Quote For The Holiday Weekend

NSA 6.11.16

The difference between USA and USB is that one connects to all of your devices and accesses the data, and the other one is a hardware standard.

— Via Comrade Ushanka

Suggestion: Turn off the cable feed and instead watch Amerika.

If you can bear it.

16 responses to “Quote For The Holiday Weekend

  1. Land of the free, baby!

  2. Anonymous

    The pictures of government employees are framed on the wall as icons in that church.

  3. I have for the first time just watched the entire series of Amerika. Sobering at best. Down right depressing for most of it. Predictive programming at its best. I understood why it only was ever broadcast once: it is essentially an open source play book. Some great actors in some very interesting roles.

    For me, the most interesting characters were many of the minor ones. You know, the ones that really represent you and me, the folks that are willing to risk it all to make a change. We bide our time, patiently waiting, for the right moment.

    I have been writing about my thoughts on Amerika. I think there are lessons to be learned from it still.

  4. Virgil Kane

    No cable at our house for years. I’m sure some would call it child abuse.

  5. For readers, in relation to “Amerika”; you could also read man in the high castle; a fictional account of the usa after the aixs powers won WWII and Germany and Japan ruled the usa.
    If I thought it would sell, I would write a book similar to that where China and Russia ruled the usa, which just might happen.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. I’m already crushed. Can rebellion be worse? I’m already a slave, what terrors will death hold for me? I’m already dead, what else is there to fear, harsh language? To be alive now is a kind of living death, with no joy, and no sorrow, only apathy, and anger. Our government is a vampire, and it wants us to go out and do the same.

    • That’s a quote of the year right there, NCOIC.


      • I feel you and identify with that. The future will most likely be worse, when the govt needs more money and they have the majority(aka the Obama coalition) to follow them blindly, they’ll be going after anyone that has money and locking them up and seizing assests for any resistors.
        Happy 7th dependence day everyone !(Obama’s in 2009 was year 1).

  8. We watched ‘Amerika’ in entirety back when it first was shown. To this day, if someone refers to our neck of the woods as the “heartland” in conversation with the Mrs. she wants to throat-punch ’em.