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    Okay. She’ll get the barfly vote as well. She will be the next POTUS. Deal with it.

  2. American_Patriot

    Unrelated but relevant: a commenter on this site makes a good point:

    QUOTE:”And for their next trick; the feds are trying to enact new firearms restrictions based on no fly lists and supposed terrorist ties. If memory serves me, according to the homeland security act, motorcycle clubs are considered domestic terrorist’s. How long before the alphabet gangs, who have lists of most members of most clubs in these United States, apply said firearms restrictions, if made the law of the land, to active club members, retired members, prospective members and even ‘ol ladies?”

    That angle is deeply concerning, especially how the Feds can simply declare any group they like to be a “Domestic Terrorist Group.”

    Imagine this:

    Are you (or have you ever been) a Member of any kind of motorcycle club/group, including a harmless 1 piece patch Riding Club?

    You’re on The List!!!

    Are you (or have you ever been) Member of the NRA or GOA or SAF?

    You’re on The List!!!

    Are you (or have you ever been) a Member of League of the South, the Sons/Daughters of Confederate Veterans (or do you own a Rebel Flag or Gadsden Flag)?

    You’re on The List!!!

    Do you post on gun forums or any other forum where people might complain about the government?

    You’re on The List!!

    Have you ever donated money to pro-gun, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-Muslim causes or groups?

    You’re on The List!!

    Do you stockpile supplies/food/weapons?

    You’re on The List, hoarder!

    Are you a White, heterosexual, conservative Christian gun owner?

    Congrats, you’re on The List!

    I find it highly disturbing that even on gun forums, some morons are OK with banning anyone on the “Terrist List” from owning/buying guns.

    Don’t these people realize that the government can put them on The List whenever they want?

    • “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” A.Hitler

      And here we are, imagine where we will be. Sound the Trumpa.

    • outlawpatriot

      Meh. Don’t care. Pretty sure I’ve been on a list or two for years now. 😉

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. I look at the pic and I ask myself. If a coalition would perpetually fund Clinton a lifetime source of Jack Daniels, gratis, would she agree to drop out of the race?

  5. Shes qualified to make the tuff decisions. Trump is just a wasssissss.

  6. I’m going to do a lot of imitations just like that election night if Hillary is elected and then plan on doing that a bunch during her presidency, although I should just go ahead and start now considering that someone as corrupt as her is actually going to be the favored nominee. Judas, what a pathetic country the usa has become. it’s making argentina and Italy look good by comparison.

  7. Bottoms up!

    (Eyewash on sale here, cheap!)

  8. There is no substitute for a squared-away good woman. There is nothing more evil,demented and plain fucking mean than a bad one. Bill got a bad one that suited his perverse perception of life. Ron Jeremy movies are rated G compared to Bills real life.
    Hillary,The Bushpig, was off having her own version of Caligula. Centuries from now, if man doesn’t exterminate his species, will future generations look back at the Clinton era and be amazed. How did these disgusting shitbags achieve what they did? We elected them. We are so….fucked. That’s okay. We have The Donald.
    Again . We are so… fucked. The culmination of many years of slovenly behavior is bearing fruit. Fruit that is rotten from the inside. Maggot infested,putrid rotting fruit. Hillary could be the poster girl on the side of the wooden crate.
    Better tighten your shit up. However this wild and crazy shit goes down; be a good Boy Scout. Be Prepared.

  9. Howard Dennard

    America has finally made the 3rd world dung pile list. Maybe we deserve it, I don’t know. What I do know is that Christian, freedom loving, Constitutionalist thinking people, have allowed this downfall. We keep electing the worst scum around to congress, bitch about them, then reelect them. We bitch when our rights are slowly eroded away, but DO nothing. Our electoral system has dissolved into a South American cat fight, but we still approve it.
    In short we talk a lot, but as the old saying goes “Talk is cheap”. Where is our Patton? A man to mold and lead us back to a country of FREEDOM loving people our forefathers were?

    • Agree 100%.
      Voters generally don’t vote in anything but presidential elections and even then, it’s pretty sad and don’t vote in primaries at all except for presidential candidates. I used to be a regular gop volunteer(before i had enough of the gop) and i remember think most every election that there just aren’t enough people who give a dam to make a change in any election. Well, now all those people that didn’t give a dam are about to see why they should have. With europe disintegrating, that’s going to make such a mess economically worldwide that it may finally take japan’s lying finances down and send the usa into a depression worse than the great depression.

  10. The best part of being a dirt person with an AR15 and a shank of hangin’ rope, is every mourning I get up and look to see what new madness the political and banking elite have conjured up. That lookin’ and a watchin’ is exactly next to sharpening my hatchet, I’m beginning to bath in the stunning insanity of it all, I’m embracing the megalomania and desperate lust of the scum oligarchy’s acts of self preservation and panic as their fig leaf of legitimacy of power is ripped away, because it is truly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in all my years. The hedonistic sonsofabitches days are definitely over, just they don’t quite understand, and us dirt people are beginning to grok it is we all who ever really had the power to begin with.
    The end truly can’t come fast enough for these crooks liars and fucking thieves, because in the final evaluation that is all they are and all they ever where. It is really that simple. And my fellow dirt people, it is not nice to fool the dirt people and pick their wallets dry, now is it.

  11. keith park

    Good God! That woman is SO UGLY!!!

  12. On the bright side, if either “candidate” wins, the country is at least getting what it deserves.

    Previously we had Slick Willie and Osama Obama. Maybe the third time will be the charm with Harpy Hitlerly.

  13. The Book of Revelation unrolls before our very eyes.

  14. Hillary has a great mind…….

    She reads a teleprompter with passion….