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The Bad People wants you to be broke, helpless, and unhappy.

Defy them.

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  1. Having a blast up here. Temps are a perfect high 70’s. Our boats are floating, and I spent all yesterday cruising Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay.

    Poverty $uck$

  2. I’m a happy dirt people warrior. You want to know why why? Because I’m despised by the scum oligarchy. No worries, life is good in spite of the sonofabitches. If those retards who think they are in charge of things think I’m a bitter clinging despicable right wing white extremist domestic terrorist, well all I got to say is what is wrong with that, and one day I says to my self, time to embrace what I am, grab that shit by the fucking balls and be the dirt person I truly am. That has made me really happy, I’m proud to be a dirt person, there is nothing like it, it is the ultimate in liberty, because I withdrew my consent for the bastards and their crap long ago, and have strived in every way possible to live my life to the fullest by Jim’s axiom, “It all begins with each of us. Good words right there. Because it all does begin with each of us. Another best part of being a dirt person with an AR15 and a shank of hangin’ rope is every mourning I get up and look to see what new madness the political and banking scum have conjured up. That lookin’ and a watchin’ is exactly next to sharpening my hatchet, I’m patient as Jobe, I’m beginning to bath in the stunning insanity of it all, I’m embracing the megalomania and desperate lust of the scum oligarchy’s acts of self preservation and panic as their fig leaf of legitimacy of power is ripped away, because it is truly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in all my years. The hedonistic sonsofabitches days are definitely over, just they don’t quite understand, and us dirt people are beginning to grok it is we all who ever had the power to begin with. Their days are over, because I turned my back towards them and refuse in every way possible to be dragged down into their malaise of tyranny. And Lord, that right there puts a smile on my face. It is like Kermit the Frog, I’m Free I’m Free! It is becoming hilarious watching these mental fucking midgets go through their gyrations. They are so irrelevant to my liberty there are not words to describe what it is about. Do they really think dirt people like us all here on these underground inter webs believe their major fucking bullshit? Maybe not, they sic enough trolls and agent provocateurs to choke a horse on these comment threads. So I’d say the joke is on them. The irrelevance becomes even more fun.
    But the richest part of it all the end truly can’t come fast enough for these crooks liars and fucking thieves, because in the final evaluation that is all they are and all they ever where. It is really that simple. And my fellow dirt people, it is not nice to fool the dirt people and pick their wallets dry, now is it. There ain’t no mercy once dirt people got a job to do that needs doing. Especially dirt people who have AR15’s and a length of hangin’ rope, and lots of happy dirt people friends with a bone in their teeth, millions of friends, millions and millions.

  3. outlawpatriot

    Hmm… does building out a TOC count? 😉

  4. “The Bad People wants you to be broke, helpless, and unhappy”

    Right, but that’s because they work, wittingly or no, for evil that wants you pitiful and pitiless, desperate, broken, hopeless, alone and dying.

  5. F**k the bad people.

  6. sound advice. I am almost always happy. Esp. when perusing WRS, and background listening to Rachmaninoff, Sibelius, Vaughn Williams, Brahms, Steppenwolf, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Kongos, Doors, and etc. In fact, how about some Kongos happpiness right now –

  7. Love those you love in tangible ways.
    Seize the day.

  8. The contest in Sacramento was between an ally of the fascist group, Traditionalist Workers Party, and the various Marxists who collectively call themselves (Anti-facsists) ANTIFA.

    The ANTIFA outnumbered the TWP folks about 6 to one and came for blood. What they received was more than they expected. The TWP folks were ready for them and proceeded to put about ten of the ANTIFA in the hospital, for one of the own injured, but not hospitalized.

    ANTIFA is looking for donations to pay their hospital expenses which range from small to that covering serious injuries.

    Life is tough, and tougher if you’re stupid.

    • Well thanks, Pat.

      That bit of info made me happy!

      Collectivists killing each other… What’s not to like?

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  10. Spent the day on the Rogue River rafting yesterday, good patriotic folks, ice cold micro brew, and good food at Galice Pub. No talk of troubles a coming, just head down rapid busting. ” actually more like ripples” .

    North fork of the Umpqua next week, fun is good. ” we tell ourselves this is training”. Lol.