Keep In Mind This Fact While All Of The Greenwoods Are Chattering This Weekend

lee greenwood spiffy flag jacket grrrrr

There Are Now More Feds With Firearm And Arrest Authority Than U.S. Marines

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Think about all of the nuances of that word as well.

Enjoy the day.

15753823855_7d7d6f159f_b(Graphic by Banzai)

15 responses to “Keep In Mind This Fact While All Of The Greenwoods Are Chattering This Weekend

  1. OMG, that’s perfect; Eric Holder in a dress. I’ve always thought Mizz Lynch looked a lot like Obama, enough to be his mother, ears included. But this — THIS– pulls it all together! Kudos to Banzai. Best one yet.

  2. It don’t make them Marines, they are armed badged leg breakers for the leaders of the largest crime syndicate in history, who probably at least half will be jumping ship like the public feed trough free shit rats they are, taking all those nice guns and combat gear with them and heading for the hills the moment to regime collapses past the point of irrelevance.
    The other half will become nasty isolated crime gangs running their own local rackets.
    Wait, they already are, my bad.

  3. Excellent graphic & true.
    Highly recommended reading & information below:

    The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words…

    This is superb information:
    A Brief History of Government False Flag Terrorism

  4. Thank all the us gun makers and tac gear suppliers for equipping this new army. These are the same people who boast patriotism and 2a while arming the prison camp guards.

    Just something to keep in mind.

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    Well, gots these thoughts: couple ALL of the above along with Gov. Moonbeam & Democrap Stooges in Sacramento now mandating strict gun control laws and AWB–hell, Cali will be the brand-new “Garden of Eden,” nicht wahr?


    how long must I wait for that to happen?

    Cali is the “bell-weather” state?

    • Let me know when they clear all the cuetes from EastLos. Pfft. Good luck Moonbeam you shit hawk.

  6. “Freedumb.” Given that govt will increase cutting your freedoms(maybe exponentially) from here on out with obamacare and “homeland security”, your future freedoms may amount to those of a hen-pecked husband, sitting alone in the garage enjoying an hour of what your life used to be like and hoping no one catches you and tells you that you are in trouble.
    This 4th, I will make a donation to a disabled vets organ that i’m a long time donor to, but i’m not even putting a flag up, I only do that now on veterans day and memorial day. imo, this is now our 7th annual dependence day(started in jan. 2009).

  7. The July 1st posting of the video “July 4th Zombies” by Mark Dice says about everything you need to know. If CWII goes down, most Americans won’t know what’s happening to them even while it’s happening. We’re pissing up a rope. Makin’ with them negative waves, M.

  8. Been reviewing this document for a few days now. Impressive work, considering uncle sugar has worked hard to secret these details. The details clearly point to the expectation of armed conflict, by the Govt, with, We The People.

    From an objective overview, how does one come to a different logical conclusion. recognizing the problem is one issue, countering that intelligence is another matter.

    Offering possible solutions, for me would be to identify storage location for obvious reasons.

    Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY, to all

    Dirk Williams

  9. Perfect capture of the mind meld between the two.

  10. Free Dumb. It’s whats for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snack…

  11. MacBeth51

    They keep saying they are armed with AR-15, but the BuRec goons here have m-16’s I live close enough to their range to hear them practice, and it’s definitely automatic weapons. I have heard a .50 cal. on occasion, and was told the Air Force brings one in for coordinated training several times a year.
    Don’t underestimate their training. Some of them may be no better than mob “leg-breakers” but most of them are prior service, and a number have worked with contractors in the Middle East after their Military service

  12. You can identify the dumbest murkins by how much they spent on fireworks. It seems the less educated and less fortunate buy the greatest amount of beer, crap food, whizz bangs and sparklies. Because murka! Because freedumb!