144:1 Sends


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12 responses to “144:1 Sends

    • my car has a nice coating of mud and dust on it which highly obscures me resistor decal right now, but not the dual band antenna.

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Shinmen Takezo

    Okay call me stupid, but what does the “144:1” mean exactly?
    Also the bottom photo of the “wave graph?”

    Riddle me these questions please.

  3. SemperFi, 0321

    Well, since I don’t care for religion or getting burned, obviously these hold no attraction whatsoever.
    Might have better luck with the Tony Robbins crowd.

  4. I’m glad we have all these symbols and insignias to get behind, but sometimes I wonder if it’s too many. I have started seeing people taking pride in flying the lesser known symbols, pretending like they’re somehow superior because their flag hat shows something less identifiable than say, the Gadsden Flag. People saying “DTOM is overused by armchair commandos. I fly the Bonnie Blue instead.” or some other such BS. It’s like our version of the hipster. “I wore the resistor patch before it was cool”. Let’s all just recognize these symbols as many pieces of one thought process, and not start looking at each other as opponents competing for who is the most anti-government or anti-whatever. We aren’t always going to agree, but we are on the same team.

    • DTOM has been worn out and I haven’t used it since the tea party high jacked it back in 2010. I’m still waiting for their politicians to repeal obamacare and keep all the other promises they made.

      That being said…
      I am working on something that’s “never been seen befoh”. Soon.

    • Although I think we have to be careful to avoid limiting our effectiveness by having too many messages (or arguing over which symbol is superior), my general thought is the more the merrier when it comes to symbols. Less popular symbols may inspire inquiries or open the door for conversations with people who may not be fully versed in the symbols of freedom, whereas many people think they already know what DTOM means or represents. For those in less hospitable climates, they may also provide a means of relative identification while maintaining a less confrontational appearance.

    • Mark Matis

      I still say the John Birchers are a bunch of pinkos, and the Minutemen are late to the party…