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Just reading in this WaPo article about the modalities of the tarmac Gulfstream to Gulfstream meetup in PHX, and the role of the SS and FBI as willing Stasi goons. So I dropped this comment into the thread, FWIW.

“Attorney general pledges to ‘accept’ FBI and Justice findings in Clinton email probe” July 1, 2016

It’s sort of an open letter.

I knew they were officially goons when I saw the bald-headed dufas SAIC who did the Orlando pressers, and how he had to be tricked by a FOX reporter at the 0800 brief into tangentially mentioning Islam.

Peter Doocie (SP?) was in Orlando for the case of the murdered singer, so he happened to be at the early Sunday Orlando presser. Maybe you were out of the country, so I recount.

He came maybe 5th in the batting order, first all the mayors and police chiefs had to break their arms patting each other on their backs for the wonderful heroic SWAT “rescue” mission.

Finally the FBI guy had his turn, he answered 5 or 6 inane BS questions like “Who has jurisdiction if…” blather. Finally Peter Doocie asked something like, “I heard the investigation was leaning toward an Islamic attack.” Something close to that. The bald FBI SAIC or SAC (not sure on current .gov-ese) said something like, “Yeah, it does look that way.”

He didn’t bring it up AT ALL, Doocie had to twist his jaw to get him to just agree, but not even to say “Islam” himself. It was later spun that “The FBI knew it was Islamic right away at the morning brief.” But it had to be wrenched out of him by the big-league FOX reporter that was present only by the random luck of the singer’s murder happening the day before. Otherwise, the only reporters were local, pretty much.

But at the noon brief, the FBI SAIC went full Soviet. No Islam. Trotsky was never a member of the Communist Party. Stalin did not know Lenin. Straight face. Omar Mateen’s name and face had been all over TV for two hours, his Facebook photos, everything, and this FBI stooge is saying, “We can’t comment on ongoing investigations, my understanding is that we have no knowledge of that….” Full Soviet. Sky not blue, sky purple.

It would be worth it to clip that FBI guy’s part out of Presser 1 and Presser 2. What an example of going full-Soviet. The willing mind-purge, Exhibit A. They got to him after his “slip” in the first presser. Just like erasing a purged communist leader from the Kremlin Wall official photograph. There. Not there. No blink in between. Amazing days.

Anyway, here is what I put into the WaPo, FWIW.

It’s particularly sad to see the F.B.I. dragged down into the muck of becoming willing stooges, the Proletariat Guard, as somebody noted up thread.

Now they have just become Soviet-style stooges, Stasi goons in trench coats with Glocks and Sigs, while their Dear Leaders strive to disarm the bitter clingers.

Then there is the entire subject of their willingly being mind-scrubbed of forbidden words like Islamism, Mosque, Umma, Sharia, Jihad etc etc, so that they must only grasp a plot after the bombs or bullets go off.

From Major Hassan to Boston to San Bernardino to Orlando, easily prevented acts of terror were allowed to go on, because the FBI willingly took on the PC blinders, purging every document of the forbidden words and concepts, so that today, every investigation must stop that leads through a mosque, and CAIR must then be called in to judge if the FBI special agents had overstepped if they got to the mosque’s parking lot, and that said agents need to be punished or sent back to re-sensitivity training camp.

It’s just shocking to observe how low the FBI has sunk, and very disappointing. Remember that oath you took, guys and gals?
Fidelity, Bravery Integrity?
No more. For shame. You have a long way to go to regain your honor, when you become willing dummies and stooges, without resignations or protest actions.
Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity, guys and gals.
Get it back, soon.

After the next 9-11, or worse, it won’t be good to be defending a policy of willful blindness to knowable terror plots, because you accepted the PC blinders, and kept your eyes down and only where allowed to see.
Not good at all.

Get your honor back before the next 9-11, not after.

Matt Bracken
July 1, 2016


25 responses to “A Note From Matt Bracken

  1. Who let the ragheads in by taking down our borders? The political class. Debt-bombed and bribed into submission by Judeo-globalist banksters/billionaires. As to the FBI and the other alphabet-Gestapo bureaucracies, they are beyond redemption


      You’re right. They are beyond redemption. They have been that way even before Ruby Ridge. And, they are a powerful, frightening organization which not only has the tacit support of a thoroughly cowed congress, but from all of the flag-waving, cop sucker NGO’s out there who routinely fete them and their minions at Chamber of Commerce functions, etc.
      It is not just the Veterans, folks. It is the legions of badge-carrying ORCS at ALL levels of government who have the total and unqualified support of the sheeple and the MSM. They may be mistaken, but they are never wrong. If I hear: GOD BLESS OUR FIRST RESPONDERS one more time, I am going to hurl. That goes for: “Thank you for your service.” The gloves are off and it will just get worse.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I was in a fast food restaurant last summer, headed for the field with some archaeologists when this stocky Indian kid thanks me for my service (I was wearing an AmphibRecon ball cap) and I come to find out he was a Marine also (MotorT).
        The brainwashing really runs deep these days. I too am sick of it. I’ve told a few to knock it off, then they get all butt hurt because they want to show respect to their warriors. How about loading mags and digging bunkers instead, or just waking up to where their country is headed?

    • If I was patrolling the southern border, I would probably be in jail on multiple murder charges after the first case of a muzzie illegal immigrant commiting jihad. There is no way I would allow muzzies crossing our southern border to be released by ICE or the court system.
      If the nations cities were reversed and DC and NYC were along the Texas southern border, you can bet there would be a wall, the people have been played for fools since the 1965 immigration act.

    • SameNoKami

      I’ll believe in “good cops” the minute a bad cop is turned in by said “good cops.”
      Ha ! Like that’s gonna happen.
      Unicorns. Fairies. Santa Claus. Good Cops.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    Matt: please don’t become a “disappeared” ala Argentinian style. We need your sound judgement, xray eyes, and ability to discern bullshit from deep pasture. I hope you and other Seal members are watching out for each other.
    Civil War-the only way this ends. I feel great sadness and yet profound anger.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      “Disappear” Matt Bracken?!
      That’s not going to happen.
      If there is an attempt–there will bemucho blood and screaming.
      Not to mention many sucking chest wounds on the opposing side.

      Do you think this guy will go down without a fight?!


  3. Razor Sharp. Slice and dice.
    They have earned it.

  4. Anonymous

    What “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity”? An FBI crime lab technician is caught faking results in favor of prosecutors every few years. Those are just the ones caught, how many more thousands of innocent victims have been falsely prosecuted based on lies?

    The only claims saying the FBI has ever been honorable come from government PR. Therefore I assume the FBI have been crooked from day one. It’s just the Spanish Inquisition, it supports the government in power at the moment.

  5. Notarealperson

    Fast and Furious showed that any agent who complained had their career ended. During the Bush years, he put ICE agents in prison for doing their jobs.

    Point is, don’t expect public denouncements.

    Secondly, don’t expect these agents talking off the record either. Journalistic immunity doesn’t apply to bloggers. Say if a couple of them spill the beans to Matt Bracken on what actually happened in Arizona or who is putting pressure on them – naming names, dates, producing memo’s, emails, etc. Matt then publishes the hot poop and a day later Matt gets a knock on the door and a half-a-dozen agents in mohair jackets frog march him to some lockup to sweat him. With the Patriot Act they can and will strip him of all legal representation and in effect make him a non-person if he doesn’t talk.

    The thing is, what was feasible even during the Bush years isn’t now. The DOJ is now the veritable brutal enforcement arm of the White House. This is why the DOJ always has it’s minders where the FBI or ATF is involved or when Muslims do anything. And when the FBI is giving a briefing, there is a DOJ rep nearby – usually a nasty black from D.C.

  6. Vicki Weaver was unavailable for comment.

  7. Mark Matis

    The FBI has not had any Fidelity nor Bravery nor Integrity since at least August of 1992. May every one of them and their filthy whores soon burn in hell where they belong.

    And by the way, it’s Praetorian Guard. The GD FedPig swill have NO intention whatsoever of guarding the Proletariat.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    F.B.I. and alphabet-soup statists:

    Remember your basic science in this unfolding epoch–numbers count (“mass”), equations eventually work out (“equilibrium”), and thermodynamics (“as temp and morale approach zero, your system approaches inactivity.”)

    Will this coming age be known to posterity as tragedy or comedy?

    Which side are you on? Which side are you on?

    We sincerely and cordially invite each of you to the altar call. Our tent is big–mighty big. We welcome, protect, and sustain our family. Be wise. Join now.


  9. Virgil Kane

    You all are reading too much into this Phoenix incident. Bill just saw an opportunity and thought he might shag an AG.

  10. All the more reason to be armed at all times and man-the-fu*k-up in the face of pisslamic terrorist goat humpers. No mercy.

  11. thesouthwasrght

    They are a pathetic lot. No prob waxing an old rancher in the snow on the side of the road at an ambush site. Investigating real terrorists? Oh nose can do, we got a 160 pound pencil necked purple lipped geek glaring at us must go and monitor “right wing” blog commentary to keep an eye on the ne’erdowells.
    Btw these fools are apparently completely ignorant of history because it is replete with examples of today’s thug becoming tomorrow’s liability. Ask Hitler ‘ s brown shirts how they fared once he secured complete control.

  12. it stinketh for sure.

    Next 9-11? I pray that it never happens. I’m voting for HRC just to hasten the fall, FUSA.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on ETC., ETC., & ETC..

  14. Beautiful graphic placement. That see something, say something book graphic next to Obama who for some reason has been blind as a bat on Islamic terrorism is perfectly ironic.

  15. Mark Matis

    The more appropriate acronym, by the way, is Puerile Idiot Goons.

  16. Sorry, Matt, but F.B.I. has stood for “Far Beyond Insanity” since the 1970s at least, if not earlier.

    Expecting better than Stasi behavior from the Stasi incarnate is the point from which any further misunderstanding proceeds.

    And thanks and kudos for “Piss Koran.”
    Now I want the follow-on!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      And here i thought it just meant “Forever Bothering Italians”
      – Zombie Joe Colombo