Orlov: Firing The Elites


Worth your time.

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  1. no, Orlov, no one is going to vote their way out of Judeo-globalization. The Brexit vote is non-binding, includes endless delays and stopgaps, and an alliance of Cucks and Communists has recently defeated the Nationalists in both Austrian and French elections. Substantially the same will happen in ‘Murka this November. Invest in lead

    • this just in: coup d’etat w/in Brit Cuckservative Pty. Boris Johnson, Brexit leader, suddenly withdraws his candidacy for MP and is replaced by some little twit named “Gove”. Gove, it so happens, belongs to Murdoch. And Murdoch belongs to Rothschild. So much for the Brexit “vote”

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. I give England a chance because its 80% native/English population and it’s immigrants are small by comparison to the usa(about 40%) and cannot easily overrun England because you have to get on a boat to get there. when socialism starts making countries crumble the world over like it looks that it is about to start doing, England has a good chance of seeing the light and voting its way out with its 80%. the usa is going to have to kick immigrants out, or they will be the majority in time and the usa will become mexico north.

  4. Here is a speech on democrazy:

    Depending on the meaning of democracy is 🙂

    “Sir! The last private’s out the rear hatch Sir!

    • Actually they can get to England thru the Chunnel, no boat required. That is why Calias has become muzzie central in France and they DO try.

  5. The British’ thing is very much NOT settled.

    There’s an awful lot of Establishment figures who don’t want a Brexit. I would hazard that the great majority of the political class is actively working to undermine the Referendum result.

    TINVOWOOT in action.

  6. Cassandra (of Troy)

    The ‘elites’ respond to the Impudent PEASANT Orlov.:


    And here’s support for the above sentiment from uthuhs who deem themselves our ‘Bettahs’.:

    (Be advised this isn’t the first time the Champaign Brahmin’s gone into a snit over the ‘effrontery’ of the ‘unwashed masses’: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/1991-03-21/news/1991080067_1_militia-gun-ownership-gun-control & ol’ Georgie’s not the only ‘Righty’ w/ a low opinion of the public: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/340961/david-frum-guns-robert-verbruggen)
    (I suspect that more than a few here/elsewhere would agree w/ Hizzoner)

    Yep, the ‘elites’ are quite miffed at the ‘little people’ who have the unmitigated gall to refuse to be ruled by those who’re Obviously Superiah®.

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  8. I personally think we’re well past the time when firing the godless bastards is going to effectively get our county back. We’re somewhere between the ballot box and the cartridge box at this point in time, trending much closer to the cartridges.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The thing is, you’re never going to get an agreement on when the cartridge box is appropriate until well after that moment has passed.

  9. I would disagree on only one point in what is an excellent piece of observation. That is, the financial situation was already cued up for failure just waiting for a ‘cover event’ to the write off. Second observation is, if you were to look at the british pound over a 20y period the current dips in value against USD, the Brexit dip is small potatoes indeed.

    Otherwise a great read.