don’t believe he was elected once, much less twice. What with the way they are known to be able to manipulate the voting machines, and the walking dead voting, who knows who actually got the most votes?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      If you think that was something, wait til this November. Hillary could be 2 months dead and she’d still win. Voting machines don’t lie.

  2. He may try for a third term is things get “bad enough”…. Or he makes it that way.

    The mere fact that hillary is still neck and neck with trump shows how fargone this country is


      Stewie: The latest poll over at Breitbart has the Hildabeast pulling away from Mr. Trump. We are toast. Get ready.

  3. more smoke-blowing from Fred-in-Mexico

    1) Osama had little or nothing to do with 9/11. It was conceived by the Bush43 PNAC neo-conz: (((Wolfowitz))), (((Wurmser))), (((Zelikow))), (((Zackheim))), (((Feith))), (((Pike))), (((Perle))), et al. It was formatted by Saudi/Israeli intel; and operationalized by 19+ ragheads, at least 10 of whose actual identities remain unknown to this day

    2) and Obama, like Mrs. Clinton (who is surrounded by another (((neo-con))) flock, is a paid agent of (((Soros))) and the other Judeo-globalist banksters and billionaires. Just like the rest of the political class

    • Damn Stuka Pilot, you must be a CIA asset. Then again, you Muslims are all about Taqiyya, eh ?


    • tangotango-03

      says the closet muslim

      • TT-03….if your “closet”remarks are referring to mine above….well, you can’t be serious. Deflection. Deflection.

        Of course, what’s another moniker to add to your growing list of screen names, eh Haxo/Stuka Pilot/tangotango-03, etc. ?

        Your Taqiyya-practicing antics are hilarious ! You crack me up !


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Kinda scary when you realize how many folks you thought were awake, only to see them still pushing the state run history lessons.
      Denial……’s the way of the masses. Keeps ’em safe and sane.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Osama had little or nothing to do with 9/11.”

      Did anyone ever tell him that? Because he sure believed the lie.

      • no, in his first interview (the truthful one)

        • …he said, “not my operation…Taliban has had me tied down for a couple months, and I haven’t been able to get anything going”. Later, when the evil grandeur of 9/11 became apparent, he tacked. I’ll remind you as well that Bin Laden had been a CIA asset for years beforehand. But go ahead, cucks. Keep on pretending that the ragheads are the Essential Enemy. You appear to enjoy losing

  4. Voting!
    It’s what’s for… nothing!

    • ’06,

      “Voting! ….nothing!”

      I tend to agree with that concept/belief. But, I have a difficult time with total commitment to the concept. Take for instance the recent Senate vote denying anti-gun bills passage to the Marxists/Collectivists/Statists/Communists on both sides of the aisle. If folks had elected only those holding the core beliefs of the aforementioned scum, we’d be having to deal with more attacks on 2A and our G-d given rights to self-defense.

      This belief that voting has no value is a topic for discussion not suited to this venue. I’d love to sit around in a small group and discuss the topic. Too bad we can’t do that.

      Never give up your guns.

      Go Trump ! Why ? Because, for all his faults, he’s the “fuck you” to the District of Columbia elites, the establishment scum.

      Take care ’06.

      • Dan, I agree, it’s a very real conundrum. But, given the rigging, fixing and dumbing, it does seem pretty hopeless.

        • ’06,

          It does seem hopeless. Can’t agree with you more. By human nature we always seem to hold out hope.

          Anyways…..hope you’re having a peaceful weekend. Try not to get TOO worked up over this shit.

      • Amen Brother… There’s something different about you Dan III and it’s a good thing;) As CA mentioned we only have each other…

  5. Hussein Obama is a sock puppet, yes a dangerous one due to the particular nice sock he was tasked with wearing, but if you believe he’s truly “the man” on all this shit, you’re mistaken. He is just not that good. Watch what happens when his teleprompter fails.

    Now as to the moose limb problem, well when society is begining to awaken ,after a century or two of deep SSRI induced slumber, it becomes necessary to create boogeymen to distract the herd. Fear is a powerful drug, so is false hope. In this case, the boogeymen are actual killers sent here to slaughter some of the flock so as to scare the rest into line.

    It’s all agenda driven by his paymasters. Just like the “mass shootings”. For example, since Obamao took offfice there have been something like 500 or so victims of the “Mass Shooting” phenom. Lets just accept the number at face value (a real reach I know because I believe a bunch were outright hoaxes with bad crisis actors) for the sake of argument. 500 in 8 years. Now
    ponder that the 3rd leading cause of death in the USofA is medical mistakes. Mistakes. Errors. Oops, sorry you’re dead. At that rate during the 8 years of Obamao’s reign in the Pres sock, we have allowed 2 million souls to be released from earthly bounds. 2 million vs 500. So please remember what they do is not about what they say. Ever. The sock puppet was tasked with “getting the guns” or “doing something about the guns”. He’s worked on it but has failed miserably. It matters not, he will still charge a half mil an hour when he leaves the orifice of prezident.

    Have a great day and do something positive. YOYO.

  6. Decent observations by the curmudgeon in chief as far as they go. I ask, then, what’s the plan? Sit on our collective fat, cowardly asses and do nothing while our country is destroyed from within by the mixed breed in the oval office and his willing psychopathic scrotum lickers in congress, or do we actually get to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE GOD DAMN PROBLEM?

  7. From the article: “Countries deserve what they tolerate. They even more deserve what they encourage.”
    Completely agree. The usa earned the financial and demographic mess it is in because its people, like most people in history are largely apathetic to anything outside their little circle and had voting percentages for decades that could be beaten out by determined liberals. If the usa’s old white traditionalist majority would have showed up to vote like England’s old white traditionalists did(the young people in England were apparently all in for the EU and more socialism), the usa would not be on the road to a 3rd world socialist nation that it is.

  8. Ill also add that gis is a direct result of king baracks fundamental transformation and an amerikan people who are to coward to do anything….

    As the father if a 5 year old girl this brought tears to my eyes when i read the original article early this week.

    The media and politicians all the way down to the city councils are covering all this up. Is anywhere safe anymore?

    • Grey Ghost

      No place is safe since the the 2nd tyrant from Illinois has brought in 1 million+ ragheads on his 7.5yr watch… so far… and still counting. And BHO will never follow any law or SCOTUS decision that he disagrees with.

      Northwest redoubt my aching ass. Have fun up there in Idaho, Montana, etc. Last I checked only WY had none of these invaders, but I could be wrong about that.

      Grey Ghost

  9. Uncle Larry

    He was elected because the MSM got voters of all races to hate Bush and the Republican Party. It wasn’t a difficult job. Who’d the Republicans run? McCain and Sarah. Then Romney and who? Candidates designed to lose.

  10. “… Who profits from flaming arrondissements, explosions in subways, and dead gays?” — Fred

    Fred knows who — The Police State. Every police state must have a muse for which to ‘fight’ otherwise they have no reason to exist. They tried using paramilitary groups at first but those groups were smart enough to know when to go to ground till things cooled off. No that won’t do for the police state. But Muslims, dumb, easily provoked, willing to kill in the name of a pervert fits the bill perfectly.

    The police state never had it so easy.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    The Democrat Party owes Chuck Hagel their perpetual admiration
    and thanks for gifting Obama with the key to the electronic voting
    machine infrastructure.
    Look it up, amazing coincidence ? I think not !

  12. Dude was re-elected clearly by the PTB & corrupt to the core poltical apparatus.
    The fix is beyond the ballot box at this point.

    • Voodoo brother,,wasn’t smacking on you, my brother. Addressing another jaded point.

      Spent sometime the ranch yesterday. Nuts at 1k, not so good @ 1670 4 for 10 winds a fickle bitch.

      Dirk Williams

  13. Vote, absolutely. HOPE, is a powerful motivator. I Hope, there fore I vote.

    Don’t vote, don’t run your soup coolers!

    Dirk Williams

  14. The murkins are drunken drug addicted lazy ass zombies. Hey! I just got another tattoo! Sheesh. Nuff said about their situation….

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. My wife and I sat in a courtroom for three and a half hours on Friday. When I got called up and charges read to me , five minutes went by.
    I asked my wife why we were called up last in the courtroom. She said, “It was because we didn’t have a lawyer.” Sad,but true.
    As we sat in the courtroom looking at the riff-raff,scumbags,addicts,wife-beaters and deadbeats; I told my wife who the methheads,junkies and alcoholics were. I was five for five. I can spot a piece of shit a mile away.
    I am facing felony menacing charges for protecting my wife and granddaughter on my own property.
    The shitstorm is here. It is not on the way. Do proper surveillance,gather intel,process and disseminate. The stupid motherfuckers are soon to become mincemeat in this country.
    Whitey and his family are destined for extinction unless you get off your ass and get busy. This is not a drill. This is life in the fucking USA.