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  1. 14 Days actually, but obviously the muzzies are increasing their attacks. Good thing Europe has them crawling the entire continent like cockroaches.

    I maintain that if you are going to take a vacation where flying is involved in the usa you want to do it pretty dam quick, it’s now too late to do that in Europe without considering it risking your life; airports are a big target for muzzies; i guarrantee it as it has the ability to affect so many things(people, airlines, commerce.)

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Erdogan apologizes to Putin yesterday for shoot-down of SU-24 and buries the hatchet with Russia post EU shitshow. Then right on cue muslims attack! Take no notice of the gladio bouncing ball.

  4. To my fedgov watcher: Been thinkin about Idaho and how that shit needs to be nipped in the bud. But I’m just thinkin outloud. I wonder about you guys. Did you never have a real sense of America? Of Liberty? Your heritage? Of the hundreds of thousands men that came before you and fucking died so you could have it? Like I said. I wonder about you guys.

  5. Rattus. From the superfamily,Muroidea. I studied Latin for five years. . Growing up working alongside Trappist monks and Cistercian nuns on a dairy farm was good shit. Vespers,mass,benediction. Lots of hard work.
    Raising rat is not difficult and the yields are excellent.The virtual plethora of outstanding rat specimens is phenomenal. Guinea Pig and Gerbil are tasty little morsels also.
    What the fuck did you think you’d be eating in Hillarys world?
    Cervidae or deer, will be hunted out real quick. Rabbits,chickens,goats and sheep are very doable. Work on your animal husbandry skills.
    The moose limbs need to eat same as you and me. When you are in search of fresh water,food and shelter, it does not lend itself to waging war.
    Scorched earth will rule the day. Nothing has changed. The rest is bullshit. Concentrate on surviving. The Musloid boogieman doesn’t scare me. Hillary and her crew are way scarier and far more dangerous ,than Musloids.

  6. Is this going to be workplace violence or an anti-gay hate crime?

    Because it couldn’t possibly be more islamic terrorism – and the solution is obviously more unconstitutional ‘gun control’ in the USA, oh, and soundproof public transgender bathrooms in elementary schools.

  7. nice to see Erdogan hoist by his own Jihadi sword. Still waiting for an ISIS/Sunni attack on co-sponser Israel though. Waiting, waiting…..

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/Wise Cave Owl,

      It would appear from all the anti-semite vitriol you spew against the Jews and Israel, that you yourself would be leading an attack. You Musloids are all alike.

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    It’s because they are so peaceful, you see. A peaceful religion with peaceful and warm people.
    Notice how it is always the Commoners who get bombed, butchered, and shot? That’s because the Elites only use private airport facilities-where the Commoners are not allowed.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Notice how it is always the Commoners who get bombed, butchered, and shot? That’s because the Elites only use private airport facilities-where the Commoners are not allowed.”

      I respectfully disagree.
      – Zombie Barbara Olson

  9. It didn’t take long for ISIS to punish Erdogen for apologizing to Putin for shooting down his jet. After the Brexit vote, Erdogen saw he would never get into the EU, especially after he was shown the satalite images of the long ISIS oil convoys coming into his country. His economy was reeling from the Russian sanctions. He had to make a deal.
    ISIS has huge amounts of money and weapons and possibly 50,000 very experienced brutal warriors and thousands of them have EU passports. While Obama bombs empty buildings, Putin continues to massacre dozens of ISIS fighters daily. As I said, ISIS is changing battlefields. Even if they lose their homeland, they have enough guns, bombs, money and men to fight a horrific guerrilla war for a decade or more. The timetable for Putin and Assad to take Raqqah, the capitol of Isis, is early fall. Expect ISIS to explode in a carnival of catastrophe and terror this September and October causing the world to turn to Trump.

  10. thesouthwasrght

    Would love to meet the cats that run this place. Love the wit and style here, great sense of humor and the Confederate chap at the top is also a major plus.

  11. I’m not able to do much in editing on the computer, but how about a similar graphic depicting the #of days since the last “right wing nut job attack”!

  12. While you’re waiting, Haxo, a certain abstract occurred to me. Since Hamas, Hezbollah, Isis, Al Qaeda, are all committed to the complete destruction of the Jews (or as you put it, eskimos), and you claim the Jews are behind them as a motivating and financial force, doesn’t that make you an ally, if not an agent of those moslem organizations? I mean, to be honest, you’ve never presented one iota of credible proof that the Jews are behind the moslem operations against the west, but you consistently and regularly ascribe every terrorist attack by moslems to the Jews. That would make you their agent,(the moslems) in turning public opinion against Jews everywhere, in order to better execute the moslem strategy of eliminating the Jews in the world. I mean, that’s what your posts tell me. If you were honest, you would admit it. But if you are an agent of the moslem organizations, you will of course deny it, as the koran stipulates that it is perfectly ok to lie to infidels for the purposes of jihad. My expectation is that you will lie about it, since that is what you do anyway, almost on a daily basis. Here’s the fun part, for you, anyway. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, and a great many people have already done so. You never waver in your accusations about the Jews, and you never change your story. The Jews, in your opinion, are trying to take over the world, using blacks, moslems, whoever and whatever as their foil. When their dastardly plot to enslave the entire world is complete, well, nobody knows, because die hard Jew-haters never really get around to telling us what the end game is, because, well, you know, the Jews. Have a nice day, even if viewed through that warped and strange lens you use.