You Are Subjects Of An Unelected Elite


With only whatever rights and obligations they declare.

Enough with the fantasies, notwithstanding this frenulum’s lame-o attempt at a walkback:

WSJ: Judge Posner Apologizes For Saying The Constitution Is Useless

Consteetooshun, my ass.


24 responses to “You Are Subjects Of An Unelected Elite

  1. Awww he apowogized…. Doesnt mean he and his minions dont believe what he said.

    Happy “fu tyranny” remembrance weekend, ca.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius


    It’s bottoms of the ninth with bases (and mags) fully loaded. Full count.

    It will be a grand slam outta the park, or Mudville.

    Millions in the bleachers locked ‘n loaded rooting and playing for the WIN.


  3. The fucking bastard is a lying piece of crawling shit and deserves the worst. Who, but a dick-bone lawyer would say in a follow up to a tyrannical assertion that, I didn’t really mean that, I meant something else-squirrel! He is a ripe candidate for the rope and the tree. And to think this cock-sucker is in a position of responsibility, yet.


      Sean: All in due time. His dance card is all filled up. Bleib ubrig.

    • Mark Matis

      Every filthy maggot pig that enables him deserves that rope and tree FIRST. This goes to the very heart of their very oath of office. Damn every one of them straight to hell where they belong.

    • Not merely a position of responsibility. He is revered because law students are taught he is a genius and “conservative” law and “economics” innovator.

  4. SameNoKami

    The Constitution is useless.
    This judge has a position of power spelled out in the Constitution.
    Ergo the judge is useless.

  5. He has a stick. And you have an ass. And he is going to break the stick off if your ass. Its what you are for. Slave.

  6. Judge Posner has always sounded sour grapes when he speaks of the Supreme Court because despite his best efforts he has never been nominated, and trash talk like that under his byline in Slate is exactly why. Just STFU your honor.

    • (((Posner))). And lookit all the “Case Law” volumes in the background. THAT’s how (((they))) took down the Constitution and Bill of Rights

  7. What constitution? These douchenozzles dont give a glying f*uck about constitution unless babbling about it happens to help them get elected/appointed.
    SMOD 2016

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    When you consider that only 1 in 5,000 people have any idea what Bilderberg, CFR, FedRes, etc. represent, no small wonder that nothing is happening. Folks can’t and won’t accept who their handlers are, since we’re constantly being told voting works and we’re the freest nation on earth. 3 Cheers for Lee Greenwoood Syndrome!

  9. I thought this might be appropriate for the those whose culture and history provides no understanding of the founding people, and their traditions, of the historic nation of the United States.

  10. Please remember that the word Constitutional has zero descriptive value whatsoever in whatever conversation you engage in. It means exactly what the government says it means at the time no matter how apparently harmless or ruthless.

    It is not a contract for you but on you.

    Bill Buppert

  11. Posner. Yes, I think I see the problem already.

  12. Neros Lyre

    If the document doesn’t protect us from tyranny and means nothing then it is duly noted it doesn’t protect them either.Oh well.

  13. …The only thing more dangerous than facing a police state military ruled by the agenda of a regime of cultural marxists, their proxy judicial ring wraiths, and the trained badged preatorian leg breakers equipped by the needs of greediest corrupt private contractors feeding out of the public trough; is that corrupt political system facing a country wide popular insurgent light infantry and its auxiliary support system.
    What is really far more dangerous is an insurgent light infantry and it’s support system that not only is no longer in fear of the regime and it’s actors, but understands to a man that regime of corrupto-crat bankster’s and it’s cabal of George Soro’s wannabe’s are a total fucking joke, let alone a class of inbred clowns and losers who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag when the police state praetorian guard and mall ninja payroll patriots abandon them like the rats they are on a scuttled burning sinking ship.

  14. Men in Black, by Mark Levin.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. Tar and Feathers.

  17. Judge Posner has always sounded sour grapes when speaking of the Supreme Court because despite his best efforts he has never been nominated – and comments such as this are the exact reason why. Just STFU your honor.

  18. Asshats one and all. Soon. Very soon.

  19. Of course he “apologized”. After the shitstorm his original statement created, he had to.

    Lying sack of shit.