Wheels Down

Miss Ronstadt sings us in.

It’ll take through the weekend to get through the back emails, etc..

Thanks for your patience.

9 responses to “Wheels Down

  1. Jeepers, creepers, we sure had some funky hair styles and clothes back there in the crappy 70s! Yikes.

    • What you mean “we”? I spent the whole decade under a flattop crewcut. At my own request. Aged 6-16. When the fashion was for boys to resemble inverted mops, and to ridicule anyone who chose otherwise.

      I guess that’s why I have NO trouble swimming against the stream, to the extent of advocating Voting and Zionism in this forum 😀

      But yeah, the teens and (alleged) grownups were WEIRD.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Trellis Mae Muckenfutch

    Linda Ronstadt is an unrepentant liberal and a globalist.

  4. My guess is she’s got a hairy ass. Which Jerry Brown, no doubt, enjoyed.


    Another leftist bitch who can’t sing anymore.

    • SameNoKami

      Got Parkinson’s I think.
      But that was one drop-dead gorgeous commie chick when she was young.
      And she could sing.

  6. She got booed off the stage in Vegas at the Alladin in July of 2004, because she somehow felt it her duty to lecture the audience about what a “patriot” Michael Moore was, and that they should all go out and watch Fahranheit 911. People asked for their money back, and the Vegas place she was performing at cancelled her contract. I guess a little talent can go to your head when you get old and fat and think you still got “it”. A shame, since once she could sing.

  7. Adore her vocals. No matter what – great bands, great tunes. Shouldn’t have cut her mane of long dark hair. Her childhood photos have her surrounded by rifles in Tucson – where the family were pioneers and her brother was Chief of Police.