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  1. Lost Patrol

    This issue makes me want to go to the range more often. Sight in, build range cards, clean and repeat every weekend. Grab my ruck and hike out to the recreation center. Push harder. Watch my diet. Pick up more reloading and food supplies. Yup, this issue was a motivation for this old man.
    There is a complete separation within the USSA. Time to actually physically separate … divorce the others … build our own kingdom if you will. Whether it be Appalachia, or the Northern Rockies … we hold nothing in common with the rest of the “states”. Divorce peacefully or revolution. Take your pick.

  2. ^^^^^^^^^^I respectfully suggest that doing the above, if that’s all we’re doing, is like trying to fertilize a 40 acre field with a fart. Action, positive, substantive ACTION against THE PROBLEM is all that matters at this point. I look forward to the next installment from the messenger. I just hope he doesn’t advocate buying gold and silver and continue sitting on our lard infused rears waiting for the collapse. Facts and figures boys and girls! Start by firing every, single, one of the political pukes in Congress. All of them!

  3. “It is commonplace to ascribe the darkest motivations to your enemies, and credit yourself with the best of intentions, but based on their respective actions—not conjectures and hypotheticals about designs to rule the world—Russia and China seek control of their spheres of influence consistent with notions of multipolarity, while the US
    seeks unipolarity and Russian and Chinese submission. All indications are that Russia and China will not submit. Nor will the US back away from unipolarity. Certainly Hillary Clinton will not.”

    The flying headlong into the side of a mountain, of itself, isn’t what kills you. It’s that damned old immutable physics thing.