Apocalypse Mindset – Don’t Let It Get You Killed

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Thought-provocation from a guest at Buppert’s shop.

Most likely to least likely.

Plan accordingly.

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Friend of mine opened his gun safe a few months ago, hoping to show off his gun collection (know it all former city slicker); stacks of plastic pistol boxes and rifles inside, with a few boxes of ammo for each. I didn’t see a single sling or holster, nor extra mags either. He wasn’t too impressed with me when I got done ripping him a new asshole for being so lazy and unprepared. He thought owning a bunch of new guns was just too cool, but the thought of any extras like how to carry them or extra reloads was just outside his sense of reality. He still hasn’t bought any of that gear I told him to either. Every time I try to show him something, he tells me he already knows that.
    Guys like this are where you resupply later, they’ll end up dead in a heartbeat because they have no survival instinct, they operate on ego alone. It really is a fantasy world for them, no concept of reality or how bad it can go in an instant, I see him as a walking disaster who will never see it coming. And for some of us, they’re a good thing. Guppies to throw to the sharks while we grab some cover!

  2. Aside from the constant sarcasm and snarkiness, the author is right on point. The whole article could be summed up with ‘Train where you live, and remember Mattis. Be nice, be polite, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.’

  3. When Ralph pulls the trigger, Mrs. Davis is going to be deaf in her right ear.

  4. Good piece. The zones and containers analogy kinda open my eyes to new thinking. I wish he had touched a bit more on extraction. If I see a threat coming and I can withdraw without engaging, I take it. If not, are there better vantage points if I have to engage? And can I position my family out of harms way while doing so? Is the present container you are in gun friendly? Many are not, and like in Texas, state so on the front door. If not what choice do you make?

  5. Marlo Stanfield

    Normal looking middle aged white guy who just happens to work at a local big box store and is a convicted felon. (Got caught with a shit load of meth) Now works stocking shelves and running  one of the registers. Problem? Yep! He is still in The Game. Got friends from the Life dropping at work. (Deliveries and Lunch) The vast majority of people don’t have a clue about him. Now there are thousands like him all  across this country, regular folk don’t think to watch the wait staff or the various vendors and service people they come into contact with at home and away. All cable guys ain’t Larry. Some are meth heads. Your waiter or waitress can be running their own scams or deals. They are already inside your circle. Its great to watch the doors and scan peoples hands when they come into a place of business where you are at. But watch the staff. Females are a mess. Usually its the female who does the daylight job to support the criminal boyfriend Or Girlfriend. more than once I have seen a angry mate come by the job site. Other mate gets fired, LEO’s called. Where I live a husband watched the wife  and boyfriend have ‘Just Lunch’ they never saw him watching. They came outside to leave, words followed, he killed both. Then waited on the police. He would not drop the gun, so they dropped him. Right out in front of a vanilla white national chain location. 70 percent of people are on doctor meds. Which only leaves 30 percent for those who do the illegal stuff and the minority who don’t do anything. That is why I hate most who do open carry. They look bat shit crazy, throw off the wrong vibe. Keep  putting their hand on the piece. Then there are the others who are in the zone not watching anything, never looking behind. Or like this one stupid fuck, carrying a small child with both hands, and the piece in the cheapest ill fitting piece of shit holster money could but. No properly fitted gun belt and holster for this guy. Also no reload. His wife was holding the hands of two unruly kids. No help there. Then there are those who come into a big box to take a shit and leave their gun. (make the ankle piece your shit piece) Happens weekly at this one location. I have seen security guards leave their weapons, same for LEO’s. Seen more than one LEO leave the car running and the drivers window down. The first time I saw that I thought sting operation. Nope. Folks living in Charlotte inside the belt loop (Stupid) should have a vehicle with run flats and know how to leave town without getting on the main roads, which are usually bumper to bumper. Should have some trucker grade bolt cutters in the trunk along with some other pro grade portable metal cutting gear. Nuff said.      

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  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Tactical Fantasy Band Camp. That there is some good stuff.