ZH: Civil Uprising Escalates As 8th EU Nation Threatens Referendum

Z-Man: Stability, AfD, Brexit, & Trump: The West Is At War With Itself

ZH: Dow Futures Down 900 Points From Pre-Brexit Highs, Plunge Below Friday’s Crash Lows

Zut alors!

tommy sez leave

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  1. middling Right-Left rumble in Sacramento this afternoon. A few stabbings, but no shootings, more’s the pity


    The Plunge Protection Team will make sure the NWO/Illuminati/Wall Street rat bastards do not lose their shirts. Brexit is a hiccup.

  3. ‘Z-Man: Stability, AfD, Brexit, & Trump: The West Is At War With Itself’
    Actually the West is attempting to renew itself, belatedly late mind you, but renew none the less. Freedom is what hangs in the balance. But we are no different than say the 30’s when there was the Red Scare. Or the US civil war. Or the revolution. There is ALWAYS someone on the inside that wants moar and will stoop to any length to get it.

  4. The EU needed Britain far more than Britain needed the EU. There were only two large expanding economies in the EU, Germany and Britain’s. The rest were barely treading water or were out right anchors, like Greece’s and Portugal’s, and those bad ones were threatening to sink the EU altogether. Mad Merkel and Junker then flooded the EU with millions of third world rape refugees, hoping to spread them around to all 28 countries. The old soviet eastern block, several of whom had fought a 700 year war with islam, won’t take any of them. And now England won’t take anymore so now Mad Merkel is stuck with them. The whole idea of flooding the EU with millions of uneducated third world refugees into economies that were either failing (Greece, Portugal), or were still reeling from the 2008 collapse ( Spain, Italy, France) , was utterly insane. And to top it off, Mad Merkel decides to invite Turkey, and Asian country, a country whose citizens have half the average income of Greece, who bought all of ISIS’s oil there by funding terrorism, into the EU with 70 million more sharia demanding muslims. This was insanity off the scale. Look more for civil war rather than exit, from the countries that are now stuck with the million muslim weapons of mass destruction they have insanely welcomed into every neighborhood of the EU.

    • Obama will take them off merkals hands so they can rape and pillage here…. Idaho doesnt have enough sharia i hear.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Good write ups!
    One of the major problems I see here is that most people have no idea this is about giving the elites the heave ho, most Americans do not understand that the banksters control their every move. They are truly clueless who and what the FedRes, CFR, WorldBank, UN, NATO, and the rest really stand for. Somehow the Europeans seem to pay more attention in this arena.
    We here have been brainwashed from birth to pay the insurance man, voting is a civic duty, that the banks are your friend and your credit card ratings are the envy of the free world. The masses need to understand more than ever they are being lied to every minute by every conceivable source, the polls are a sham, and they must not allow those in power to remain. Hillary is now shown as surging ahead of Trump and will undoubtedly take the election, hands down. And all because that’s what we’re told is the truth by MSM.
    Will the masses see thru this and pull off a popular vote like GB just did?

    • SF0321,

      I agree with your remarks. Myself, I cannot understand the suicidal mentality of the bulk of USA citizens. You commented that “….most Americans do not understand….”. My belief is not that they don’t understand, rather it is that they don’t care. Just look to the metamorphasis occuring in this country over the last 7 years, courtesy of the Al-Taqiyya practicing Muslim in the West Wing and the ignorant/indifferent electorate, who fooled by him once, allowed his re-installment a second time.

      Hey….on another note….you still shooting those 55 grainers ? I’m considering moving to the new Barnes, mag compatible 85 grainers over the 77 grain pills. Mind you now….I’m just “considering” the 85 grainers. I have ample 77’s in both bullets and loaded rds.

      Whatever you’re shooting nowadays I hope you make it to the range as often as you like. And thanks for your commentary. Always interesting. Take care.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Thanks for the nice comments. As I’ve said earlier, we should all grow and learn from these mental masturbation sessions, instead of turning them into hate sessions. Most of us could sit down around a campfire and share some common wisdom over a bottle of Laphroig Scotch, instead of trying to kill ourselves over some perceived slander comments, no? We are all guests here, thanks to Pete’s generosity and his not having shut this venue down yrs ago, no wonder his hairline receded!
        The majority of my AR’s are the A1 variety with 1/12″ twist, so I stick to the 55-62 gr. I have one hvy bbl A2 upper with a 1/9″ and I should shoot some heavier bullets (I wanted to make some Barnes wolf loads before they shut the season down, AGAIN!, which they did.), but logistically it’s easier to stick to all 55-62 gr bullets. I’ve been shooting some 35 gr V-Max (3,500 fps+) in my CAR-15, holy crap!!!!
        I shoot Barnes TSX exclusively in my hunting rifles (they drop elk deader than hell), been tempted to try some in my .223 also.

  6. The case slowly builds for more countries to go on their own, only the loser countries, like Greece; are going to call out other considering leaving because they need them in the EU to keep living; much like the usa’s welfare class.
    and dow futures are only down 100 as of 9pm cst, so it isn’t that bad, but considering the EU is going to become a bigger mess for the next 3 months minimum, think it’s not going lower here is not being realistic.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    Ah! The illustrious Marine Le Pen!!

    —>A Free and Sovereign Citizen in a Free and Sovereign Country!—<

    It's not just for Americans. Screw the Elites and the Self Serving Educated Asshats. Of any stripe, color, or nature.
    Viva La France!
    Screw the EU!
    Bravo Brittania! Well Done!

    Having a G-U-N to protect you and yours is a God Given Right!

  8. Oh please. Once again Pete is bitten by the doom – and -gloom bug.

    Once again I see you haven’t read Sun Tzu – the only genius on military affairs -and are underestimating the enemy, just.iike your Eola “chicken little” routine.

  9. It’s very much looking like the political class is intending to ignore the results of the Referendum … by failing to invoke Article 50 … the mechanism which begins the process of severing the ties with the EU.

    It’s gonna turn ugly, in my opinion. At the end of the day, the big questions can only be settled by force of arms.

    • It only took the Europeans about 20 years to figure out that a federal superstate wouldn’t work before they wanted out. It took Americans 80 years and then they were forced back into it at gunpoint.

      It’s going to get ugly on both sides of the Atlantic again.

  10. Forgetting for the moment the specific issue of Brexit result (and how this illuminated a tiny bit more what the banksters are about & their motives) the referendum margin itself is a good illustration of literally-translated “mob rule” aka democracy. Perhaps the Brits will understand & tweak this mechanism, as other countries’ subjects try to remember what it was like to actually have a country & citizens with a national identity.

  11. Next, Britain should deport and de-naturalize all muslims, and repeal all gun control… And vigorously subsidize the rejuvenation of their domestic small-arms manufacturing sector, before it’s too late.
    Because England may otherwise face another Battle of Hastings…

    Oh Harold, do you hear?