Good Questions

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Via Twitter.

Just wait until the Russian/NATO border ignites….

19 responses to “Good Questions

  1. only Mrs. Clinton – and her attendant neo-conz – will blunder into a (losing) main-force confrontation w Russia. Which will suddenly accelerate the collapse of the domestic ‘Murkan regime…and spike potassium iodide sales. Were I in a contested state, I’d be voting 1,2,3 many times for Hiligula. Sure, it’s risky, but so’s crossing the street

  2. Each and every service member MUST ask themselves what the possibility is of being sacrificed on the altar of Hillary’s ambitions and heed the proddings of their Amygdala.

    The stupidity of the regime skates ever closer to a “Guns of August” situation with each passing day. The FBI can save America by recommending INDICTMENT, and damn soon.

    My last few assignments before I retired… the only body armor I needed was on my back. I’m sure it is much worse now for service members, they have my deepest sympathies.

  3. Why did Mike join an armed wing of the mafia?

    Good Question!

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Such questions are just more collateral damage from the Prog Regime in DC. There must be a very high bribe for the Elitists to collapse their own power base in the USSA…….perhaps a seat on the New World Council?
    Unfortunately the declining members of the USSA military that actually “Fight” are probably being set up for a disastrous defeat and death.
    Betrayal and Treason now flies in the wind. Perhaps an early retirement, and redeployment to your County Militia might be advisable. Dying in another prearranged foreign NWO War is a waste of manpower. If War must come, be home to protect your loved ones and oath to the Constitution, or what little is left of it.

  6. Been reading your shit for along time, can’t figure out if your a jerk or a friggin NAZI. Somethings goofy with you, sick?

  7. He might be also doing the usual wondering about his girl and Jody.

  8. It for a natural gas pipeline. To sell gas to Eurotopia, which currently buys gas from Russia.

    The Israelis have probably cut a deal to use it, too – for those natural gas deposits they recently found – thus the recent Israeli political fellatio on the Saudis.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    All wings of the mafia are armed.

  10. nighthawk

    The big question is “WHY”. Why does the “Elites” want a no-win war with Russia? Is it to orchestrate the final destruction of America? Whatever their reason, a war with Russia will be the final blow to the Once Great Country of America. In place of beating the war drums, we should be joining with Russia , such an alliance , under PATRIOTIC leadership of both countries, would be greater than the Allies alliance of WWII. Would be a stepping stone for world peace, or closer than we have ever come. And could bring about world economic stability .


    Michael: Do not kill the messenger. Haxo is and has been offering a very believable scenario if this diabolical creature should win the election. Do your research on this creature. She is a very disturbed, avaricious, calculating criminal. Your fellow citizens have become so dumbed-down, that they will never see the forest for the trees. If Trump wins, we’ll all be lulled back to sleep because: “…he’s a businessman and he can fix things.”
    As far as the Nazi accusation, I can tell you that, as an experienced old man(same age as the Hildabeast), I have witnessed several of the ethnic group often referred to here go out of their way to promote forced integration, busing, abolishing Christmas and Easter celebrations and even opening prayers at any public convocations. Look at the puppet masters behind the current political Kabuki. As yourself: “Cui bono?”
    Then, even if you still disagree with Haxo’s bias, you will have some food for thought. Bleib ubrig.

  12. Stuka Pilot is right over target.


  13. Because our globalist loving moose limb leaders decree it. The floggins will continue until morale improves. Barring that, the captain will sink the ship as he heads off in a dory….

  14. The Usual Suspect

    Obama has set the stage for our defeat by systematically purging
    the military of politically unreliable generals.
    At the same time he has infused the military with women, queers
    and freaks, while demonstrating to the warfighters that are left, they
    are on their own.

  15. Why does the “Elites” want a no-win war with Russia?
    1. War is the health of the State. They are the State. Q.E.D.
    2. Their kids won’t be fighting it, so what is the down side?
    3. In their arrogance they honestly don’t think that we/they could possibly lose. The one “indispensable nation” and all that. Same mindset as parodied to perfection a few posts earlier.
    4. Follow the money. See pipeline comment above.

  16. Jimmy the Saint

    Obizzle should be at a checkers board

  17. Good’n there, tfA-t.

    I actually hope that that’s the truth.

  18. He is from the ‘worse is better’ camp. Staple of Nazis and Bolsheviks [but then I repeat myself] for generations.

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