Bild: Snowden Is A Russian Agent



And that makes what he has been saying about the scope of US data collection false?

Thought so.

10 responses to “Bild: Snowden Is A Russian Agent

  1. Roy Elliott Hurley

    It matters little who he works for. Snowden exposes the US government as an enemy of the people. Hillary Clinton puts more at risk for the sake of accumulating mammon.

  2. Snowden is an American hero. His efforts helped to expose the corruption within the fedgov.

    And of course, the illegitimate government of the Muslim soetoro-obama wants to castrate him. Certainly the statists ensconced here at WRSA and across the fUSA, will be in total agreement with Barry’s criminal government….”get Snowden !” Right guys ?

  3. Naw, I think Snowden is ok, although he’s got the tiger by the tail. Really dig the swimming pool chick in the link. Don’t see that very often here. Uh, anywho, Snowden is in the same position T.E. Lawrence was, between Iraq and a hard place, Ja? Unless President Trump pardons him, he will probably die from a sudden CIA heart attack at a sidewalk cafe in Germany. President Trump? Oh, yeah, Hillary will be recommended for indictment over violations of the security regulations, the piece of shit AG will refuse to arrest or arraign, a Constitutional crisis of sorts will arise out of it, sometime between the DNC Convention, and election day, and Trump will arrive on a six foot wave. Hillary will have a “heart attack” , sometime in December, and Trump will take the oath of office, and promptly take a nap. He is in his late sixties, you know.

  4. Mike Bishop

  5. With how few “Snowden’s” we have come out of .Gov, it shows how many willing traitors we have. Speak out you pussy’s.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Snowden is an agent of Russia because the Russians made it possible for him to do what he believed needed doing (not be “disappeared” without trial). The solution is not to clamp-down more in the fUSA, but to let up a little and make folks proud/hopeful/planning to be who they are where they are, instead of fearful/angry/greedy at a future spinning wildly unbalanced with nowhere for the 99.7% to run. S. America? rlly?

    Why can the (X corp/gov) keep secrets and the fUSA can’t? I don’t know, but suspect that it involves 2-way personal loyalty as well as effective organizational structure that does not allow ideological infiltration. The Long March through the institutions + family dissolution + Islam leaves the fUSA with a generally wide trust deficit.

    Without trust, folks start building compounds with thick walls and armed guards, not unfenced front yards with unsupervised children at-play. Watch the very rich, who are not stupid or restricted, respond to the physical world.

  8. Taking any self-absorbed media outlet as gospel – whether it’s RT or das Bild (a tabloid found in the library under ‘YGBSM’) – is simply a mistake. I didn’t note that the author of this rambling (with phenomenal ability to correlate to causation) puts much import on the PR war that Putin is a master at whether he’s in possession of Snowden-debrief or not.

  9. HHH Old Vet.

    Clear back to the 70’s and I was a Statist and democrat through family schooling and gung ho Military, Fast forward to Now and you see a total Flip of values, even Statist’s IF they could WAKE UP would see Ed Snowden as an American Hero, I certainly do.

    Statists are employed by the state, talk with state people and workers every day, when they retire, they are State PAID, None would give up their retirement or Job for that matter, Not much will change UNTIL THE MONEY STOPS.
    Damn I wish People would resist and NOT PAY IN, it only Keeps the Aholes in operating capital.

    • Supposedly, about half of those who are considered “taxpayers” aren’t paying now, but the Fed still prints whatever it wants anyway. This won’t change until the rest of the world, ala BRICs, quit buying US debtbux to pay for their oil, whereupon our “money” will find its true worldwide worth at about 3 cents or less on the dollar. Don’t have yer wealth in US currency on that day…