SLL: Rotten To The Core


Robert looks at Brexit, the EU, and the global financial system of cronyism, fraud, and delusion.

Any structure built on lies will collapse of its own nature.

What happens in the meantime is the essential question.

8 responses to “SLL: Rotten To The Core

  1. Mark Matis

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  2. “What happens in the meantime is the essential question.” Agreed. I save 53% of every paycheck, which would put my yearly savings alone in the top 5% of incomes in the world, but knowing what an economic mess the country and world is; I have no idea why I do that. when the govt needs more money, why they would not size mine eventually; I do not know. I should just work to store a years worth of cash, metals, lead, food in a liveable climate, which I am doing; and just spend any extra if I were smart.

    • Um, just don’t keep your savings in US debtbux. Convert it to gold, silver, ammo, medical supplies, heirloom seeds, whatever physical commodities you and others actually use. The longer the shelf life, the better…

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article: “Perpetual wars benefit militaries and those who supply the armaments”

    Given that the US military is having to strip parts off of museum pieces just to keep planes in the air, that statement may be a bit inaccurate.

    • that’s because they’re blowing $1 trillion plus on garbage like the F-35, the “littoral combat ship”, and lipstick for the transgender troops

      • Be glad. Weakness and incompetence are exactly what we want in the US military. The US military is the chief enforcement arm of the NWO.

        • Not anymore. The US military is a shell of what it once was. It has been made ineffective and compromised by the current administrations policies on purpose. Where do you think many of the real talent is finding new work these days? Maybe this can offer a clue…

          me thinks we’ll be fighting our own countries former special forces and mercs very soon.