FUSA, Independence Day Weekend, 2016

Watch and understand what has been lost.

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  1. I understand .
    Unless the usa goes 100% trump and kicks out all illegals and rolls back the socialist movement and makes it clear to any immigrant living here by legal means that they need to be 100% pro-America or get out(which just may take the usa over the faciist cliff), it’s going to be a socialist mess of a country in the future and might anyways as the majority over children under 5 are not white. Yes, the usa could have let minorities in from all over and stayed near it’s foundings but it had to be responsible about it and leave it at a trickle that learned and grew into patriotic americans.
    Best thing to do now is live like you’re an ex-pat in the usa and keep living expenses at minimums, debts low, savings high and employability the best you can do. Enjoy sunrises, sunsets, a good dog, hopefully where you live.

  2. What has been lost is…

    R. E. A. L. I. T. Y.

    The federal reserve banks are the enemy.
    Traitorous politicians are the enemy.
    The courts are the enemy.
    Police are the enemy.
    Liberal progressives are the enemy.
    Free loaders are the enemy.
    muSLIMES are the enemy.
    Chinese are the enemy.
    Russians are the enemy.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Putin might well be the enemy. The average Russian doesn’t have much of a say in it.

      • Mark Matis

        And Vlad is far less likely to be the enemy than anyone in government in THIS country. Vlad wants a sound, stable Russia. He has no plans for world domination, but he will NOT accept One World Government. How does that make him the enemy? Unless, of course, you are a Democrat or a GD Rove Republican POS???

        • The Russians and Chinese are communists-that’s how.
          I DO NOT cozy up with communists.
          I made my money the honest way, I worked hard and sacrificed. If it were up to you commies, I would have to share it(more than I’m forced to now) with the likes of the losers and lazy.
          I understand unlike you Mark, that communists are Freedoms enemies.
          You go ahead and love them. I will not.

          • Mark Matis

            The Chinese are indeed Communists.

            The Russians – at least the current Russian government under Putin – are not. THAT is why Obama and Clinton and the Rove Republicans so despise them. Remember the “Reset” button? Remember “I’ll have more flexibility after the election”? The swill THOUGHT they were still Commies. They now understand they are NOT. Which is why the Muslim in Chief and his CIA are trying to destroy Russia.

  3. Smoke and mirrors, folks. Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014.

  4. When you import muslims you import jihad.
    No muslims=no jihad

  5. The Muslim enemy is in %100 control of the US government.

    • out of the 45 richest billionaires who own the political class, at least 27 (60%) are Jews: the Wall Street gang, the Las Vegas mob, the Hollywood crowd. All the rest are controlled by Jew-administered financial arrangements. Of the 45, there is not one Muslim. The ragheads are no more than one of several invasive Armies of Extermination that the open -borders Tikkun Olams are deploying against the remaining White populations of Europe and North America

    • Muslims and blacks are cat’s paws for the Jew. If the current Supreme Court nominee were to be confirmed, four of nine, that’s 43%, of the SCOTUS justices will be Jews. The media is owned and controlled by Jews. That’s NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox. Matt Drudge is a Jew.

      Virtually all of Hollywood is either owned or controlled by Jews. When Mel Gibson filmed “The Passion of Christ”, Jews attempted to prevent it being shown in various theater chains they control.

      Jews control the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and Deutsche Bank. Few western countries do not have banks controlled by Jews.

      Those who deny the pernicious activities of the Jew are ignorant, stupid, or worse; merely useful goyim.

      Jews have been murdering Christians for 2,000 years.

      From Mamilla Pool Massacre, 614 AD; and earlier…

      …to the murders of over 70,000,000 Russian Christians in the 20th century by Bolsheviks who were over 80% Jew.

  6. Ms. Khera attempts to obfuscate the fundamental point that there is only one Islam, and that the most-violent/present-oriented “jihadi’s” are the people with the most accurate and most-correct understanding of the commands of Allah and Mohammed as the ideal man. Moderate Mohammedians (the kind who go along to get along as religious/ethnic/political/military minority-subjects) are, in the eyes of more-observant Muslims, Bad Muslims-nearly as despicable as the infidel (at least compliant infidels can convert, bad Muslims “heretics!” should be killed). The pool of “moderate Muslims” provides a safe space for “Actual Muslims” understand their orders and to be able to act out the command to force submission on the world.

    We can’t worry about offending people who consider Mohammed an example to be followed. The least that a civilization (that wishes to survive as a non-subjugated entity) must do is exclude any and all followers of Mo’ from their territory. 30 days notice to depart is a civilized schedule.

  7. The FUSA is fully infiltrated, the Mooselimbs r the hitters sent in to do clean up. There were interesting quotes in both “testimonies”. Johnson said it’ makes no difference to him who’s on the end of the drone strike, jihadi’s or…..you can fill in the blank as your name is probably on that list because you’re reading these words right now. The second one made sure she vectored in the KKK and anyone that believes that abortion is wrong and painted them as terrorists. Welcome to CW2.

  8. Atlas Shrug

    Johnson sure is an arrogant prick.

    It will be nice to see him change his tune once things start to fall down all around him. Choice.

    Keep your powder dry,
    Atlas Shrug