A Reminder

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Don’t think the elites are going to fold.

You will be considered an “irreconcilable”.

Understand the meaning of that term in the COIN context.

And be effective in your response.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The problem is not, that no Americans can imagine where a road or bridge is needed, or how to construct one. The problems are (a) that other Americans hire warlords to prevent Americans from building, and (b) the builder Americans are ok with this. Solving a is easy, solving b is hard.

    • Steve Kristmann

      And the ‘warlords’ that other Americans hire belong to a collectivist
      ruling class called ‘gov’. Ignorant/brainwashed/dumbed down Americans
      ‘belive’ that ‘gov’ is needed for their very survival.

      Those of us who’ve taken the ‘red pill’ are no longer blissfully asleep in
      ‘the Matrix’; we know that we DON’T NEED a totally imaginary thing
      called ‘gov’/’authority’ to successfully live our lives peaceably and
      productively with others.

      Larken Rose destroys the myth of ‘gov’/’authority’ in his book “The Most
      Dangerous Superstition” and also in his novel, “The Iron Web”.

      “gov..we don’t NEED no stink’n gov here!!!”

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

      • Kristmann,

        Reads like “anarchy” to me. A good thing in my mind.

        Be aware, WRSA’s resident statist/collectivist/I-Loves-Me-Big Gov, Outlaw Patriot, will be wetting his panties over your anti-government blasphemy. He has regularly mother-fucked those of us, anarchists, who are tired of the ruling elites telling us how to live our lives. So remember, the libs/globalists/Stalinists are everywhere. They are more than happy to subjugate those who want true Freedom & Liberty. Look at Great (formerly) Britain and the globalist enemies there, deriding the referendum decision to leave the European Union. And of course, we have the same percentage of libs/statists/collectivists/commies here in the fUSA. All one has to do is look at the supporters of Clinton, Saunders, Manchin,, Feinstein, Newsome, Governor Moonbeam and a host of others.

        Here’s to the big Fuck-You….

        GO TRUMP !

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Baksheesh or bloodletting, pick one.

  3. The US execute a COIN OP in this country? Hold on, I will stop laughing in a minute of so. Not because they won’t but because they really don’t know how.

    Closest we have had to that was the Boston Marathon Bombing. Paramilitary sweeps to two neighborhoods and they still could not find the perp. (a civie tipped them off.) Then the Pulse assault in which the FBI probably should have held the wife on a material witness warrant as we speak still do not know where she is at. Both events do show however that for an insurgency to be successful it must have the backing of the populace.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hey, the FBI put down incipient rebellions in Waco and Ruby Ridge – that has to count for something, right?

  4. Oh, you mean TVA during the ’30?


    How about one or two determined people, who have practiced at the rock quarry or an indoor range with semi-auto rifles chambered in .22lr? Despite all of the Orcs body armor, ordnance, and “training”, a shot hitting any unprotected area from up to 100 yards away will have a salutary effect on their physiology and take them out of the fight.
    The problem with that photograph, as with many others from venues in Ireland, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, etc. is the Crusader mentality, along with any semblance of a gun culture has been bred out of the male and female population. Not so here, That is why the Pols and their Orcs are running scared and spooling up more “incidents”. Get and stay trained and prepped. Focus your anger and hatred. Bleib ubrig.

    • Notarealperson

      If you’re going to go that far and risk death why waste ammo on the hired help? Seriously, there are plenty of chumps that will sign up if the money is right. And when you can hire mercs from all over the world, it’s a losing proposition.

      Instead directly target the boss class – the people who buy the politicians and give them orders. You know the Wall Street investment bankers, hedge fund operators, Silicon Valley CEO’s, executives at big pharma, big medical, the CofC, CFR members, etc.

      Most of them operate in plain view because they know the masses are too stupid to see beyond the two party facade they set up for them. Not to mention the MSM which they control and for the last 60 years have fed the people a constant stream of lies as to who really rules the country while they enriched themselves at our expense..

      They got the white masses so messed up they’re ready to shoot dead some idjit SJW types and beaners who take their marching orders from various billionaires and foundations while leaving their bosses alone. It’s not to say some SJW and cholos don’t deserve hot lead, some do. But as the hired help, they are quite replaceable.

      We’re not, we don’t have the manpower to waste.

      You need to short circuit the system by taking out the brains and money behind it all.

      • Said donors list is readily available from the FEC. Sort by $$ amount and name and have at it.


        Notarealperson: True that. But, the problem is getting to them. They are very well protected by the thug/Orc/”Operator” class. If enough of their minions get up every morning and wonder if today is their last day upright and breathing, they may pause and reflect on whether the blood money they are receiving is worth it.
        We have yet to see a Northern Ireland situation in Amerika. The remnant is growing and they are armed and angry. They have not struck. Yet. On the other hand, We have seen the stumble-bums with badges in action from Ruby Ridge to the Pulse, and horrible incidents of flat-out murder of innocents in between.
        Sooner or later(hopefully real soon), the Wrath Of The Saxon will burst forth. Couple that with the increasing chimp-outs over the freebie-card malfs. and other perceived racial slights. The Philly Convention may turn out out to be a bore, but Cleveland will be very sporty. There are plenty of unreported straws in the wind already. The wealthy, both syphilitic cosmic white liberals and others of means, are leaving the metro areas of Amerika in larger numbers. I see their kind up here in Rawles Land often. The cannot shut up so they are easy to spot.
        So I try to be of good cheer, It’s all about the range, PT, passive and sub- rosa Intel sweeps in my A/O, watching, and listening. Keep your own counsel as much as possible. Bleib ubrig.

      • “Instead directly target the boss class – the people who buy the politicians and give them orders. You know the Wall Street investment bankers, hedge fund operators, Silicon Valley CEO’s, executives”…

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    Don’t think the elites are going to fold.

    You will be considered an “irreconcilable”.

    Understand the meaning of that term in the COIN context.

    And be effective in your response.

  7. Try being a white male and yelling at a cop in this country. See what happens.

  8. SameNoKami

    Like Granny said “The Civil War was when the Yankees invaded America.”

  9. friend fuchs

    Yep…, we were supposed to have been disarmed and allowed to wither on the vine by now. Globalist will not back down, most likely they will first unleash their Islamic surrogates on us. When that fails, total war!