L’Europe, C’est Fini

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Now for some carpentry…


fuck the eu

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    YES!!! Now to distribute firearms to the English public……..

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Step 2. Step 3, forcibly evacuate goat-fuckers from country.

    • Last time we tried that, the ungrateful fuckers dumped them in the ocean when commanded to. Fuck. Them.

    • Stealth Spaniel, that’s a great idea. America has too many guns sitting in gun cabinets. Either arm yourself or arm your friends.

      Hang in there Brits. You pissed off the evil globalists and they will retaliate. You have lots of friends here in the US. Think about the Spaniel’s idea of leaving gun control.

    • Firearms to the Brits ? Not on my tax dollars. We bailed those fucks out 70+ years ago and they ended up destroying the small arms we gave them. You should be more concerned with ensuring each Amerikan home has a chicken in every pot, an ARmalite in every bedroom along with 7 mags and 210 rounds of 5.56mm.

      Fuck the British.

    • Sorry, Spaniel- the Brits tried taking our weapons and ammo stores once and we sent them running to Mommy Queen with their tails between their legs.

      Then, true to their Queer… umm… Queenie… err… anyway, we have to ship them our personal weapons twice so they can stand off the enemy they created so we can get our troops on line to save them, and the rest of the “EU”.

      If they want help getting firearms to defend themselves, they can get them from their Royal Guard.

      Those elitist asses want to blame Americans for their problems– it’s all over PBR/PBS with every program. So, piss on them all, even those who should be given help.

      They don’t deserve anything from Americans.

  2. Hallelujah! Let us now sit back with our popcorn, pretzels, beer, (Moxie on the rocks for me) and watch the libturd heads explode for the next few days! I like the way Stealth Spaniel thinks, too; let’s ship ’em roll-yer-own lower receivers and a few Ghost Gunner machines.

  3. Good on ’em! Screw the EU.

  4. Thank God the English people have seen the light.

    Whether their “lords” will obey the “referendum” or not we shall see. If not, that only makes the matter even more clear and the remedy as well.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Let them make their own Sten guns, see if they have what it takes like their forefathers did. Most probably can’t turn a screwdriver today.

    • SF0321,

      Your screwdriver remark is spot on. Myself, time to worry about Amerika and the enemies domestic. Fuck the British. Bailed them out in 2 world wars. Enough is enough.

  6. Hadenoughalready

    Let the games begin…

  7. …well, well, well. It seems the Iron Legion begins to awaken. For us here in CONUS, it is well past time… let’s beat those plowshares back in to swords, shall we? Arm yourselves gentlemen, the time is nigh.

  8. Way too soon to crow … though I confess to taking some pleasure in the discomfiture of the Remainiacs, on Twitter.

    The UK remains hard-core Socialist, and there’s no immediate prospect of that changing.

    The EU is not “done for”. There’s a lot of fight left in it, and plenty of treachery yet to be revealed.

    There’s already a movement declaring that the result was “not in my name”. They want to participate in Democracy … UNTIL they lose. And then, it’s time to whine about Consent, or its absence. Despicable.

    There’s definitely a chasm being created between people who hold the opposing views. I’ve noticed that many people don’t speak openly of the Referendum and the issues. I think that they are wary of creating tension.

    They say that this is what it was like during the Civil War … man against wife; father against son.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to the Balkanization of the UK. The Scots will have to go … they are institutionally Marxist, as evidenced by the overwhelming support for the EU. So, too, the Irish … and probably the Welsh. From the English’ point of view, all of these are dead weight. The only fiscal benefit of Scotland, was the North Sea Oil; well, that’s all-but-gone.

    Who will be next? Holland, France, Belgium?

  9. The popular referendum doesn’t have the force of law. The Government will do what it wants to do. “The public be damned!”

  10. All in all, June 23rd was a good day for liberty minded folk. Brexit passes, the boy in chief gets his teeth kicked in on exceeding his authority, and the congressional chimps expose themselves for the lower life forms they are for all the world to see. I still think this thing in Twin Falls with the little girl may morph into a seminal event. Despite the resounding silence by the government propaganda organs, word is getting out.

  11. Be sure to dig your post holes at least 3 feet below (and 42″ if in the NE) to avoid frost heaves later down the road.

  12. Virgil Kane

    This is really turning out to be an interesting year. Some tar and feathers and short rope would really get the party going.

  13. Centurion_Cornelius

  14. Splendid. Now catch fire on the mainland, squeeze all the poison out the anal orifice that is Turkey, and take back all that is good in a culture.

  15. HUZZAH, Britannia!

  16. 30 rounds X 15 mags

    Britain votes for independence. Will (((they))) allow it without a war?

    It’s happening.

  17. The fact the vote was so close shows the difficulty of the struggle. 49% are cucked.

  18. can we now have a Texit?

    • Stewie, we Montanans love real Texans. But what can you do with your big cities. I have a better idea. You guys move to the Redoubt and bring a fighting leader with you because we sure don’t have one. Stewart Rhodes is awesome but he and Oath Keepers are stretched on defense.

  19. Some jack-ass musician exclaimed….”Democracy failed us because it was ill-informed.”
    Yeah sure, now that your globalist/socialist masters failed to manipulate the masses again?!?!. Someone get a rope. The UK needs to bring back their gallows – post haste.

  20. The muslim mayor of London and also Sturgeon of Scotland have said they will look at ways to remain in EU. Since they don’t like how the vote turned out they’ll just hold another or meet separately in backroom negotiations.

  21. most brits with any stones left long ago.
    surprised that the remaining sheeple found any backbone at all.
    maybe kick out the muslim invaders next?

  22. LeGrandeGuy

    Globalist elites will NOT let go of even the smallest bit of power and privilege without a fight. It is 1848. Steel yourself for the outrageous and incomprehensible.

  23. shocktroop0351

    I believe this is what they call thermidor, and it’s just beginning. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermidor#Thermidor_in_revolution

  24. See what happens when you let people make decisions. I bet worldwide bankers and government officials are cursing out the English general population.
    And to make things even more interesting, supposedly other european countries will have the same option vote coming up in the next month or two.
    The Fed’s charade is over, recession coming up.

  25. YAY!!! Rule, Britania!!

  26. It’s a step in the right direction for the British people.

    It’s a punch in the face & bloody nose for globalists as around the world.

    I’m hearing 99% of the market experts had it wrong. I hope the hedge funds take it especially hard. Would have no problem watching some managers step out a window.

    We’ve been out of the market since before the 08 crash. My investments over the last eight years have been limited to silver, lead & iron.
    Looks like they’ll stand the test of time.

  27. It will be interesting to see how the ECB unwinds all its various financial holdings if Britain, France, Italy leave the EU. Merkel be sitting there holding the stinking bag of IOUs??

  28. SameNoKami

    It ain’t over.
    The vote is non-binding (from what I’ve read) and with Cameron resigning,
    it throws the whole thing into the next Parliment.
    I don’t think the Brits are going to be allowed out.
    .gov always has an Ace up it’s sleeve to achieve its desired outcome.

  29. Colorado KnightOwl

    Very happy for the British people!!!! Can’t believe the sheeple had the guts to vote LEAVE. Now if Colorado and Texas could vote ourselves OUT that would be OUT Fking Standing!

  30. The left always enjoys a good chant. Well, here’s one for them now: “Hey,Hey, Ho, Ho, if your name’s Mohammed it’s time to go.”

  31. Uncle Larry

    Did the New World Order just get kicked in the nuts? Prepare for a counter attack.

  32. Europe’s not fini, but the EU dream nightmare certainly is unraveling now.

    If you listen closely, you may yet hear hoofbeats on the cobblestones as Frau Merkel’s tumbrel cart draws nigh.

    One can but hope now that Britain seems to have reclaimed their balls, they’ll find a way to reclaim their weapons at some point as well.

  33. The American Empire, European branch, is going down. “Good riddance to bad rubbish,” as my old Mom used to say.

  34. They got a long haul in front of them, but at least now they got a chance. Had to laugh at watching the pussy posse on TV, when the markets went south, and they were all quaking and shaking. This hardly matters in the markets, they are all STILL up past their ears in debt. The coming defaults are what’s going to get them. And the Fed can’t monetize them all, at once. Not even half of them. A dam about to burst.

  35. I see that Donald Trump favours Brexit … ie, secession from the EU.

    That must be good news for Texans.

    Presumably, a President Trump would not oppose their leaving the Union.

  36. Described on National Propaganda Radio as- “serfs revolt”, a “rude gesture” to their “masters”.

    TWO YEARS to implementation. Predicting that NOTHING will change.

  37. The English are to be congradulated. Cutting momma’s cord was a psychologically difficult task. I’m cautiously optimistic about a direction change,

    Between Britexit, and SCOTUS, finding “Black Berry” overstepped his presidential authority, on immigration.

    Short term market punishment, in play, give it two weeks, markets will find that balance.


  38. SameNoKami writes: Stop getting the revenue and they just borrow/print more.

    The government can print currency; the government can not print food to feed their armies of employees. Do not confuse currency with logistical supplies. The government can not borrow if the lenders do not expect to be repaid because tax collection is in question. China stopped lending years ago. Historical record is that not paying taxes is the thin edge of a wedge. Once some taxpayers are seen to get away with not complying, lots more join them. The response is a huge government crackdown. Sometimes that’s successful, sometimes not. Worse, better.

    They aren’t getting tax $$ now from the 95million that are out of the labor force.

    That’s why the buying power of social security/medicare is dropping at 10%/year and will do so forever. Look for social disruption from whiny boomers trying to extract money they claim they deserve from somewhere else, anywhere but working for a living. Boomers are going back into the workforce, and they’re not getting the cushy middle management bunny inspector government jobs they think they deserve.

    oughtsix writes: But you go on and organize a million folks

    Suppose a million persons slowly trickle in to buying and selling healthcare over one of the crypto auction type sites which makes it hard to tell they’re doing it. Boomers will be increasingly moving to grey, and then black markets for healthcare as their incomes shrink. The electoral support you’re looking for to declare it “organized” exists at the end of the de-facto policy change, not at the beginning. Then a politician runs to the head of the parade already in progress, and writes history books claiming he assembled the parade. That’s what JFK did for black civil rights, the blacks had already won by the time JFK showed up.

    Stealth Spaniel writes: Now to distribute firearms to the English public

    If the Brits want guns, they can buy them or make them from plumbing parts or collect them from their government employees. As Anglo British Whites they’ve had every advantage. They are not a disadvantaged ethnic group. They are not inferior. They do not deserve reparations in the form of a subsidy.

    • SameNoKami

      “The government can not borrow if the lenders do not expect to be repaid because tax collection is in question.”
      Only a moron would think that we are ever going to pay back $19TT. And yet they still sell bonds.
      “That’s why the buying power of social security/medicare is dropping at 10%/year and will do so forever.”
      If it’s dropping for the boomers, it’s dropping for everyone else too.
      Your idea is noble. The train is eventually going to run off the tracks anyway no matter what.

  39. Medical monopolies in the US,
    To: Karl Denninger, and others
    Reward adjustment – for lawyers

  40. to the boys in the band:

    The helicopter overflight was a nice touch today. Seriously don’t you have better things to do? But for the Grace of God……

  41. SemperFi, 0321

    Just fascinating to watch MSM doing damage control for their handlers! Those fuckers in the NWO are gnashing their teeth over this, and trying to figure out their next lying scheme to regain control.
    And the masses haven’t a clue what this is about.

    • Yeah. And Fox News is right in there with the rest of the 4th Estate predicting doom & gloom.

      Got rope ?

  42. Great. The beast is at least getting some lacerations finally.

  43. Alfred E. Neuman

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  44. Comment mod system here sucks ass.

  45. Steve Kristmann

    Better yet send them 3D printers and cad files!!
    No ‘gov’ has ANY business knowing what people
    own and carry!!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  46. Perhaps the Chinese government buying so many USA treasury bonds has the same political function as the ancient Egyptians building pyramids. The US bonds never were supposed to be redeemed. The political purpose was to tax away and then destroy the collected wealth of the middle class, so the middle class didn’t possess the wealth to compete with the rulers.

    I think the proper attitude towards disarmed Britons is to point and laugh, while holding up pictures of the fine warfighting airplanes they built in the past. “The only reason YOU can’t duplicate this TODAY, is because YOU snitch on each other to the boxcar-loaders YOU hire and pay the salaries of!”

  47. a little rope would go a long way…

  48. The swine Hillary has been awful quiet since the Brits renounced globalism and Muslim invasion.

    Got rope ?

  49. The Brits have Brexit. Americans have Rule 308.